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  • poll: Best way to say Thank you and Hellooo
    Receiving Line : (15 votes)
    28 %
    Table to Table at the reception : (34 votes)
    64 %
    Another awesomely never thought of thing..... : (4 votes)
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    How many people are going to your wedding? I have been to many large weddings and the receiving line was just too ridiculous. People waiting in line to see the bride and groom for two seconds.

    We didn’t have one. We had a large wedding (270 people). We went from table to table and said our hellos that way. We made sure to do it quick! I definitely recommend this way. We did it after dinner so everyone was full and not uncomfrtable


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    I think (and i’m sorry if this offends anyone) that recieving lines are a quick, boring, unpersonal way to say hi to everyone (your 5 yr old flower girl wont want to stand there and i’m sure some of your guests dont care about EVERYONE in your party).

    I think if you go table to table… its WAY more personal and it gives more of a relaxed way of visiting your guests where you wont feel like your a heard of cattle.  

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    I’m not sure yet.  I think my mom would like us to have one, so maybe we will.  At the same time, we’re only having 8 tables.  I’m pretty sure we could make it to all of them no problem.



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    We did a receiving line. Originally we weren’t going to but we ended up doing it at the last minute. We only had about 70 guests so it was quick, easy & gave us a chance to greet everyone. We didn’t bother going table to table at our reception. Between the RL and mingling during the reception, we got some face time with everyone. 

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    I seriously hate receiving lines when the guest list is over 100. I tolerate them otherwise lol, but they really just aren’t my cup of tea. I think they take too long, and either everyone gets only 2 seconds OR you get personal attention but it takes forever.  I much prefer table-to-table as a guest, and it is what I plan to do.

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    I voted “other.”

    After our ceremony ended, our guests stayed in their pews. We did our formal “recessional” with our wedding party, and then my husband and I returned to the sanctuary and ushered guests out of the pews row by row. We got to hug and say hi just like in a receiving line, but it went a lot quicker. Also, our guests enjoyed getting to sit and talk while they waited for us, rather than having to stand in line to get to talk to us.

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    We’ll be going table to table. I just really dislike receiving lines: “Thank you for coming.” “Your wedding was so wonderful/I love your dress/etc!” “Thank you.” and then move on. Nope, not for me.

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    My parents initially FLIPPED about us not having a receiving line.  Of all the things to do with the wedding, this is the only one they got dramamama over.

    In the end, we went table to table and it was just fine!  My parents even conceded after that it was better for the style of our wedding.

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    Personally, I don’t like receiving lines.  I find them awkward as a guest, and I can’t imagine enjoying one as a bride.  The table-to-table thing (or greeting during cocktail hour, if you’re having one) is more “work” for the bride & groom, but I think it’s also more fun and personal.

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    We’re opting out of a receiving line for several reasons:

    1.  I have a very large, very loud, very in-your-face-close Italian family.  A receiving line woudln’t work to our advantage because everyone would want to chat it up stop the line from moving.

    2. This very large family all lives locally.  We see each other for all holidays, and even create unnecessary reasons to have events and gatherings throughout the year.  We are all close and in frequent contact.  There’s nothing they need to say to me in a line that they likely haven’t said to me in recent days.

    3. We’re trying to get the ceremony done, snap a few pictures, and get our asses to the cocktail hour.  I’ve toiled over finding a perfect bluegrass band to play live music on our patio cocktail hour…it’s one of the things I’m most exicted about.  I’m not going to be stuck in a receiving line longingly watching our guests enjoy the live music! (Ceremony and reception are all at the same place).

    We’re going to (quickly) go from table-to-table at the reception and during the cocktail hour.  90% of our guests are very close family, friends, and my parents friends who we see often.  We won’t have to do very much “oh thanks for coming I haven’t seen you in years, yes I’m fine, yes we’re so happy, yes we’re excited”. Obviously we’ll thank everyone individually, but it wont’ have to be long and drawn out.

    I have to add, though, at EVERY SINGLE WEDDING we attend, we always make a point to approach the bride and groom to extend our well wishes to keep them from having to make their way to us.  I think it’s polite and appropriate.  A bride and groom have enough overwhelming things happening that day, I think in this instance the guests could also be partially responsibly for seeking out the bride and groom, instead of them having to painstakingly go to each and every person.  I have heard horror stories of backlash from petty guests who purposely did not go to the bride and groom because they refused to “do the work for them”.  When the bride and groom accidently missed them, the guests were appalled at how “rude” they were.  It’s a bit unfair, IMO.

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    I think we’ll probably do a little bit of a combo of both of those. Our ceremony is just family, while the reception is more people. So I think we’ll probably be standing around the entrance of the reception to welcome people- but not a super formal thing. I’m also planning on going table to table for that more personal contact with everyone.

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    I always felt awkward when I had to hug a bride and groom as they went from pew to pew when I really didn’t know them too well. We haven’t decided what we are going to do yet. We are having a cocktail hour and are going to arrive before it is over. Maybe then we’d be able to go around and talk to people. Or we may decide to just greet people as they leave the church so we have it over with and don’t have to offend anyone by not talking to them.

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    My parents want the receiving line, it doesn’t bother me.  We will end up with 150ish people, we don’t expect all of those people will be at the church.  We are doing bride groom and parents.  We don’t need the entire wedding party subjected to it.  I think it will help us enjoy the reception more, although we certainly plan on mingling during the cocktail hour.  For the reception we just want to eat drink and dance!

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    For what it’s worth, a bunch of our guests told us how much they liked our approach.

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