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when we registered at BBB, they pushed very hard for us to put fine china on the registry, even though we clearly stated that we were not interested at all.  we had to resort to explaining that our friends are young and can’tafford to buy us china (they are already paying quite a bit to travel to our wedding!).  of course, she made many condescending comments before she would shut up about it. "oh what about your parents?  don’t they want you to have beautiful dishes?  why is your culture so strange that it dictates giving cash instead of buying things off the registry?"  so make sure you are firm with them so that they don’t bully you into adding anything you don’t want to add. 

have fun! 

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give yourself three hours! it took a while just to begin.  what i did was go through  the checklist that they gave us and immediately crossed off everything i DONT want.

like the last poster here, they pushed us to get enough things on our list for every guest coming to the wedding. 150. thats ridiculous since im only having a small shower with the closest women. plus, i dont NEED all that stuff.

so just have fun with it, and DO over-register, and just go home and delete all the extras online its so much easier.


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If I’m not too late, if you just want to avoid the annoying salespeople altogether, start the registry online before you go. Throw a few things on there (you can always remove them later if you’re just picking things willy nilly in a hurry) and then go to the store and tell them that you "just want to add a couple of things to a registry that you started online". That’s what I did and they just gave me the scanner and the checklist and let me go. 

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definitely know that you’re in for a long day. our store gave us a bottled water, but i’d take some soy bars, snack packs, whatever…bc you’re gonna get hungry.

 its ok if you don’t tackle it all in one day. our first day in BBB we were there for 3 hours and we’d only gotten thru the kitchen section…and not even that much stuff had been added. i believe we had a whopping 5 pages worth of stuff when we left (according to the guy BBB registries are typically 22pgs or so)

since then, i’ve filled in online and only went in the store to double check that the items are available in the store.

 you will have to sit thru a china presentation. they will make very good points about china’s durability and "investment" factor. i was passive on this and added it, but took it off online. i didnt see the need to continue to run around that mulberry bush.

 GL and have fun!

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It took us FOREVER to register. I swear it was 4 hours long. They first want to talk to you in the bridal area, give you the packet of stuff and talk to you ALOT more. lol. I know they meant well and wanted us to be fully informed but my Fiance and I are at BBB all the time, so we know what they offer and what we wanted. We were dying to get our scanner and scan away! We finally got to after an hour, but then every manager from each department had to come over and give us an overview of that department. Ugh. So my advice is to tell them exactly what you want to do. Have fun!  

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I managed to luck out – no long, drawn out presentations on anything for us!  YAY! 

"Do you want to register for Fine China?"

"No not at this time"

And that was it!  A quick demo on how to use the scanner, and we were off.  We circled the store twice over two stories, and we only wound up with six pages of stuff, which the consultant said was enough for about 25 guests.  Um ok, I’m not expecting to get a lot off of the registry in the first place, so I don’t really care…

I’ve spent a lot of time refining the registry online.  It is the only place we are registered, since the custom is cash. 

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I had the same experience about the fine china, I actually wish I had done the online thing before I went because just that part took us forever.  Do plan for a long day, or a day to add stuff and another day to go back for a couple of hours…I didn’t realize how hard registries actually are!

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yea, definitely lose the salesperson as soon as possible. we had to go back at least 3-4 times to different stores and i never had a lot of pressure from them because we pretty much went off and did our own thing.

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Our salesperson was very nice and not real pushy. We actually asked for her help with the big stuff – pots and pans, knives, dinnerware, etc., and then she set us free. Or maybe she got the point when I said "Ok, we can take it from here!" But yes, we were there for about 3 hours. Fiance was counting.

And absolutely go online and supplement afterwards. We have a smaller version of the store and they said that there was so much more available online. And that way it’s not that overwhelming either. And if your Fiance registers for 4 tablecloths by mistake, it’s really easy to go in and adjust that number.  

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The store definitely has the motivation for you to add the high ticket items onto your registry, but that only means more revenue for them.  Plus, they hope it’ll prevent you from creating multiple registries from different stores, as they realize BBB might not have everything that you want.

It is VERY common that the bridge & groom might think they have enough on their registry, but when a guest goes to buy something, everything’s been snatched up. 

 So put everything and anything you want onto your registry, even if it looks exorbidant.  Your guests will appreciate it.  Don’t register for things you really don’t want because it’ll just mean hassle for you to return it to get what you really want later.

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I totally ditto Lunapark and Jma19. Start online so when you go to the store you can ask for the scanner to add additional gifts. 

The salesperson was nice but it did take a while for her to go over the schpeel. The info she offered was not very helpful, especially when I could have found what I was looking for online.

I ran out of time so the salesperson (who was trying to be helpful and add $$ to BBB’s pocket) added the entire set of towels, dishes, and knives to our registry. In the end, I decided I didn’t need all of it and easily took it off the registry online.

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Wow.  We had absolutely no pressure from our registry consultant at BBB.  And we did not register for china (although I did go back online and add our everyday dishes, as they were cheaper at BBB than at Macy’s).  Also, it took us less than two hours.  Although our registry consultant told us not to bother scanning the whole set of cookware or towels or what have you – just to do one piece, and make a note of it, as either we or he could scan the remaining pieces out of their book later on.  They do have a large book with all the bar codes in it, so you can add every piece of cookware in a set (or whatever) really, really fast at the desk.  And for the things he finished out for us, I just went online a few days later and deleted the parts and pieces we didn’t want, which went really fast.  They also gave us no trouble about the number of items; just let us know we could come back to add more at any time, or could add items online.

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