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@MissSam2b:  I don’t have a colored gemstone E ring, but I just got a right hand ring that is a pink amethyst set in rose gold, so similar to what you are thinking.  I get TONS of compliments on it, way more than I get on my diamond e ring, haha.  I think something similar would be perfect for an E ring!  This is my ring:

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@MissSam2b:  Hi Sam, when i first thought about choosing a e-ring, my thoughts went straight to diamonds, halo settings, getting as many as possible etc etc.. but when i stepped back and thought harder i realised that wasn’t at all what i really wanted!

Its so easy to do the ‘normal’ thing by societal standards, but absolutely go with what your heart desires.. I have ended up settling for a sapphire, and will be using some of the diamonds handed down to me from my grandparents as pave diamonds in the band..

This is the look im going for, the stone is going to be ordered from the lab created BTD store as im not comfortable with mined stones.. then we will have a local jeweller put it together.. im sorry as i dont know what responses i will have for years to come, but i think choose something that is timeless for you, and that will represent you and your relationship best.. then it doesnt matter if someone else doesnt like it!

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I’ve been thinking about doing the same thing with a colored stone. I’m still worried I’ll get sick of it, but I suppose when we get the stone, I’ll be able to decide.  πŸ™‚

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@MissSam2b:  I feel like going against the grain and getting a colored ring is fine, but you can’t really care what people think. Some people may never understand why you didn’t get/want a diamond, but its not really their business anyway. 

Just get what makes you happy! Youre the one that has to look at it all the time! 

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People who are judgey are going to judge no matter what… they’ll think your stone is too big, too small or the setting too simple or flashy.

I have a 14k rose gold ring with a peachy champagne sapphire center stone. People have to do double takes when looking at it. At first they think … oh beautiful … then they go… wait, what is that? Ha! I knew that going into it. Also, I’m lucky enough to live in an area where non-traditional is the norm. Gotta love Oregon!

I don’t have any regrets with my choice. Actually, if he had gone with a diamond after I knew this ring existed, then I would have had regrets πŸ˜‰

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I’m sure other bees are sick of hearing my story – but I’m going to dish it out to you anyway being it’s the only way I feel that really explains both the way I feel, and how I came to that feeling. 

Basically, back when I got engaged, I had a pretty “standard” engagement ring.  It was a modest diamond solitaire, not too big, not too small.  While I loved my ring, the ring itself, even though it was nothing short of beautiful, never made my heart sing.  My heart sang solely because of the man who gave me the ring.  I honestly thought that that was how all women felt about their engagement ring.  Fast forward a few months, and I lost my engagement ring (still crossing my fingers she’ll make her way home someday!).   We opted not to replace my ring at the time (looking back I am so incredibly thankful we hadn’t because if we had, I would have ended up right back with a diamond).  Now, we’ve been married 2 ½ years, and still have not replaced my engagement ring – we hadn’t even looked at replacing it until a few months ago when my Darling Husband brought it up.  As soon as we started to talk about replacing my e-ring, we immediately started looking at diamonds.  After all, isn’t that what all girls get (<- our thought process at the time).   While I loved the idea of having a ring again, I shuddered at the thought of spending that much money on something I never dreamed about in the first place.  That’s when I found the bee (moissanite search).  I dived into the idea of moissanite, and even though I was still uncomfortable with the price, I told Darling Husband all about them.  When I mentioned it to Darling Husband, he was, well, not so keen on the idea (looking back I’m so thankful he wasn’t!).  At first I was bothered, why wouldn’t he want to save all this money (<- thought process at the time).  Then I searched my soul, and realized the only reason I wanted a moissanite because I didn’t want to spend heaps and bounds of money on something I didn’t love to start out with, and it was a cheaper alternative to the same look.  It wasn’t because I loved moissanite.  Then one day, I stumbled upon a picture of a yellow sapphire.  In that moment, I felt something.  It was like when you walk into a house, and know that it’s meant to be yours, or the experience many brides have when trying on “the dress”.  I knew, in that moment, that stone was the stone I wanted.  That stone was the stone that I wanted as a daily reminder of our lifelong commitment to one another.  That stone was the stone I wanted on my hand when I rocked our babies.  That stone was the stone I wanted generations from now when I rocked our grandbabies.  That stone was the stone that was meant to be on my finger the rest of my life.  It really shouldn’t matter what society thinks as long as it’s what makes you smile.  Heck, there’s a bee somewhere around here with a human tooth for her ring, and while society might judge, it fits her perfectly.  To me, that’s what makes a ring beautiful.  Personally, I think the ring you described sounds lovely, but if you’re really unsure of your decision, I’d hold out a little longer – there might be something waiting for you right around the corner (=  Best wishes to you and yours on your ring search, no matter what you end up with!

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I’ve had my ring for about 10 months now and fall in love with it again every morning. My Fiance customized it all himself; the side stones are peridot (my birthstone), blue topaz (his birthstone), and black diamond. I really don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it because it’s our birthstones and those don’t change. (They also happen to be our favourite colours! Mine’s turquoise and his is green, we like the opposite stone, it’s perfect. πŸ˜› ) I couldn’t tell you how it would work if the stone(s) isn’t a birthstone because your favourite things always change (I’m stuck with a purple bedroom now at 20 because I loved it when I was 10; now I hate it), but on the other hand it will be your engagement ring. I’d be willing to bet its sentimental value will outweigh anything else about it.


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I have a pale blue sapphire ring, 14k yellow gold with 2 champagne trillion diamonds set in rose gold bezels. Lots of people feel the need to tell me they wouldn’t have accepted any less than a diamond, or why would I wear yellow and rose gold when most every other piece of jewelry I wear is silver or surgical steel. I LOVE rose gold. and my wedding ring be a plain rose gold band.

Guess what? I don’t care what they think. I am not a diamond person. Fiance designed it…It’s unique and it’s mine, and I love it to pieces. (Posting one of the final approval pics I have because its easier to see the detail) EDIT-Sorry it’s so big…the resize isn’t staying small when I hit post!

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@MissSam2b:  I understand how you feel. I’ve been going through a similar dillema for the last few years. I can never make up my mind as to what diamond shape I want and it’s mainly been to make everyone other than myself happy. In the end I decided to go with a heart shaped diamond because it’s the only ring I can find sentimental value in as the heart has much meaning in my relationship with my husband. I always chose a traditional shape because everyone would say you don’t want to outgrow your ring. That being said, you NEED to chose what you love now and chances are years from now you will be so attached to your ring, nothing else will matter. I too fear the day when I am 75 years old and no longer like my ring but that could be with ANY ring. But it will hold such sentimental value I’m sure by then I won’t want to upgrade because I will be attached to the ring because I chose it for a reason.

The only suggestion I can offer is IF later on you really hate it you can turn the stone into a pendant or something like that.

I also agree with @JuniperSage in that people will always judge your ring whether it’s a diamond or not, small, big, gaudy, dainty, etc. Someone’s opinion will always differ from yours but you have to be confident in what you wear, whether it’s jewelry or fashion or anything else.

Good luck in your choice. Follow your heart! Smile

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I don’t have some, but I’ve seen some AMAZING coloured rings on this site. I could be wrong about the user, but I believe KatyElle (sp?) has a gorgeous pink E-ring!

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