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stephaniee24 :  We got our cat when she was about a year and a half, but Hill’s Science Diet Cat Food was what they gave her at the shelter and what we continue to feed her. Her coat is nice and shiny and she seems to like it. 

Tidy Cats Instant Action cat litter is also what we use. It’s more expensive, but we use less of it and it’s easy to clean out her litterbox.  

Congrats on the newest member of your family!

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Grain free food! Wet or dry. But grain-free is best. I have a diabetic cat who became diabetic from eating too much carbs + human food + treats. It’s terrible, so don’t do that 🙂 Haha. If it is a kitten, look for kitten food (nutrients will be a little different than adult cat food). No milk, just water.

Clumping cat litter.


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stephaniee24 :  Hey! I’ve owned many cats–I don’t think I ever lived (from birth to present) without having a cat, hahaha. I leave dry food out for my kitty all the time. I feed her 1 oz of wet food twice a day (6:00 am before leaving for work and 6:00 pm). She’s 3 years old, but a pretty small cat, so she doesn’t eat a whole lot. 

Cats drinking milk is a bit of a myth–cats, like most animals, actually become lactose intolerant after a few months, so it’s not a good idea. Just water is fine. 

The kind of food you want to get depends on your budget. Our cat is spoiled rotten, so we buy her high-end grocery store/mid-range pet store food. She eats Purina Beyond dry food (no added ingredients or by-products, nothing artificial, and meat is the #1 ingredient). For wet food, we buy her a mix of Fancy Feast (she LOVES the gravy lovers), Fancy Feast Broth (comes in a little pouch–she’d eat this every meal if she could, but it’s like $1.25/meal, so she gets it more as a special treat, haha). We also get her fancier wet food at Petco sometimes–she likes the Natural Balance and Soulistic. Petco also sells wheatgrass and catnip plants that many cats like to eat to get extra fiber.

They say that feeding cats cheaper food is like fast food for them, so they may begin to only like the unhealthy stuff. 

I definitely feed my cat fresh food too–chicken, white fish, salmon, shrimp, turkey, sometimes a teeny bit of cheese. If we’re eating any of the aforementioned foods, I’ll find her a piece without seasoning/oil/glaze and let her have some. She very happily accepts. 

Good luck! Don’t forget to show us pictures of your new furbaby!

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Cat food–look for ones that have the protein listed as the first ingredient. And I second the grain free suggestion. Just started feeding my cat Fussy Cat chicken and salmon–he LOVES it (and he is a fussy cat). It’s pricier but the quality is great, so it’s well worth it.


For cat litter, I swear by the Arm and Hammer lightweight kind. It comes in a big yellow/orange bag. I love it because it’s made out of corn cob, not clay. So even though it’s a clumping litter, you can flush it which makes clean up super easy. The clumps aren’t quite as solid as a traditional clumping litter but the fact that you can flush it, more than makes up for it.

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I also feed my cat Fussie Cat brand wet food (tuna and salmon formula) and he LOVES it. It is than Fancy Feast and other grocery store/pet store brands but it’s basically all protein and no filler/byproducts.  I started giving it to one of my cats when she decided she would no longer eat pate-style canned food and we havent turned back. You can get it on Amazon for about 28 bucks for a case of 24 cans or even cheaper on a website called Chewy.com. I give my kitty half a can in the monring before work and then feed him dry food at night (Taste of the Wild brand).

I do not think Fussie Cat makes a kitten-specific type of food, which your little guy/gal will need for a while but just a heads up for when he/she gets older. It’s great food!


For kitty litter, I use a brand called World’s Best Cat Litter. Again it’s a bit pricer but well worth it. It’s made of corn and I find it doesn’t get smelly as quickly as traditional cat litter so it lasts a lot longer in between changings (with reguar scooping, of course) so it makes up for the higher sticker price.


Good luck with your new furry friend. 


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Just a tip on another cat myth like the milk thing – canned tuna will most likely make your cat puke, so don’t give her that! I did have one cat who never had a problem with it but every other cat I know throws up within the hour if I give them tuna. 

I do let the cat have regular human food, like chicken or other scraps, but only if it’s not something I like cause half the time they get bored and don’t eat it all and then it’s wasted.

I would also go with dry food, since it’s much easier and cheaper and wet food is generally only necessary if your cat has a health issue.

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One more thing – I would not feed the cat in the morning. Feed it before you go to bed at night, and if you want to feed it twice a day then do the second one late in the morning or in early afternoon. If your cat gets used to a “human wakes up and then I immediately get food” routine she WILL start trying to wake you up earlier and earlier and it will get make you crazy! Ours would start crying for breakfast around 4 am every single morning until we switched her to an only-night feeding schedule.

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If you want to just buy good kibble just read the ingredients and get something grain-free with meat as the first ingredient. If you want to treat your cat like royalty google “raw diet for cats”

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Do not feed kittens or cats milk! You will have a mess on your hands!

