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@MammaPants:  I’m right there with you! I think I myself have posted about usps! 

All of the mail delivery people around me are absolutely nuts. 

Our UPS guy LOVES to “forget” to knock and leave the “sorry we missed you” sticky note and then take off.  I once waited for him at the door and opened it really quick when I heard his truck pull up. I confronted him and asked him why he didn’t just knock. He told me it was because my dog barks and it scares him. -_- 

She’s an inside aussie…What a fool.

One time the fed ex people shoved a package underneath these curled metal pieces that hang from our mailbox. And of course, it broke. 


Then there is the USPS people who always lose my mail. I can’t tell you how many people just didn’t get our wedding invitations. :/


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I ordered stamps from the USPS for my Christmas cards, and I ordered them like 2 full weeks before I planned on using them, and of course they didnt arrive til the day after I ended up mailing the cards (I got more by standing in line at the post office…) Hello, YOU are the POST OFFICE, and it takes you more than TWO WEEKS to mail something that is basically a letter a few states away?!?!

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Thankfully, our FedEx and UPS guys are wonderful, as is our mail people.  However, the USPS as a whole sucks.  We have a shared driveway that is inbetween our house and our neighbors with our front doors and mailboxes about 10 ft apart from each other.  I mailed their invitation, call me old fashioned LOL, she mailed the response.  I am still waiting to get it.

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That’s annoying. At our complex, you have to be buzzed in but then all the apartments have their own outdoor entry (so we aren’t in a high rise or anything). My mom ships me stuff via priority mail a lot and every freaking time I’ll be watching the tracking and it will say “notice left”, but low and behold, I have no notice. So then I have to go to the post office (and yeah, super convenient hours of 9am-6pm, which means I have to leave work an hour early), and they tell me I have to have the slip to pick it up, or an id with my address. Well, I just moved so I don’t have a new ID yet and they didn’t leave a flipping slip. Every. Time. So annoying.

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It’s a shitty job, really, and it shouldn’t surprise any of us that the standards of service are so low. We pay less than 50 cents to hand-deliver something all the way across the country; they’re not broke but they can’t spend money like normal companies because of the Congressional oversight that forces them to pre-fund pensions for employees that they haven’t even hired yet; it’s freakin cold outside, like 15*F and they still have to trudge around delivering crap that they KNOW people are going to throw away as soon as they receive it. I wouldn’t do that job very long before I started taking every short-cut in the book either.

as for the postman being scared of a tiny dog, really the most psychotic dogs I’ve ever met gave been the wee yappy things. Don’t blame them one bit on that.

they need to fully privatize the postal service OR make it operate like any other government agency with an annual budget, no pre-allocation, and appropriate funding.

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The actual data show that the USPS is one of the most efficent and cost-effective services of its kind in the world (and as a victim of the Italian postal system, I can assure you that the USPS manages to better than at least them!).  Forbes, a magazine not noted for its praise of government provision, even noted this in a 2011 article.  A 2013 article from Foreign Policy shows that the USPS ranked #1 in an Oxford Strategic Consulting analysis of the postal services in the G20 nations.  Furthermore, the USPS provides delivery to many areas that UPS and FedEx will not serve, and I’m sure that all the families affected by the recent FedEx/UPS snafus described here are not feeling charitable toward those services right now.  And, if we’re just throwing on anecdotal evidence here, I’ve only ever had trouble with FedEx when it comes to packages, and my USPS carrier is by far the best in that regard. 

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@MammaPants:  I used to deal with this ALL the time in my bldg. It got so bad I went down to the local station and complained TWICE about his lazy ass and the way my packages looked?!?!? He is SO lucky nothing was broken. It appears I wasnt the only person complaining so they switched him to another area. HE really was horrible! UGH!

Sorry I digress…

Seriously, when you go to the station to pick up your package make sure you speak with the site manager, have the notice AND your PO box # handy and let them know what an inconvenience it is for you to have to travel there when it should have been left. Hopefully the will be sympathetic, the delivery person will get an earful and it wont happen again.

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Yup totally agree, i paid a lot extra for an item to be mailed 3-day mail, and it took 12 days to come in! 

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Before Christmas, our neighbor found a package addressed to us in the street in front of his house, sitting in the snow and slush. He brought it over because our neighbors are awesome and we take care of each other, but if we lived somewhere else we might not have been as lucky. We were also lucky that the Christmas gift inside was undamaged. I was pretty annoyed but I couldn’t figure out where/how to complain.

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@MammaPants:  but you don’t expect 4-star service from Applebee’s, and you don’t expect a waiter/ess in an Applebee’s to care anywhere near as much about their job as the one at The Four Seasons!

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I don’t love Canada Post but they are much, much better than the French post system.  When I was living there, it was entirely common to have to wait a good 40 minutes for service when you had only 2 people in front of you, and you’d have to work around their insanely long lunch hours. >.<

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