Recurring pregnancy loss – success stories?

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I am so sorry for what you are going through. Not me but my SIL had 5 miscarriages but now has 3 beautiful children. 

After the first 4 the obstetrician put her on clomid and once she fell pregnant she was giving herself injections of something (i don’t know the name sorry) that pregnancy carried her twin boys to term. 

She had a miscarriage after the boys (unplanned) and then fell again on her own but started the injections once pregnancy was confirmed and that resulted in my beautiful niece. 

Have you been to see a doctor yet? 

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mandapanda1022 :  I am sorry for your losses. 

For positive stories: I had an ectopic and two miscarriages over 1.5 years prior to concieving and carrying my son to term. The second miscarriage was the cycle I started clomid (I have PCOS), and the cycle before I conceived my son. My gyno originally told me to hold off for at least one cycle before trying again, which would have been another clomid cycle, but I actually ovulated by myself not knowing and fell pregnant. I was watched very closely, sent for an early ultrasounds and blood draws and ultimately he was my sticky baby. DS is a thriving 7month old now and worth everything we had to do to get to this point. 

Wishing you well for your sticky baby!


Eta: I never found out why they happened. I particularly wonder about the ectopic but since I was lucky and didn’t need to be treated surgically, i try to just accept that this was the journey that lead to DS. And most days I am ok with that. 

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I can’t speak to multiple losses, as we have had one loss ourselves, but wanted to say I’m sorry you’re going through this, and I commend you for seeking out stories of hope.  Hopefully a year from now you’ll be able to share a hopeful story yourself.

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Have you had your post ovulation progesterone levels tested?  You could do an immunity panel (NK cell, and other markers) and endometrial function test too.  I had 2 losses, 9.5 (growth stopped around 8) and 5.5 weeks and then did the EFT.  It showed issues with my lining that my RE believes could explain the losses.  The treatment for it was 3 month lupron depot shot to reset the lining and he indicates a 75% live birth success rate in subsequent transfers.  (I’m not sure how this would apply to non-IVF patients or trying naturally after soemthing like this or if it’s recommened though).   There are also immuno protocols you can follow as well if you have eleveated NK (natrural killer) cells too.  It’s believed that the body sees the embryo as a foreign object and attacks it.  Baby asprin, intralipid infusions, prednisone are “simple” treatments to try if that turns out an issue.  And if progesterone levels are low, the shot PP mentioned is likely just PIO, progesterone shots.  I think this is fairly common and “easy” to address if that is the issue.

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All I can say is I’m sorry you are going through this. I had six miscarriages in a row before we finally got two sticky pregnancies. It’s one of the darkest periods in my life and still to this day it bothers me. Both pregnancies i had carrying issues and further testing showed i had sticky blood syndrome or lupus anticoagulant. Check into that. Huge cause of early miscarriages.

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I’m so sorry for your losses, I know how devestating they are.  Prior to getting pregnant with DS we had a total of 4 losses, 2 at 5 weeks, 1 at 6 weeks and 1 MMC at 9 weeks.  Like you we were lucky in that we got pregnant fairly easily but having the pregnancies stick was our challenge.  All 4 of our losses were in a 7 month span.  We were lucky and go pregnant naturally with a pregnancy that stuck.  The OBs that I saw after my MMC all felt it was just “bad luck” and that it would happen.  

This time around TTC took us a year and two losses.  One blighted ovum that was detected at 6 weeks and one early loss at 5 weeks.  We saw an RE who did all the general testing for us, including checking mine and Darling Husband genes and everything came back normal, we were diagnosed as unexplained secondary infertility.  We were set to go in for our follow up appointment to talk about a treatment plan and I found out I was pregnant the week before.  I’m currently 23 weeks pregnant with twins naturally.  I hope my story gives you some hope that it can happen but don’t hesitate to seek out help as well.

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I’m so sorry you’re going through this! I’ve had 4 MCs. One MMC at 12 weeks then got pregnant with my daughter who was to term and healthy. Started trying for the second and went through 3 losses in a row. I did a bunch of testing and saw an RE. All they could find was that I was positive for MTHFR. 2 days after our inital consult with the RE I found out I was pregnant again. I was terrified of losing that baby too. My progesterone levels are always low so I started progesterone suppositories immediately and went on a specific prenatal for my MTHFR. That baby stuck and is now 17 months old! We are just starting to TTC for baby #3 and I’m so nervous our issues will pop up again. 

I hope you’re coping okay and I definitely recommend seeing a RE. I got to have 4 ultrasounds with the RE with my son before even being transferred back to my regular OB at 8 weeks. They saved me from going crazy wondering if everything was okay. Best of luck to you!!

