(Closed) Reasons you're lucky your SO puts up with you (lighthearted)

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Blushing bee

I cry easily, I whine a lot, and sometimes I’m moody…. but for some reason, he still loves me! In return, I put up with his farting and burping and scratch his back for him πŸ˜›

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I was a basket case when I had to write my dissertation for my Ph.D. and plan a wedding….He deserves an award for putting up with me during that time.

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Busy bee
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My Fiance is the perfect man for me, and I’m completely sure there ain’t anyone else for me in the world but him. Why am I so sure? Cause I’m seriously a wreck and he puts up with me every single day of his life for over 8 years now. I am moody, loud, opiniated, brutally honest, like to argue etc. and he is so calm, listening, smart, funny, laid-back… He just balances me out in everything. Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve him. I also annoy him and fart/burp so loud it’s like an earthquake. Seriously, what is he doing with me? At night, when we are together, when I say I’m too cold and that he should stay away cause I’ll make him colder and I feel bad, he just cuddles closer to me and stops me from pushing him away… I think it’s such a small thing but it means the world to me… He’s the sweetest man. I thank God everyday for having such an incredible man in my life.

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Helper bee
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I think i’m just plain crazy and he puts up with me. I like to be overdramatic about things and really lazy when i’m sleepy. 

ME: can you bring me my toothbrush?

Fiance: No come get it yourself.

ME: Can you carry me to the bathroom so I can get my toothbrush?

Fi: No 

Me: I guess i’ll just lay here and die of stinky breath. Such a sad way to go. 

Fiance: Omg….

Me: Hopefully god doesn’t mind my halitosis…

Then I just lay there with my eyes closed and tongue hanging out. 

This happens a couple of times a week and he still put a ring on it!

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Busy bee
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westgirl1208:  I am dying laughing over your post!! This is hilarious. You 2 are made for one another πŸ˜€

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Busy bee
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I am a control freak and I can be super sensitive.  While I have an overabundance of dresses and high heels, I prefer to wear jeans and flats.  My FH has never seen me in a dress.  I also am not a big makeup kinda gal.  I don’t think he’s ever seen me wear color on my lips. Yeah go figure that one.  LOL!  He loves me nonetheless; his pretty plain jane.  πŸ™‚

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Helper bee
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westgirl1208:  LOL your post is too funny πŸ˜›

Today, it took me an hour to decide what I wanted to eat for dinner – the restaurant was closed by the time we arrived πŸ™ Fiance put some frozen mini-quiches in the oven, and we watched Avengers while we snacked. “Thank you for such an awesome dinner date” πŸ˜€ 

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Busy bee

My SO and I don’t really have quirks that annoy each other, aside from maybe very rarely when one gets too intoxicated and worries the other, lol. 

But this has been my weekend. I had an appointment that was supposed to last three hours, stretch out NINE hours. On his birthday. Which he took off for us to spend the day together. I barely made his birthday dinner, and only because his family pushed it back. The next day I misplaced something of his that was pretty damn important. To the point we both tore the house apart for two hours until we thought it was stolen, then I finally found it. When I brought home his birthday present tonight, which wasn’t ready in time for his actual birthday, part of it was wrong so I had to go and try to fix it. Not to mention the last two times I made dinner I messed it up tonight and on Thursday. 

So he spent most of his birthday alone and waiting, got the wrong present a day late, almost lost a prized possession and had suffered a few botched dinners In the span of three days because of me. 

I’ve disappointed him more in the past three days than I have our nearly four years together. Lol. Good thing he’s not a jerk though we recovered from it. XD

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Busy bee
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I fart in public.

Pretty much enough said, although I could go on. 

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Bumble bee
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I just want to say ditto to everyone’s comments. 

I will start by saying my Love must be part saint.  

I’m moody, depressed, and I get crabby.   He handles it all very well and has never complained about either one.  Not even a “did you take your pills”?

If I want something I will ask him if he wants to participate in a conversation that ends with “yes, dear”.

He tackles all my honey dos and HIS. 

I hate his driving but won’t drive anywhere when we are going somewhere together.  

He does all the laundry (minus folding for my children and I)  

Pumps and pays for all the gas.  I told him I was leaving him when I had to pay and pump gas for the first time in 4.5 years.   He just laughed.  

I’m a shopaholic.  Did I mention I don’t work?

I HATE cleaning so when I do clean I get mad if he doesn’t notice so I quit again.  Otherwise,  I pay someone to clean.   I’ve also become a germaphobe.   

I cook, he cleans.  He cooks, he cleans.  I hate soaked dishes.  I would rather scrub for 3 hours than feel slimy crap on my fingertips.   

I don’t like to cuddle.  Yet, I can wake him up because I want to cuddle.

He has to tell me sweet dreams every night.  If he forgets and falls asleep  I will wake him up or mess with him such as pinching his nips, pulling his hair,  or tickling him.  Last night I threw a pillow on him.  

I am needy and will tell him when I am extra needy so he can fill up my needy meter.  

I am passive aggressive and has never said a word.

He has learned to handle my “I need more sleep” don’t wake me attitude. 

He understands my way of talking.  Where I left out half the details but expect him to follow along.  

He handles any and all bugs or spiders.  I am sure you all have heard me scream like a sissy lala before.  Heck, my 5 year old daughter will even get rid of bugs for me.

I could go on and on.  I love my man so very much.  







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Worker bee
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He’s a minimalist and ‘values the empty space more than what would be in its place’ and I’m a jewellery designer and seamstress, aka there are constantly piles of fabric, patterns, paints, etc everywhere I am. I also embarrass him by not being afraid to act like a nut and dance or sing in public, where he is very serious and reserved. We balance each other out :).

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Bumble bee
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xstitchbride425:   I am seriously lucky that my amazing hubby puts up with me.  I’m a Type A, anxious, messy, forgetful control freak who borders on lazy at times.  I act like a 3 year old when my feet get wet or when I see a puppy.  I cannot go outside if it’s wet outside for fear of worms.  He finds things I misplace all the time and tries really hard to make many things easier for me.  I asked him frequently during the wedding planning process if he was sure he knew what he was getting into.

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Blushing bee

Another lucky lady here! I suffer with severe anxiety, forget my meds? Hubs sorts it. OCD doesn’t come close, he’s not allowed to do the laundry or cleaning cause I freak if it’s not to my standard. I’m loud, outgoing, fiesty, have terrible mannerisms, I fart in public and blame him. I have horrific bed hair, I snore, I’m needy and need him to tell me he loves me every phone call. I’m clumsy (fall over fresh air) I’ve walked in to doors, have a mouth like a sailor, I’m overprotective, I’m cranky, I eat too much then moan about it. 

wow! I wouldn’t want to be with me lol! Very lucky. 

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Helper bee
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I have terrible vision so my depth perception is TERRIBLE. I run into walls all the time. Unfortunately this means I miss judge how far away he is and elbow/hit/kick him in bed or on the couhch all the time. no broken bones yet but I fear it will happen one day. Not only does he tolerate the onslaught of accidental physical abuse, he seems to think its rather cute?

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