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Honey Beekeeper
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You should have a variety of price points on the registry, with the majority falling between $25-50.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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We’re kind of in the same boat as we have all the essential things and only really need upgrades. I think it’s fine to leave some big ticket items on there as long as there’s a good range of prices. Some people may go in together to buy the more expensive things. I figure if there’s nothing they want to buy on the registry they can just give us cash or whatever.

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Sugar bee

I would say, it’s your wedding, you should register for nice, durable items. As long as a good cross-section of them are in the $25-50 range, as the PP mentioned, I think you’re fine. It makes a lot more sense to register for, say, a good, durable $15 can opener than for a flimsy $3 one (or a nice $50 blender rather than a $20 one) that you will need to replace in a couple of years.

If you have a bunch of bigger-ticket items, though, you will need to be prepared to have a lot of them not get bought. Guests might give you gift cards that you can combine and put towards them, etc. (and this is a nice way of handling the thank-you card: Dear Aunt Edna, thank you so much … we will be putting your gift card toward a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I plan to use it to make your fabulous pineapple upside-down cake – and I will think of you every time we whip one up!).

But, as the poster notes, you are better off going with just a few big-ticket things and mostly smaller items. Even if you put some smaller items on there that you ultimately return for store credit to put toward the bigger thing – it’s kind of the psychology of human nature that most people prefer giving an actual gift (rather than cash/a gift card) for a wedding, and they often like it to be something pretty, even if utterly impractical. So, you could put a bunch of vases, picture frames, etc., on there and plan on not keeping them … cynical, I know, but it makes your guests happy.

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Sugar bee
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I was in the same boat as you. I ended up putting cheaper things on my registry (dish cloths, soap pumps, knicknacks) and they were the first things purchased. Frustrating because I didn’t really need those things, but needed dishes and silverware…

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Busy bee
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If your registry contains items that you want for your household, and you plan to buy yourself – as you are able – then it is an appropriate registry.  However, if your mother has indicated that the price point of most of the items on your registry are higher than what she expected, you may receive many gifts that are “off registry” and it’s likely that all of the items that are on your registry won’t be purchased for you.

I wouldn’t advise registering for items that you don’t need or want.  If a guest decideds that none of the items you’ve registered for seems to meet the criteria they’d like to fill when searching for a gift for you and your Fiance, then they’ll be able to find an alternate gift on their own.  You may be surprised by the lovely items that people gift to you if they don’t feel that they need to finish off that list of pot holders, soaps and candles that you have outstanding at Bed Bath & Beyond.

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Busy bee
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How frustrating. = But I agree with @UmbrellaMoondon’t register for things you don’t need or want. It will just be a major headache for you in the long run, especially if you want to try to return them for the things you actually want. But don’t downgrade all of your registry items to cheaper versions, either!

As other have mentioned, I highly suggest going through your registries and keep the expensive items to a minimum, and leave the rest at $50 or less (of good quality items you actually want, of course). This method worked beautifully for us. Not only did guests totally surprise us by buying some of the more expensive items, but all of our $50 and less items were fulfilled. Some of the guests went in together on a few of the more expensive items, and when our registry was more or less fulfilled, guests turned to the good ol’ gift card and specifically told us in their card that it was intended to go toward one of the more $$$$ items on our registry. So the last few expensive items remaining were purchased with gift cards. =] In fact, we had so many gift cards we were able to purchase even more items than we initially wanted with the registry completion program. Which was also awesome because as @KCKnd2 mentioned, we were able to tell guests that their gift cards/cash went toward ______ in our thank you notes.

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Honey bee
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As long as you have a good range of $25-50 gifts, you’re fine with leaving higher priced items on the registry. People may surprise you, too- I was floored with how expensive some of my shower gifts were- double what I thought people would spend. Plus, BB&B always has coupons people can use, or they can give gift cards. And you have completion programs after the wedding, so keep them on!

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Sugar bee

I am having the opposite problem, mine is saying I am registering for cheap stuff at Macy’s and wants me to up the price. She believes the more expensive the item, the better the quality. *sigh* I put a $600 Dyson on there to make her happy and deleted the $125 one. I still kept many of my lower priced items.

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Sugar bee
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I think it is a matter of your guests budget. The majority of mine will spend at least $50 on a shower gift and $200 (per household) for a wedding gift (either cash or gift). We are also inviting a lot of my family and a few friends in lower income brackets where $30-$50 is more traditional.

We have two registries, the first one has 70 gifts, with 60 under $30. The second one has 117 gifts that range from 12 under $20 and 14 over $100. The majority are in the $50 to $70 range, but go on sale quite a bit.

I’d add a few more cheaper items to please your mom and then would talk to your bridesmaids to get an honest opinon of if your gifts are realistic. 

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I can’t imagine that a Target and BB&B registry are really that bad. Most people are going to gift cash anyway. I wouldn’t worry about it as long as you really do have some moderate and cheaper items on there. If there are any sets of things, register for the individual pieces too.

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As long as your not registered for 12 place settings at 200$ a piece your doing well. Also for things like dishes its easier to have them in 5 piece place settings than a 20 piece box. Im kinda crying today since my registry just isnt moving and a bunch of stuff is now discontinued with no chance of ever getting them again. Agreed keep lots of items around 25-50$ and select items above. Who in this day and age needs fine china sitting in a cuboard to be dusted all the time.

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Sugar bee

I think it depends on your guest list, and a know your audience type of thing.  If most of your wedding guests are poor college students, or unemployed, or working jobs at $6/hr, then you shouldn’t be registering for gifts over a certain price.

But for us, we had very few items under $50.  But we knew our guest list was all working professionals, business owners, and generally well off. 

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Great post, the thing is that about 70 % of couples live together before getting married, and such is the case, don’t usually need the obvious registry gifts.

A way to get your guests to actually get you the big ticket items you would like, you can try signing up for an online cash wedding registry! I’m not sure how most cash registries work, but with ours (yes I’m aware this is promotion, but I’m just here to help) you can split big ticket items into smaller, affordable pieces, so your guests can contribute towards a $500 gift, without having to spend the whole $500!

If you have any more questions, Id be more than willing to help you out!

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