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@NYCcaliBRIDE: well, its nothing heroic, but im always so proud of my man for knowing so much about history and random facts/trivia.  he always seems to have something to add to a conversation.  he’s taken me to history museums and landmarks and has given me tours better than any tour guide.  i always call him “ridiculous” for how much he knows, but in all actuality i think it’s really cool and i love him for being “nerdy”

oh, and he also has ever oscar winner for best picture, best leading actress and actor memorized for every year since the first ceremony.  that’s how ridiculous he is!

ETA: and i just wanted to add, he’s so NOT a “know it all” type, he’s actually very shy and nervous to make conversation around people.  Just didn’t want him to come off as a “know it all” lol

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I think that my guy just steps up, and takes care of the people around him. Whether it is driving 30 miles to help his mom figure out a problem with his computer, to showing some extra kindness and understanding to an employee of his that is going through some personal problems, to stepping up and taking on all the bills while I follow my own dream of starting my own business. I can honestly say he is the kindest, most generous, and sweetest guy I have ever known and I feel very lucky to have him. 🙂

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My mans is just so all around sweet. Like the PP he helps old ladies across the street and all that, in fact he’s the “helper boyfriend” for all my single friends. He helps them with car stuff and fixing things and treats their kids as if they were his own. But there are two other huge reasons I know I got me the one. 🙂

Besides ALL my friends constantly telling me they wish the could meet someone like Mr. Chadeedee or they wish they could clone him..lol.. I have to say he makes me laugh like I have never laughed before. A sense of humor is HUGE to me with everyone I meet. I have a very dry sarcastic personality and he plays off of it so well. We are always making fun of each other, like if were watching TV and some haggard broad comes on he’ll pause it and say ” That’s what you look like in the morning” hahah it cracks me up! We like to make up nicknames for people/things and we notice the really funny awkward everyday things.

But the main reason Mr. C is the best is how he helps me with my family without hesitation. The men in my family are all sorts of drama. My brother is a severe schizophrenic that lives with us and my father is a disabled man with a lot of health problems who requires a lot of attention. All of which has fallen on me. I feel bad that Fiance has inherited all of these problems but he is right there as if it’s his own family for the good days and the bad. And he does in a way that he doesn’t overstep his bounds. Like if I am irritated with taking care of my Dad, he wont egg me on and make it worse. He jumps up with me at 3:00 in the morning to chase my brother through the night and he doesn’t hold it against them. I am so grateful I have him and that I am not alone through all of this. It makes me excited to see how wonderful and devoted he is to our kids.

Edit: Sorry for the novel!

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My Fiance is like a magnet for people in need. Everywhere we go is approached by people who need help and no matter what he always helps them. He genuinely cares about people and that is something I find so refreshing. He inspires me on all levels to be a better person

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Yup! He is always there when someone needs him…his parents or any of his friends. He is very polite to other people. He brings me chicken soup when I’m sick or hungover lol. He loves my family and my friends. He is everything and more than I always dreamed I would find in a man.

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  1. Last year, when we were first dating, I got sick and wound up in the hosptial with severe dehydration.  i didn’t tell him for 2 days in hopes that I would get better and could go visit him.  When I finally said that I couldn’t make it, he drove the 3 hours to come meet me at my parents’ house with flowers and took care of me all weekend,making sure I was alright enough to come hang out with people and not being lonely.
  2. My job frequently ruins nights and weekends, and even when we had first gotten together he said he wasn’t dating my job.
  3. When I had to work late on my birthday, I came home to a party that replaced the dinner out that I missed.
  4. I suffered a bout of depression and a minor eating-disorder relapse after I got sick (see #1) and he stuck with me through it all 🙂

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My SO is always helping out his brothers, sister, mom and dad. But the sweetest thing he does, IMO, is willingly and thoughtlessly losing sleep because I suffer from PTSD and have nightmares that wake me up and induce panic attacks. He never complains about my 3AM calls to the All Night Boyfriend or Best Friend Hotline (as he calls it). Not that it happens all the time, but it’s still wonderful to know he’s just a phone call away when my demons come out to haunt me. 

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I get night terrors when it’s hot and my SO holds me if I wake up upset, which I love. But what really just makes my heart melt is how he wakes me if *he* has a nightmare because he has to check I’m still there and get a hug. Stupid maybe, but I love it. (hello, I’m new!)

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@NYCcaliBRIDE: Don’t you love it that even in New York, there are men who will take the time to do the right thing – not just rush through life. 

@52Dublin: I love that too. I don’t get night terrors, but when my FH first stirrs in the morning he’ll reach out and gently pull me close to spoon with him – its like he wants the reassurance I’m still there. 

I love my guy for all these sappy sentimental reasons: 

– When there was a Jeep broken down on a three-lane highway with young children in the backseat, he helped the mom push the jeep into the breakdown lane to get it out of traffic. He’s been late for a date more than once due to helping another driver. 

– He loves me despite my crazy 60-70 hour a week, always on call job. He cooks dinner for me nights when I’m in a rush, massages my feet as I work pretty often and just focuses on our time together. 

– He’s as crazy and offbeat as me when it comes to hobbies. 


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