Regret neutering my cat

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Worker bee
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@Rachel631:  Definitely. I love my cat with all my heart. If she could have kittens, they would be an extension of her. More of her craziness to love!

BUT I signed a contract with the shelter promising to spay her and why can’t another cat from the shelter be just as loveable as her? 

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Honey bee
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No, I’ve never regretted it. It’s the right thing to do. My cats are indoor only and if they ever get outside, I don’t want to worry about them making unwanted kittens.

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Sugar bee
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I don’t regret neutering my cat or spaying my female cat. I wouldn’t want my cats to reproduce, even though they have lovely personalities. I want to be able to adopt more cats in the future and not have to worry about adding to pet overpopulation. 

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Sugar Beekeeper
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@Bichon Frise:  +1 I adopted both of my cats, and they were both fixed. It’s a good thing. Just because cat A has this personality does not mean that any of his or her kittens will have the same. There are also WAY too many unwanted animals in the world.

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Helper bee
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Not at all, it’s the right thing to do. There are too many abandoned and feral cats in the world, there’s no need to willingly contribute to overpopulation.

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Helper bee
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I’ve never regretted spaying or neutering my cats. There are way too many kittens and cats in this world for us to look after, and I get really sad during spring and summer when it’s kitten season, and I see how big the overpopulation problem really is. Your cat sounds like a really amazing, well tempered cat, but it only takes one mating session for things to get out of control. And his personality isn’t due to his genes, cats get their temperaments, personalities and traits through good handling when they are kittens. You will always remember your cat and his beautiful ways, and even though he wont father anymore kittens, his legacy will live on Smile 

You could always adopt from a shelter if you want another cutie Smile And cuddle them lots so that they also have an awesome personality.


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Sugar bee
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I never regretted spaying my female cat either. Altho, I admit that sometimes I wish she had some kittens so a part of her would physically be here on earth with me after she passes. She’s over 15 years old. I know that sounds strange, but I often have dreams that she has kittens that all look and act just like her. But rationally, there are way too many unwanted pets in the world already, so I feel that people who DON’T spay and neuter are being irresponsible, unless they are reputable breeders of course.



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Sugar bee
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Not a bit. We have two cats, one of which is a siamese/maine coon mix. He is the biggest sweetheart in the world and like your little boy never had any negative behaviors. However, there are enough homeless pets in the world that we didn’t need to add anymore. It would have been irresponsible and selfish to want for him to reproduce, especially counting the kittens might not even inherit his personality.

You did the right thing by fixing him and spaying your females. Don’t look back. 🙂

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Busy bee
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Nope. I’ve never regretted spaying or neutering any animal. Take a visit to a kill shelter and see the hundred of cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies sitting in their own filth whom I’m sure have excellent genes. Thousands of cats and dogs are killed every day because there just isn’t enough room for them, great genes or not. Having volunteered in a shelter where people have brought in barely alive kittens who were stapled to a tree by a teenage boy trying to impress his friends, no..I don’t think we need anymore cats or dogs on this earth. There are plenty that need to be adopted that don’t have homes already. 

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Sugar Beekeeper
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His genes shouldn’t continue on to the next generation. Both cats and dogs are wildly overpopulated on this planet….and it’s all our fault! I guess I just completely don’t understand where you’re coming from. You did the responsible thing!

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Honey bee
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@Bichon Frise:  +1  My kittens are rescues, and they are the most lovable sweet things you could ever meet (as long as they know you, otherwise they run like madmen for the first hour of you being there)… They also came nutered, but nuts or not, we love them! {Giggle… stupid pun}

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Bumble Beekeeper
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In my opinion, there are too many cats out there without homes and being put down in shelthers and by animal control to not neuter a pet cat. If your cat became a father again, you’d be contributing to a huge problem with the pet population. I think what you did is best.

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Honey bee
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I don’t regret neutering/spaying any of my pets. With my dog, I signed a contract saying I had to fix him and the others I have made the choice to do it. There are far too many unwanted animals on the streets and in shelters. I’d much rather give a deserving animal in a shelter a loving home. 

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