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I love good quality stuff.  A good set of sheets and towels is awesome.  If you can spring for a really good knife or two, that goes a long way as well.  Same goes for one or two nice pots.

I also love my kitchenaid stand mixer, but that’s completely a luxury item.


All the rest is really just personal tastes, even some of the above are personal taste too.  (Though seriously get 2 really good knives, you won’t really need any others ever again.)

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Okay, these aren’t necessarily things we registered for, but I’ve been out on my own for nearly 10 years, so I’ve got a few home essentials that I love! There is for sure a difference between quality items and “cheap” items, so I’d recommend just buying the good stuff more slowly over time than buying cheap items.

  • Good cutting boards! I love the Pampered Chef ones – they have silicone on the edges so the cutting board doesn’t move around, and the larger one has a nice channel around the edge to catch juices.
  • Good knives.
  • I LOVE my Food Processor, but you have to look at what kind of cooking you do to decide if that’s right for you.
  • One or two pairs of nice sheets. They hold up so much better over time than cheap sheets. Although, I will say – high thread count does not always equal quality. Check out reviews online when buying. Outlet stores are a really good place to score on these.
  • PLENTY of dishes. Fiance only has 4 plates, 4 bowls, 4 sets of silverware, etc. OMG made me batty when we were at his house. I don’t have expensive dishes, but I have a lot of them (maybe 16 – 18 place settings?). They really don’t take up that much more room in the cabinets since they stack, and when you are cooking or grilling out, it is easy to go through several plates with raw meat, cooked meat, different side dishes, etc. And then if you have people over. I’m a pretty big believer that you can never have too many dishes, as long as they fit in your cabinets. Silverware is another biggie – people keep silverware FOREVER. Buy a couple of extra sets and stash them in a closet. As spoons start going missing over the years, you can pull out the extra sets and replenish instead of having a mixed set or buying all new.
  • Great spatulas. This Wilton set is the best set ever. I have two and use them all the time. I’ve used all kinds of brands, the Pampered Chef… nothing stacks up against these.
  • This trivet is SO cool. It is awesome because it exands enough to easily put a few pans or a large casserole dish & a pan on the table. I really prefer trivets over hot pads for serving things on the table. This one gets really awesome reviews because it is silicone so the pots don’t slide around when you are serving, but this color just doesn’t work for me.
  • If you live in a cold climate, a heated mattress pad!! HEAVEN.
  • Here’s one thing I’ll tell you is NOT really worth splurging on – kitchen towels and hot pads. They get so nasty and dirty, just plan on replacing them every few years. I like Marshall’s or TJ Maxx for getting them. I still get nice thick ones that do a good job, but don’t buy them planning on keeping them forever. 

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Hey – sorry, my computer and the internet are not being friends lately!


I like wusthof and henckels knives, personally (classic series and up, can’t remember what it’s called in both lines, basically a chef’s knife should set you back at least $100.)  

I got a Jamie Oliver cookbook for Christmas that includes his list of kitchen essentials and he reckons that they will set you back ~$550.  The related you tube video of him is here, note that I haven’t watched it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGuCTm5clYA

I agree with NAvery regarding dishes.  We have a set of 12 (okay, 11 now) for just the two of us as we seem to burn through them.  We started with 8 and within a month opted to get another box!  This is especially true if you have a dishwasher because you don’t want to run it half full.

I have these oven mitts by Starfrit and am in love with them!  There’s no fabric on the outside, so they wash really well.  Plus, they’re super grippy, well insulated and don’t really wear.  I like knowing that you can grab lasagna without worrying about juices burning your fingers or seeping through or getting messy, or dropping the pan while avoiding the contents getting on your hands.  Plus you can just swipe pasta off the bottom of the pot, etc etc.  *love*  I picked mine up at walmart and have bought them as gifts for four or five people since.

I got a frying pan that was much nicer than all the rest that I own and love that, too.  

What about power tools?  Pretty much everyone can use a cordless drill, especially a good one by DeWalt or Makita.  (I’m a yellow snob, myself, as they’re good quality and then all of my batteries are interchangeable.)

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I believe in buying quality items because they will last much longer. I stuck to that philosophy during my university days and still use everything I bought back then. From my personal experience and now almost 4 month living together married experience, I recommend:

  • Good knives (and a sharpening kit). It makes ALL the difference! Darling Husband loves his Shun knives.
  • Medium and large pot. I never needed them just for myself, but I now cook larger amounts. I might even get a second big pot to use when we entertain.
  • Dishes, serving dishes, and flatware. We have 8 everyday with matching serving dishes (which get much more use than I anticipated), plus 12 formal china. I love our Waterford stainless flatware.
  • Cloth napkins. Maybe a cultural/habitual thing, but I grew up with them and use them daily. I also like their reusability from an environmental standpoint.
  • Fruit bowl. I like that the fruit is kept neatly in one spot.
  • Baking sheets. The nice ones are thicker and won’t burn your stuff as quickly.
  • Vacuum cleaner. This makes cleaning the floor a cinch! The high quality ones will stick around for years (decades?) to come. We got a Miele.
  • Drying rack for your wash. I don’t know whether you prefet to use the dryer or naturally air-dry (like me), but I highly recommend one where you can lay your hand wash sweaters flat to dry. 
  • A small, simple vase. Although we have fancy big ones, we use a small tube-shaped one most often. Perfect size for a small bunch from the grocery store.
  • I second NAvery on the quality sheets. We have some from PotteryBarn and are very satisfied.

You might want to check out a registry list, such as this one. They list crazy more than one household needs at once, but are a good source for inspiration since a registry is meant to help set up house.

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@littlefe:  Sorry to interject here: I had a KitchenAid knife set for a few years — total crap! Broke all the time. Now I have the Pure Komachi 2 set because they were higher quality and I LOVE them. They have toughed it out through a lot. I think ceramics are some of the best if you can be gentle with them (they don’t like dishwashers or manhandling) but I really like mine. And I like colors. 🙂



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