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I’m sorry I don’t have any personal experience, but the gal next to me at work is having her gall bladder out next week. She waffled back and forth on it, but in the end opted to go ahead with the laproscopic surgery. I guess if you wait until it’s an emergency, then it’s a really huge surgery. If you don’t feel comfortable I would get a second opinion.

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@ashley99:  I had my gallbladder removed in an emergency surgery. It was laparoscopic so there is minimal scarring. The recovery period was fairly quick as well. 

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@ashley99:  I had mine removed when I was 17.. I recommend getting it out because the “attacks” just get worse and worse until you feel like you have a ice pick through your chest coming out your shoulders.

like PP said, scarring is minimal and recovery time is 1-2 weeks tops 

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@ashley99:  I got mine out 3 weeks before my wedding. It was fast and a quick recovery. I had stones for about 5 years that I knew about and then out of the blue they started bothering me a LOT. I was super sick..so surgery was a big relief.

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My dad had it out like 15 years ago now. Even then it was done laproscopically and he bounced back right away. He’s been through A LOT of surgeries and I don’t even think he really registers that one. 

I would definitely reccomend getting it out. Stones – Gall or kidney – are no joke. I’ve been told that the pain of passing one or having an attack far outweighs child birth. Why do that to yourself if you don’t have to?

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I know quite a few people who have had their gallbladder out. Definitely get it out sooner rather than later. It can cause a lot of issues if you wait.

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Get it removed!  I had severe galbladder attacks and required emergency surgery.  It was worse than labor for childbirth by far (the attacks I mean).  If you are having pain now, trust me you do not want to have the issue get worse, it is AWFUL!!!

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My SO had his out a few years ago.  He was fine enough to travel 5 hours away within 3 days of the surgery.  He had three gall bladder attacks within 8 months.  When they did the ultrasound, they saw a large stone that could get lodged and could kill him.  So he very much opted for the surgery.

The only thing is, you’ll have to be careful with the amount of fat you eat. 

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Just get it taken out. I had mine taken out July 12 and I feel sooooo much better. I was having horrible gallbladder attacks for about a year and a half before I finally went to the doctor to see what was wrong. I had no problems digesting anything after getting it taken out and I am finally pain free. Trust me the pain does not go away and every attack gets worse. I felt like I had a disability because I could do nothing but curl up in a ball and moan in pain every time I would have an attack. Do it sooner than later trust me.

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I had an appendectomy and was sharing a room with a woman who had her gallbladder removed…her surgery was a lot easier than mine! And a year later, my sister was sure she had appendicitis, but it turned out to be gall stones and she had to have emergency surgery! I recommend getting them removed while it’s convenient and you can schedule a good time, because it could creep up unexpectedly and ruin an important event or something.

Anyway, the recovery time is less than ten days (before you can return to work) and you should be fine a month later.

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My sister actually just had her gall bladder out yesterday (Friday). She had it done laparoscopically — so she had four incisions: one through her bellybutton for the camera, one below her ribcage that is about two inches long for the gall bladder to be removed through, and two very small (ie. covered by an actualy bandage) punctures to the side. The actual surgery was only 20 minutes long and she was in and out of the hospital within a day. She’ll go back to school on Monday and her pain once she left the hospital is managed with Tylenol and Codeine. The doctor said that she won’t have any scarring in a year because of her age (21). The night of she was eating normally, and went around town running errands with us today.

The absolute worst part of the surgery is that they need to pump your abdomen full of CO2 to get a good view of the liver/gall bladder and that can cause everything else to press up into your shoulders and that can cause some pain. My sister described it as if she had swam across the English Channel. 

Please get it out. My sister has had attacks for two years, getting progressively worse and the last few have landed her in the emergency room because of pain. Tonight she ate what used to be one of her ‘trigger’ foods and had no issues.


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A lot of people don’t have a galbladder. it’s actually very common to get it removed because it just makes it so there are less problems. Also, I dont know if you plan to have kids, but pregnancy tends to be hard on that organ and the last thing you want is to need an Emergency removal during your pregnancy.

I was born without my galbladder… it was tissue it didn’t develop properly. It caused problems with the proper development of my liver too. And I now suffer very serious liver problems. But my grandma had hers removed, no more problems. I have to deliver my baby boy at 34 weeks to protect him and myself from very serious problems.

So definitely something to think about if you plan to become pregnant in the future. I would go ahead and get it removed. It’s really going to save you in the future. A couple days in the hospital recovering and you’ll have to take it easy healing from the surgery, but much worse complications could arrise.

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i had my gallbladder out when i was a teenager. it was an easy surgery. they did the whole thing laproscopically, and i only had four tiny incisions.

healing time was a a couple weeks, mostly because your abdominal muscles get sore.

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I know what you’re going through! I suffer from gallbladder issues as well. My mother did before me, and eventually got hers out. She occassionaly still has issues with vomiting and pain after eating fatty foods like pizza.. or even salad dressing. Unfortunately, getting your gallbladder removed does not just end all of your problems, but you will probably have LESS pain afterwards. 

I recommend Gaviscon. And changing up your diet. If you need any advice, please just pm me! 

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