(Closed) Reasons you're lucky your SO puts up with you (lighthearted)

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I am so lucky, I have poor social skills and dont make friends nor conversations easily. I am moody at times and can be a bit of a bore. But he gets me and loves me. He tolerates my sinus, ashy dry skin and less than perfect hair, he is such a keeper.

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He just laughs when I do the 20 second ninja change as soon as I get home from work (work clothes to pjs or lulus.)  I steal all his hoodies.  Even the ones I solemnly tell him I won’t steal when we’re buying them.  I try to let him wear it once before I steal it again.  When the garbage bag in the bin is full, I hang a new bag on the cupboard door knobs instead of taking the full one out (I haven’t taken the garbage out in months.  And the chute is right down the hall.  He always ends up doing it!) I repeat all the random things his video game says in different voices while I’m surfing on my own laptop.  We always have to drive in his car because mine is a disaster.  But I refuse to let him get it detailed.  I’ll clean it one day!  

And he*just* sent me an itemized list of things we need to do for the wedding… mid-way through the page under the heading “wedding decor” he wrote “purchase industrial level glitter”.  He hates glitter and I’m drawn to shiny things.  I think everything is better with glitter. 

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Can we bump this? It’s a cute thread and there’s always cause for SO appreciation, right?


I’m lucky my Fiance puts up with my inability to hold my liquor. I don’t drink very often and got way too drunk on Halloween, which resulted in me throwing up. First time I’ve ever done that in front of him. And he tried to hold my hair back, got me a glass of water, and then cuddled me when I crawled into bed (I had to hop right back up because of Round Two, however). He was so super sweet.

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Once I sit down, I don’t want to get up so I constantly ask him to go get things for me. I am constantly cold so I am always sticking my cold hands and feet against his warm skin. I get INSANELY hyper sometimes, but then other times I am catatonic. No idea what this man sees in me, lol.

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When I’m cold I pull his sweater/tshirt and out my icy hands against his abdomen to warm up.

I fart in bed. A lot. Did I mention we’re snuggling and he’s spooning me when I do this?

I have an unhealthy obsession with wedding rings and I talk about widths, shanks, engravings, stone sizes…he doesn’t even care, but instead of snoozing away he does a good job of listening and pretending to care.

Oh…I get haaaaaaaaaaaaangry.

I always ask “even though?” after he says he loves me. So he goes “I love you.” And I say “even though…(and whatever the situation warrants) I just farted on you/my hands are freezing and I’m using you as my personal heater/it’s that one day of the month where I have horrible PMS symptoms/I’ve posted way too much on the WB/I was a bitch for whatever reason…?”

And he always answers “even though you always say ‘even though'”

So yeah…I’m super lucky.

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Old-ish thread but I stumbled upon it and it’s cute. I fart… a lot.. and I also have crazy mood swings occasionally. He sure does love me. 😀

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I think the number one cause of eyerolls in our house is me asking Fiance to get/do stuff for me because I don’t feel like getting up. We’ll both be sitting on the couch or bed and I’ll ask him to get up to [turn on the heater, get me a pen, make coffee for me, etc]. I occasionally get stuff for him, but it’s definitely primarily one-sided and I don’t know why he puts up with it.

I am “assigned” to trash/recycling duty, and if I don’t want to go outside but the trash is too full to continue to ignore, I will take the bag out, tie it off, and set it near the back door (and leave it for days).

I’m  also totally helpless at cooking. We call him my handsome live-in chef.

Lastly (at least off the things I can think of), my brain is constantly racing, trying to figure out minute details of future plans. As he’s trying to fall asleep, I’ll suddenly have a pressing need to ask him things like “How many bathrooms will we need in our future house (that we will not even be thinking about buying for at least 5 more years)?” “How much are you contributing to your 401k??”

I really do wonder sometimes why he tolerates all my crap…

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Oh man where do I start? 

~I am a super picky eater

~I don’t clean the litter box often so he has to do it(we have three cats)

~I always need the latest Apple products.

~I am obsessed with diamonds and have been for three years now.

~I leave half empty sodas in the car

~I don’t like to cook


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xstitchbride425:  So many…. I am kind of messy, when I’m home during the day I use so many cups and mugs by myself that he thinks I had guests over, I get hangry, I don’t really like taking out the trash, when I lived in the States I cooked allll the time and here I cook much less, I complain when I have to meet the delivery guy, I talk to our cat in a really annoying baby voice (he’s actually never mentioned this but it’s true), more…

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xstitchbride425:  Alriiiiiiight:

We’ve got freezing feet, addiction to junk food, mood swings, addiction to wedding stuff, my stubborn nature, quick to snap, when we’re play wrestling I will scream like a banshee (I’ve actually ran out of the apartment and into the field only to have him chasing me… I’m sure it looked wrong), my obsession with animals, my cat (he’s allergic), my need to bite on his shoulder, the fact that I am constantly showing him something while he’s trying to read, I won’t do the dishes if he left food on them to soak, picky eater, sometimes I can freak out and say really hurtful things(I always apologize), and finally the fact that I somehow get him to do my work for me.


Lol I’m sure I missed some stuuf, but these are the things I can tell get t him after a while 😛

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