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What are the reasons that you like the realtors?

My 1st realtor, I’ll call her “J” was recommended to me by someone I didn’t really know. She was great at explaining things to me on how all the paperwork goes, seemed on the ball when I 1st met with her.

She was horrible on the scene. Late to all meetings, once she was 30min late. I don’t mind if she’s running behind, but I had to call her multiple times to see where she was. I’d call her & email her & wouldn’t hear back for a few days. I knew more about the houses than she did, she would ask me ?s about the house & I didn’t do a ton of research, just what was on HER website. I get that she can’t know all info about all houses, but I knew more than she did on most places we looked at.

The lendor she worked with tried to get me to buy a house that I could NOT have afforded. I told her my budget, & the payments would have been 80% of my monthly income. They worked together & J is the one who told me I should go for it.

I get that they have other clients, but she was TOO busy to work with me.

My 2nd realtor “B”, I just was so fed up with J, I went to a different realtor company. I just walked in & asked if anyone was there who could help me. B was amazing. We clicked right away. She explained everything in ways I could understand. She was always there early, or at least on time when we saw houses & usually I met her at her office & she drove me around to houses to look at together. She also knew everything very well & their lender was in their office & they told me (together) what I could afford & what would be too much. I had issues with my exroomies & exlandlord paying me what they owed me right when the downpayment happened & B took it out of her commission so I could get my house. She was very nice, looked at all the info with me & was always there for me. She knew her stuff. She emailed me new listings daily. The house I bought is one she knew my criteria & thought it would be the perfect house for me & it is :).

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I would look for a buyer’s agent.  Even if you are the buyer, a seller’s agent’s duty is to the seller of the property and they will tell them anything that you mention about prices you are willing to pay and things like that.

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LOL the “related posts” at the bottom of this page I think are all by me about my realtor issue 😛

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We didn’t sign a contract with anyone and you shouldn’t. 

The only catch here (not sure if this is the case everywhere) is that if you are shown a certain house by a certain buyers realtor, another buyers realtor will probably not show you or help you buy that house out of courtesy to the other realtor. 

So I guess my only caution is be careful looking at houses with realtors that you don’t like. 

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Select a realtor that knows the area, has experience in your price range in the neighborhoods you are looking in. 

Make sure your style matches their personality.  Ex – I am extremely detail oriented very on top of every aspect of the process and I can not work with a laid back realtor or someone not focused on the details.

Be very careful signing contracts with realtors – if things don’t work out with the realtor and you have a contract, you may be prohibited from using another realtor to represent you for a certain amount of time (like 90 days). 

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I never signed an agreement with either of my realtors. The only time I signed stuff was when I was making an offer on a house. I regret looking at a specific house with my “bad” realtor because I likely could have gotten it but didn’t want to go thru her.

I would go with Agent B based on what you said. I connected right away with my good realtor. It was like I met her & I was excited about house shopping again. She was excited for me & went the extra mile for me.

With the “bad” realtor, she was nice, but we didn’t “click” like I did with my good realtor. I had to do most of the work (it seemed that I was always the one asking & finding the houses we looked at). My good realtor did about as much searching as me (probably more, but I was searching every day), & when we were in an area of a house I wanted to see, if she drove by any other houses, she would call the office so she could get in to show me, if it was one I liked too. She was truly excited for me & it rubbed off on me & she always had a possitive attitude. With my bad realtor, I was excited at first, but then I just felt overwhelmed. I’m sure my “bad” realtor would have been good if she wasn’t so busy, I think she was always meeting clients back to back & didn’t have the time for me.

I understand if Agent A wasn’t pressuring you because you said you weren’t in a hurry, but sometimes that lack of excitement & that laidback-ness means you feel like you do much more work than them.

Also, all realtors will email you new listings. At least both my realtors & a few other friends who have bought houses realtors did the same.

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I did quite a bit of “shopping” around for mine..  Because the first time we just went by a friend’s referral and ended up with a lazy Realtor that didn’t do anything for us.. I was actually the one who found the condo.  He was hard to communicate with and didn’t know the neighbourhood at all.  He wasn’t friendly and had a “meh” attitude and didn’t seem to care.

So the second time I asked for a couple referrals from our seller realtor.  Then I called them and asked them a huge list of questions that I wanted them to answer..  I wanted someone who was dedicated, loyal, and easy to communicate with..  (Who I can BBM anytime!)  Who was easy to get along with, but liked the thrill of the negotiation and had my best interests at heart.  I really wanted to make sure they knew the neighbourhoods and areas, what would be suitable for us.  I wanted them to send me new listings, but also find ones that I might be interested in..

The realtor I picked was awesome, we didn’t sign any contracts or agreements since she just took our word for it.  She didn’t have any minimum commission she had to have..  We connected right away and she was open and honest with me throughout the whole way.  She negotiated well for us and got us a great deal.  She honestly cared and I would almost consider her to be a “friend” since we still talk and she wnats to come over for drinks at our new house.

So do your research and make sure you are on the same page as them.  Ask for referrals too if you want!

Some questions I usd:


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To add my two cents in here…I didn’t want a realtor for several reasons: we went to open houses, patrolled the neighborhoods at different times to see what kind of people lived in an area, how the traffic was etc. basically did the legwork ourselves. We lucked out cause the people were in the military and just got stationed to Ohio and needed to move pronto, so they sold directly to us, no realtors=lower price. Not sure where you live but in NJ there’s this great site called app.com which list houses sold and how much they were sold for, and all the previous sale history. This gave us an idea how much to offer sellers. In the end we bought the house in 08 for about 25K under, before the market crashed and when the houses still sold at absurd prices.

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My only advice is if you don’t like or get the “meh” feeling after your first offer  go with someone else. Our realtor was just alright- after the fact we weren’t real happy with how their personal preferences played into our decisions.

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