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When we bought our condo downtown we got a similar reaction.  In my case I don’t think it was jealousy my family and friends think condos are a waste of money (and don’t get them started on condo fees).  They didn’t understand why we would move into a condo downtown when you could live in the suburbs in a house for the same price. Personally I am not a suburb girl.  I like downtown because you can walk to a million awesome restaurants, and there is always something going on. 

Try not to let them get you down.  Congrats on the condo!!!

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OMG it’s absolutely a case of jealousy! sorry you are going through this…just know that you are happy with it and that’s all that really matters.  They don’t live there right? so to hell with ’em!

I remember a couple of years back, I bought my condo at a steal…within the next year and a half, both my brother and sister bought their houses…and both almost went broke trying to do it…sibling competition is soooo real!

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They are projecting onto you their reasons and justifications for NOT making a similar decisions. May be ugly or may be unconscious b/c of their own insecurities.  Be happy despite those comments out to steal your joy.

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People are so weird about living in the city.  We live in a small Manhattan walkup apartment and we get weird comments all the time.  like, “won’t it be so nice when you can move out of the city?” (no because we love the city and don’t want to live in the suburbs) “omg, what do you do without a yard?!” (live life like everyone else) “omg, those stairs, I would kill myself” (no, they’re just stairs, not a reason for suicide)  And my favorite, “you’re not going have kids in the city, are you?” [add horrified look] (actually we are.  people have kids in the city everyday and live happy lives)

People need to keep their judgments to themselves.  I’m sure your condo is awesome and your neighborhood is great :o)

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My Fiance and I bought a house that is WAY too big for us, and everyone loves it, but then says, why do you need this big house?  Well we obviously don’t right NOW, but we will in the future when we have children.  Who wants to move all the time, if we can afford to own the house we really want right now?!

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people are probably just young and immature.  ignore them.  do you have any pics to post of the place?  im curious to see what this open concept thing is.  never heard of it before!

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Oh girl, I am right there with you!  We bought an open concept condo last year (LOVE IT!) and are constantly having people make pretty rude comments about how they could never live here, they’d be driven crazy by their spouse, where do you put all your stuff?!?  Well fine, don’t live here, WE will.  People are just weird, and they frequently don’t think about how things sound when they say them out loud.  Ignore!

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We had the same thing and still do. When we built our house, many people made financial comments about how we could afford it or made assumptions about my inlaws giving us money for it. Um never happened, I as well as DH have pretty damn good jobs that pay fairly well in this down economy so we are grateful, plus we have no debt. Then as we had our house warming, I heard more comments about how we opened our floorplan all up downstairs and did not have doors on certain rooms etc or looking at our wedding photos, well we would never runaway and marry like that, so rude to your family. Um yea, those people are no longer welcomed in my house and I made it very clear. People just can’t seem to be happy for anyone anymore.

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Some people who live outside of cities don’t understand the value of condos. For example, the 1750 sq. ft. 3 bedroom home I own (and used to live in) in the Philly burbs cost $20K LESS than the 900 sq. ft. 1BR condo I moved into with my Fiance in New York.

It is right at a train station and continues to appreciate, while my house doesn’t. To some people (like my family), square footage equals value, when that is not always the case.

And the comments about whether you can afford it it simply none of their freaking business and just plain rude.

CONGRATS on your new place. I am sure it’s awesome!

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Hi! Jealous poster here!

I have a “friend” from highschool (really more of an acqaintance) who recently bought an amazing huge house here in town. She bought it on her own and is redoing it. I live in a tiny apartment that is partially funded by my parents. We are the same age, graduated together, and I never thought SHE would have a house before ME. I am so jealous I can hardly stand it. Lol, I think your friends probably feel like I do!

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Oh yes the comments!  When my parents bought their house everyone and I mean everyone swore up and down that we overpaid! we were ripped off! etc… the house has appreciated a ton, even now and is the best financial purchase my parents ever made.

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UGH I feel your pain! Me and my fi bought a 670 sq foot 1 bedroom apartment in the city and our own relatives and close friends make soo many comments, here are a few:

 1) How much did you pay?–to which we usually answer and then get a “WHAT?!? I could buy a house 10x the size where I live for a fraction of that cost” bla bla bla.  My answer: Yes, but fi & I know that and we understand that is the cost for living in a city.  We LOVE the city and both dreamt of living here one day, so we worekd our butts off to do it!

2) Don’t you want to have kids some day, why only a 1 bedroom?? My answer: The room can fit a crib and once the kid gets old enough to need its own space, then we can rent the space and move elsewhere.

3) YOU share a closet with your fi?  ( I work in fashion so people seem to be shocked by my limited closet space) My answer: YES! You don’t need to have loads of clothes, just a few key pieces each season is all you need to make it work =)

4) You don’t have a CAR?!?!? My answer: NO because you can take the train or walk every where.  Not having a car after having driven since I was 17 is HUGE.. it’s so awesome not having to deal with traffic =)

Anyway, try not to let these comments get to you, you and your fi know why you made the choices you did and NO one can change that.

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Oh man! I own an apartment style condo in the ‘burbs and would take an open loft style condo downtown any day. Good for you and congratulations on the new home! 🙂

I didn’t get negative reactions from my immediate family. All of them were very supportive that I was able to do it alone. But I did get not-so-positive reactions from some not-so-close friends and family basically wondering why I’d bought a condo in the ‘burbs. Mind you, I was living alone at that time, so getting a single family home would not only have been a higher mortgage payment but also much more expensive and time consuming to maintain.

When they asked why I bought a condo and not a house, I pretended to think that they lived in houses themselves knowing that they didn’t. So I replied and said that I would love to see their houses so I can imagine what I can upgrade to. Neither owned their homes and both lived in apartments. When they admitted that fact, both realized how hard it was to own any property let alone a single family home for a single individual. So basically, they answered their own question.

Sometimes people just need to be lead through their own reasoning.

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