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  • Wedding: October 2013

@Crigger5:  i went to a wedding with indian food and it was phenomenal! can you have one american option that is safe in case people don’t want the indian options? that’s what i would do.

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Busy bee

I do not mean any offense at all to Indian people and am not trying in any way to badmouth their culture, heritage, etc. But if there was only Indian food served at a wedding I attended, I simply would not eat. It takes a particular pallate to be able to tolerate Indian food and many people just do not have it. I suggest serving something else alongside the Indian food so that the people who do enjoy it will be happy and the rest of your guests do not leave hungry.

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I would most certainly offer a food choice. Honestly, if your guests aren’t going to be able to eat the food, I don’t think they’ll go. I might attend your ceremony and then leave. I don’t do well on an empty stomach.

Nobody in my family eats indian food at all.

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That’s so sad. Indian is my favorite cuisine (and I am from Texas and of German/Norweigian descent!). I know that I would likely have this problem with my sheltered Texas family/friends, though. They freak out and basically starve when they come visit me in the Bay Area (where it is ALL about the ethnic food). My brother begged me to go to Chili’s last time he was out here, and was horrified that there wasn’t one unless we drove over an hour (there are 350+ restaurants that deliver to my condo, as a point of reference). I suspect your WV friends and family are similarly limited in their food adventures….


Maybe only do indian food for cocktail hour apps? Or save it for the honeymoon?


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  • Wedding: March 2014

What person can’t eat Butter Chicken?? Jeezzzzzzzus

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@Crigger5:  If your guests are not into the Indian food for whatever reason, then I can see a couple things happening:

a) People get super wasted from drinking on empty tummies; or

b) People get so hungry they leave the reception early to get some food.

Good idea to let them know beforehand so they can fill up on something else. I would spread it by word of mouth.

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  • Wedding: November 2013 - St. Augustine Beach, FL

I love Indian food but most of my friends are terrified of even trying it.  If you do decide to go this route and not offer any Americanized dishes then definitely make that known on the invitation.  However, I would speak to your caterer first and they may be able to make suggestions regarding dishes that are less scary options for those uninitiated into the Indian cuisine.

I would definitely offer the food buffet style so people can try different dishes to determine what they like.  Curries can be bland or super spicy depending on the chef.  Tandoori dishes will seem more familiar to many people not familiar with Indian food.

My FH and I love it and crave it every few weeks.  His dad is from the UK where it’s much more popular.  My FH attended uni in the UK as well so he developed his palate for it there.  My excuse is that I have yet to meet a food I don’t like.

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@Crigger5:  If you want your food to specifically be only Indian cuisine then I’d make sure to state that on the invitation. The way I look at it is it’s your wedding and if you two only want to serve that type of food then go ahead and do it. If I went to a wedding and didn’t like the food then yes I’d be disappointed, but I’d eat before or afterwards then. Again, make sure to state it on your invites.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: December 2012

@Crigger5:  To be honest I dont see why you have to “warn” or tell your guests what you are serving at YOUR wedding. I think serving Indian food because it is what you two love is a great idea and a form of sharing your favorite dishes.

There is always going to be someone that wont like the food. At my wedding We had Shrimp alexander, zucchini flower cream soup, filet mignon and 4 different desserts.  Where I come from you dont ask …your guests what they want to eat….you serve them and Period if they dont want to eat it….yes you do have a couple of extra plates….for example we had fish and  chiken…for 10 guests that might not like the meat….and a fruit coktail for those who didnt like plates in the middle. I had 1 vegetarian guest She didnt like the fruit coktail…she didnt like the soup…..( it was all veggies) and didnt want the vegetarian option…Well honey….Dont eat!!!! And go to the candy bar and have a caramel apple…

I think Indian food is yummy! Just make sure you dont choose plates that are too spicy for your very not so open minded guests. And Naan lots of Naan!!!!!!

If you do insist on telling your guests….maybe you can do an Ethnic invitation? Would you go to a house as a guest and tell your host you dont like her food? you just eat it!!!!!!! Dont tell them….I see no point in doing that. It is your wedding your choice!

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Helper bee

@Crigger5:  Why don’t you serve one Indian choice and one American choice? 

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i love seeing people’s unique touches at weddings… however, as a person with an EXTREMELY sensitive stomach (probably half of what i eat causes indigestion and nausea/vomiting… even mac and cheese can cause me to have indigestion), i would be sad if this was your only option for food. i would be hesitant to try much of it, due to fear of ending up in the bathroom after eating. i would offer something a bit more… bland as an option? maybe plainer chicken or salad or something like that.

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  • Wedding: March 2013

Yum, can I come to your wedding?  🙂

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I would personally not serve a type of food that I knew a lot of my guests didn’t like. I’m not having sushi for this reason. I know WE like it, and I’m sure some people like it, but I know the majority of my guests don’t like it, so why serve it? If you are stuck on having the Indian food because it’s what you want, maybe just do it for cocktail hour. If its just because of the cost, try finding other alternatives within your budget. 

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I think you shouldn’t mention the menu so that you don’t play into nervous guests’ anxieties. I think it’s a nice opportunity for guests to try something new! Indian food has a great mix of proteins, starches and veggies, plenty of recognizable things that are just prepared in slightly different ways to your standard American far. Really, people will be getting a plate of chicken, with creamy sauce, spinach, and some rice! Even the pickiest eaters would probably be able to eat some naan or biryani.


You could provide a detailed menu just before the meal to introduce guests to the flavors that they can expect. You could also remind them that 1.2 BILLION people on the planet regularly eat this food (not including all of the people who live outside of India and enjoy Indian food). 


We’re serving many delicious dishes, family-style, many that will be foreign to several of our guests and I have a good feeling they will try things. While 100% of the crowd isn’t exactly adventurous, I know most are up for trying out something they haven’t had before. 


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