(Closed) Red, blotchy, dry, yet breakout prone skin. SOS.

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I use Clinique’s toner to cleanse, their exfolitator, and moisture surge moisturizer every day.  It’s really helped get my skin under control.  They have a 3 step system, but it actually made me break out more since it was so much chemicals all at once!

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I’ve been there (actually just last month!). HUGS!!! It got so bad I went to the dermatologist, she recommended Cetafil or Cera Ve. I use Cera Ve, but only because I like that they have special night and day creams. Both are moderately priced (about $10-15) and can be purchased at Walmart.

Some other things to do:
1. Avoid Simple sugars (the only food that is linked to acne) and sodas (even diet)
2. Get lots of water and green tea
3. Eat lots of fresh or frozen veggies
4. Coffee always makes me break out, so I avoid it
5. Make sure to get some “good fats”-fish, flax seed, nuts, olive oil, avocado, etc
6. If you work out, remember to rinse your face off immediately after a sweat session
7. I have heard that taking zinc can help (It didn’t for me, but friends have had good results)

Just remember, trying to overcompensate with creams is going to continue to irritate your skin, try just to encourage it to balance itself out.

Good luck!

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try taking an anti-inflammatory, like aspirin, to calm the redness. you can even use it as a toner, mask, or facial scrub.

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Go see a dermatologist. That should be your big splurge. You might have something that requires a prescription. Don’t waste your money on over the counter stuff if it’s that noticeable.

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use a light foaming face wash/gel morning and night. try to use a lighter moisteriser too, anything too thick wont let your skin breathe.

never sleep with make-up on. good luck, i have blemish prone skin, it’s not fun.

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@KH:  Another CeraVe fan here! I love their night cream.

My two suggestions are both pricey, but have worked wonders for my skin. The first is a Clarisonic. Buy the one with two settings, and get the absolute softest brush head they have. The cheaper versions by other brands do not compare. 

My second is Perricone MD products, specifically the Cold Plasma and their Hypallergienic Gentle Cleanser. The cold plasma smells a little fishy, but it is heaven. My skin literally craves it. 

Avoid anything like toner or alcohol-based products. They are going to dry you out even more. Dry skin can get acne prone beacuse the dryness prompts your skin to over-produce oils to compensate. Focus on moisturizing and hopefully you’ll get it under control. 

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My skin is super sensitive, so I switched to everything non-scented, hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic, etc.:

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser
Clinique #2 Toner
Clinique Dramatically Different moisturizer
A few times a week I exfoliate (with a baby toothbrush)
Every week or two I use that Aztec clay mask

It was one of the posts on here that made me realize a big part of irritated skin was me messing with it. It took a while, but I’ve stopped touching my face, scratching at dry skin, picking at blemishes, etc. I think that’s helped more than anything.

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Hey, me too. The best thing I ever did was buy a Groupon for a facial, and the lady happened to be an acne specialist. I have dry, sensitive, reactive (easily red), acne-prone skin, which is a HUGE pain, because everything made for acne is too harsh, and the stuff made for dry skin won’t get rid of your acne. She gave me a new skincare regimen and a list of ingredients to avoid because they irritate skin.

Because your skin is dry, you do not want to use toners/astringents/etc. They will dry your skin out more. I assume you use that brush every day? It’s probably too harsh on your skin. Don’t get a Clarisonic, either. Too much exfoliation causes the opposite reaction–your skin will actually build up the dead skin cells to protect itself. Do not use Cerave or Cetaphil–they contain, among other things, parabens, which are preservatives, but have also been linked to cancer.

Here’s what I do:
– use a 1.5% benzoyl peroxide gentle cleanser (non-foaming) 2x a day (in the morning and at night); massage into wet skin, use a wet washcloth to gently remove (this is your exfoliation–my skin is SO MUCH SOFTER now)

– use a 1.5% benzoyl peroxide exfoliant with gentle beads (non-foaming) 2x a week; massage into wet skin and rinse off

– use a moisturizer for dry skin on damp skin

The face washes and moisturizer I use are my skincare lady’s own blend, but they’re made from Gabriel Correctives‘ acne line (she cuts down the benzoyl peroxide in them). I’ve also started reading the labels on all of my face products and cutting out the strong irritants and comedogenics.

I’ve used the Clinique Acne line, the Redness line, sensitive skin products, a Clarisonic, everything I could before I started this, and my skin is SO soft and much clearer now.

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This sounds like rosacea to me. It is a skin condition that requires a prescription gel/lotion (topical antibiotic) to be applied daily. Unfortunatly, there is no known cure for it.

Google the symptoms, but if you get red on your cheeks, around the nose mostly, and it happens when you shower or it’s cold outside or extremely hot, those are known rosacea triggers. Also alcohol or spicy or fatty foods.

I suggest googling it and if you think you have it, you have to make an appointment at the dermatologist to get a prescription. If it is rosacea, you should seek treatment soon, as it gets worse and worse if left untreated.

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@PumpkinCheesecake:  Not necessarily. This happens to me (triggered by heat, cold, spicy foods, and tomatoes/tomato products), but I do not have rosacea. 

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@vorpalette:  Well I thought it was implied that if those ARE your triggers, go to the derm and he/she will DETERMINE if it is indeed rosacea.

I am certainly not saying it definitely IS rosacea. Just wanted to make her aware that if it is, it probably will get worse if left untreated.

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@Loyalfox13:  Don’t exfoliate (at least not manually). My skin is dry to normal and very sensitive, and scrubbing always makes me break out.

Your skin is combination. I suggest going to a Clinique counter and having them do the test to figure out which 3-step products work best for you. I love the 3-step program… it’s one of the only things that makes my skin happy. Your moisturizer is likely clogging your pores.


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The cleanser and moisturizer you are using are probably not the best for you–they may have chemicals or fragrances in them that are actually making your skin worse, so if I were you I would stop using them for now.  As PP’s have said, Cerave makes a nice face wash that is inexpensive and great for sensitive skin.  When my acne/rosacea/sensitive nightmare skin was really bad, I used a heavy lotion called Vanicream (you can get it at Walgreens and it’s very inexpensive), and it didn’t seem to make my skin worse.

However, besides the Cerave and Vanicream (both were recommended to me by a dermatologist), there may be other, Rx products that you need right now to get your skin calm and back to normal.  These may include Elidel (non-steroid cream that helps with inflammation),Fluocinonide (I think that’s the correct spelling but might not be), and if need be, something stronger like a hydrocortizone cream for you to use just for a short time.  You should definitely go to a dermatologist if switching cleanser and moisturizer doesn’t make your skin better–just make sure they give you some coupons for prescriptions because for some Rx creams/lotions, even with health insurance you’d be paying over $100 for a little tube!

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@atlbride2013:  +1

If it isn’t anything that requires a prescription, the skin doc will have advice as well. I recommend laying off the heavy moisture regimen you are on. Switch to a lighter soap but still stick to natural. A light serum is easily absorbed by the skin, and it doesn’t take much to get the job done. You can add moisturizer to the dry patches, which hopefully will help your skin balance itself out. Also, for nighttime, try using an alcohol-free toner like witch hazel to help take off the makeup and clean off the day’s impurities. There are plenty made for dry, sensitive skin out there like Thayer’s Rose Water Witch Hazel. Oh and if you want to try out new products, I totally recommend Vitacost.com. I love going there for all sorts of health/beauty needs and love all of the reviews. 

Again, I would talk to a dermatologist first and listen to what she/he says before listening to me, ha. Good luck!

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