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#1: I think it’s totally fine to put it out in buckets, you could actually make it look really cute. I’ve seen a lot of things like that on pinterest.

#2: That sounds great!

#3: No, I don’t think it’s necessary for that many people.

#4: If you choose to go that route just make sure you have a way of telling people so they are prepared to start paying at some point.

#5: No idea about this, I would contact a local electronics store and ask them. Some bee’s may have others ideas.

Good luck!

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1. My mom had a backyard wedding and she put all the sodas/beers/water in new “muck buckets” filled with ice. It worked fine. As far as wine, an idea would be to buy cheap mason jars (washed of course) and fill them with different wines and put a label on top so guests don’t have to try and pour their own glasses.

2. My mom also had a small catering company bring in food. She did it buffet style. I think your idea would work just fine.

3. If you take my advice on the first 2 questions, a server won’t really be needed.

4. Same answer as #3 for the bartender. Cash bar isn’t a good idea if you’re having a home wedding IMO

5. Not sure about the sound system question. Maybe look on Craigslist for music students who also part-time as DJs?

Hope all this hepls!

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1) If you don’t have a bartender, then you need to put a friend or family member in charge of replenishing the drinks and keeping an eye on the guests in terms of how intoxicated they are.

3) Check with your caterer what the minimum time for the server is, it may be the minimum time would equal your reception.

4) Absolutely not!  It’s one thing for someone to have a cash bar at a venue, though I personally abhor them. However, at your home or parents where your event is being hosted and you are buying alcohol at cost?  It would be in questionable taste at best.  Buy what you can afford to serve and don’t ask your guests to pay.

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#1 that is what I would do seriously

#2sounds  good to me

#3 no just for maybe 2 hrs

#4 that will cause a lot of drama my friend just bought a certain amount then someone did a booze run latter on their dime 😀 I think they planned on three drinks a person and the booze run occurred at 11pm as they were leaving. LOL that party didnt end til 4am :p

#5some community centers/churche youth groups will rent you theirs at the very least they might steer you in the right direction.

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Question 1; I don’t think you need a bartender, if you have kegs of beer people can fill their own cups, and you don’t have to worry about replenising as often as bottles beer. And it would be fine to have bottles of wine out being chilled on ice, keeping the other bottles of wine in a frige, and as needed having someones job be to replenish as they run out. Or go to your local bar and talk to a bartender see if they would be willing to bartend your wedding, offer a $100 dollars, and put a tip jar out, any  money that the guests tip the bartender can keep, then I would do bottle or canned beer.

Question 2: cocktail style reception is pefect, check shop around to get the best price since you are thinking about servers. And a very good idea to buy trays of food to offer more to you guest that can just be left out on a table as self serve.

Question 3; I don’t think a server is really needed at a backyard wedding, people can serve themsleves with appertizer type reception foods, but thats up to you guys.

Question 4; I would not charge my guest for alcohol at my wedding regardless of where the event is being held. You will get lots of different opinions from other bee’s on here regarding this. Plus your buying the alchohol for a backyard wedding, its cheaper than paying per person at a venue. I say provide beer and wine, soda, water for the entire event. Your having a smaller wedding, make it work in your budget.

Question 5; Not sure.

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These are my opinions:

#1 : I think buckets are fine, we had a bartender so my sisters shower and she kinda just sat there as people poured their own wine.

#2:  Sounds delish, the server will add a nice touch so people aren’t digging in themselves.  That is my one pet-peeve about buffets

#3:  I say just a server for the dinner portion…right??  1-2 hours?

#4: NOOOOOOOOO!!  I think if you are just doing beer and wine you should at least give them that without making them pay.  Get plenty of booze and just becareful on what is opened, just use what you need….return the un-opened stuff!

#5:  I have no idea on this one, maybe some kind of I-pod dock?  Not great with technology

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1.  That’s a great idea, like a PP said there are lots of cute ways to due that.

2-3. Those food options sound great.  You could either do it buffet style, or have little self serve stations set up around the yard.  If you do want servers, you could have them for a few hours earlier in the evening and then switch to self serve later.  Most people will do the majority of their eating when they first get there I think, but that still leaves them the option of snacking later.

4.  I think having a cash bar at this type of wedding, when it is in a home/yard, is a little odd.  While not unacceptable, it will be very unexpected.  If you go with the self service bar then you can avoid this problem; if you really want some cocktail/liquor options you could put a limited amount out and some cute little sign about serving yourself.

5.  Like a previous bee mentioned, check for college aged kids djing part time.  They would be cheap and have all the equipment needed.  If you want to DIY and get the equipment yourself hit up a music store (like Guitar Center, Sam Ash, or a local version of that).  Since sound is there specialty the staff will probably have more insight on PA’s than at a general electronics store.

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