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I am so sorry for your losses bee. Not me but a lady I met at the doctor’s office when I was pregnant with my daughter had gone through 10 miscarriages ……. she was 39 weeks along this time around and due any day. I found out through the nurse that she ended up having a beautiful, healthy baby girl! 

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mandapanda1022 :  I echo all the previous posts and am so sorry you’re going through this. It’s very emotionally and physcially draining. I also don’t have an issue getting pregnant it’s staying pregnant. I’ve had 3 losses, gave birth to a healthy baby girl and am currently pregnant with my second. I will start by saying that I am O- so whenever I lose a pregnancy or give birth I have to get a Rhogam shot. I’ve asked several drs if this may have anything to do with the losses but they claim that in very early pregnany there’s no blood or barely any blood being passed between baby and mother so this wouldn’t be a reason. First time I became pregnant I had a natural miscarriage at 7.5 weeks (there was a sac but no baby). Second time I became pregnant I gave birth to my daughter full term. Third time I became pregnant I had a missed miscarriage and had a D&C (again there was a sac but no baby). Fourth time I became pregnant I had a chemical pregnancy. This is when my OB ran a ton of tests (full blood work up, sonogram to confirm thickness of uterine lining through out my cycle as well as confirming ovulation and a saline hysterogram to make sure there was no blockage/polyps/fibroids). Everything came back normal. I became pregnant for the fifth time and am currently 25 weeks with no complications. So in my case yes I’ve had 3 losses and went on to have healthy pregnancies. I’ll never know why my body lost those pregnancies. When I think back on it I feel sad and remember feeling so helpless and alone but time heals all. I highly suggest you ask your dr/OB to run all the necessary tests. I pray you go on to have a healthy pregnancy and baby.

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Hi bee, so sorry for your losses. I just wanted to let you know my mother had 4 miscarriages. I have a younger brother as well and both pregnancies were natural. Fingers crossed for u x 

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I’m so sorry for your losses. I’ve been there and I know how difficult it is to go through. I have PCOS as well but struggled to get pregnant without medication. My first round of femara I was fortunate enough to get pregnant but lost it around 7 weeks and had to have a D&C. When my doctor cleared me to try again, I once again got pregnant on the first cycle. I lost that one around 5 weeks. 

After the second loss I had all the repeated loss testing done, and everything came back clear which was in a way disappointing. If there was something wrong, it could be fixed, but with nothing wrong there wasn’t anything I could do to prevent another miscarriage. 

My hormones were so out of whack after the losses that I had to move forward with injectable medication in order to ovulate instead of just oral pills. I also talked my doctor in to prescribing me metformin. I have lean PCOS and nothing that indicated insulin resistance (though my doctor never tested for it) but I found many studies that said it could help prevent miscarriages in women with PCOS. At the very least, it wouldn’t do any harm. So I started that as well as a daily tablet of Asprin 81mg. Additionally, even though the tests came back negative for the MTHFR mutation, I switch to taking folate acid instead of folic acid. 

I did two cycles with injectables, the first I didn’t get pregnant but the second month I did. I was pregnant with triplets, but lost one at 7 weeks again. It was a bizaare experience to have lost a baby but still be pregnant, and to know the heart had stopped but not experience any bleeding. 

My losses took place in December, March, and June. 

Despite having lost one out of the three, I truly think the metformin and asprin helped. I’m 27+4 with my twin boys and will be going on the same regimine next time I’m TTC. There is absolutely no harm in taking these medications and there are many scientific studies that support taking metformin + asprin after having repeated losses. 

I wish you all the best in your journey and hope you get some answers.

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I am so sorry for your losses. We had six losses in the space of a year and it was heartbreaking. They think it was poor egg quality and possibly a progesterone issue caused by oestrogen dominance. We were told that there was no hope for us and even IVF probably wouldn’t work because my eggs were the problem. I decided that I wouldn’t accept that and I did my own research. I began a liver detox as liver helps to control hormones. I gave up wheat, ate organic, avoided BPA and took liver cleanse tabs every day as well as maca, greens powder and vitex. I also applied yam cream (and still do!) I’m also a Christian so I did my best to stop worrying and rest in God’s promise to me. Many people commented that my lifestyle changes were extreme, but nothing compares to the beautiful little life that I have flourishing inside me right now. We’re almost 12 weeks and baby is doing amazingly. I cry every day because I can’t believe the miracle that is growing inside of me. Don’t give up, bee. Even when the doctor’s tell you to. Do your own research, only you know your own body and what it’s going through. Big hugs. I’ll be praying for you xx

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