Wet food AND dry, as cats get most moisture from their diet,not from drinking water – but a fountain seems to help. 

I use Taste of the Wild. 

Good luck with your new kitty, post pics when you get him or her!

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stephaniee24 :  I would definitely make sure whichever food you give is kitten formula. What we have always done for cats is both. Our cat had some health problems and we were told to give her wet food for the moisture. Brand we use is Science Diet because it was recommended by our vet.

We actually don’t give our cat any human food and so far so good. In the past with my cats at my parents home some unseasoned meat was fine as a treat. I’m not sure at what age a kitten can eat that though, you would have to ask the vet.

No milk for cats. It’s been said that modern cats are actually lactose intolerant, but I am not sure. Our vet said no.

We use dust free kitty litter. The name is lame, Super Precious cat or something like that. Our cat has allergies (oh boy) and the other litters made her sneeze and we kept taking her to the vet and it was getting $$$. So we found this helped.





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So this reply ended up longer than planned.

You can get kitten milk from most pet supply places – usually it’s a powder that you can reconstitute.  It’s safe for cats.  In general, they’re lactose intolerant, but they do like the taste, so kitten milk can be a nice treat.

I know there is a huge push for grain free, gluten free, no-by-product etc. food for cats, but the single most important thing you can do to choose your cat food is see how your kitten reacts.  Just like people, cats can have reactions to food that is perfectly fine for other cats.  (My Andy reacts poorly to poultry, very, very poorly.  I remember a time in my life when the phrase “projectile diarrhea” wasn’t in my vocabulary.  Alas.)  And they do have a sense of taste!  Whatever brand you choose, get something for the correct life cycle.  Kittens have different nutritional needs than adults.  But if you give little guy something and he doesn’t want it or anything strange comes out of his butt, don’t fight it.  Accept that for some animals, the top shelf gluten free all lamb and carrots or whatever food is bad.  While for others it might be great.

I used to have a roommate who thought I was a monster because I gave my cats Purina.  My dearly departed Mr Kitty would not eat any other brand.  He refused.  So that’s what I gave him.  She gave her cat Solid Gold.  Then she got a kitten, and insisted that instead of kitten food, the kitten would also eat Solid Gold.  Oh, she believed that it was the best food for any cat of any age.  So for a year, this poor baby had constant diarrhea.  Except for the week where roommate was out of town and her boyfriend gave the kitten some kitten chow.  Kitten was fine while eating kitten food.  As an adult, she was fine with Solid Gold.  Just – the poor baby, suffering for his mom’s ideology.

My vet strongly advises against an all wet diet.  Dry food is good for their teeth.  Would they eat kibble in the wild?  No.  They also don’t often live beyond seven in the wild, so they don’t have to worry about tooth decay.  Wet food is good for hydration, and if you choose to give them any additives like cat-safe salmon oil–if you’re in a dry climate or have a very dry house, the oil is good for their skin–or dental additives, it’s a lot easier to mix them into some wet food.  You could also be like FH and heat the food to just the temperature that each individual cat prefers.  But it’s not necessary. ^_^  (The man loves his cats.  And my cats.  The man loves cats.)

Despite them being lactose intolerant, if your cat has occasional indigestion or stomach upset, you can give them Greek yogurt IF it’s made with goat milk only.  Yogurt has the same healthy, helpful probiotic effect for cats as it does people.  It’s cheaper than keeping the probiotic pouches on hand, at least it is if you also like the yogurt so you can eat what the cat doesn’t need.  Pumpkin is also good for the upset stomach.  Not pumpkin pie filling – nothing flavored.  Just the straight pumpkin you can get in the can.  If it has any ingredient other than pumpkin, no.  Straight pumpkin in small quantities can help with minor stomach upsets.  Catnip is also good for reducing nausea and stimulating appetite.

As far as people food goes, be wary of certain ingredients.  Let nothing with onion touch your cat.  

All in all, the best nutrition in the world won’t help if your cat doesn’t like it.  See if your vet advises something after giving the kitten a checkup, read the labels in the store, try to find something appropriate for age, and then just wait and see.  See if he eats it!

I’m a Tidy Cat girl as far as litter goes.  I’ve tried the dustfree ones like Yesterday’s News at my vet’s recommendation.  Maybe I have exceptionally silly cats, but one kept trying to eat it and the others defiantly did their business beside the box or else would just cry and cry and when I opened the front door to leave for work, they’d dash outside to poop in the lawn.  Litter, like food, comes in many varieties, but you can’t tell the cat what to like and can’t make them like what’s best for them.

I’m not sure if at 3 months you can still toilet train them in the regular human toilet. 🙂

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We need pictures of your new kitten! 

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If you switch her food, make sure you do so slowly. Mix a little of the new food into the food she is used to for a while and slowly give her more of the new stuff and less of the old stuff. Otherwise, runny poo.


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