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Busy bee
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UGH. I hate that people rehome pets in the first place (I legit think of pets as part of the family), but a 13 YEAR OLD dog? That is just so sad!!! That poor dog is going to be so sad and confused for the rest of his life when he is booted out of his owner’s house! This just makes me so sad.

I’ll be taking on my brother’s dog soon. His Fiance wants to start trying for a family right away, and they’ve already decided that HIS dog – who he had before she came into the picture – (I honestly don’t think she likes dogs in general) “wont’t be baby friendly”. So she talked about dropping him at a shelter (he’s 6 years old) and I said (in so many words) If you do that I will never speak to you again. I will take your dog. Do not drop him at a shelter. I’m mad at my brother for not sticking up for his dog.

I have such a soft spot for dogs, lol.

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That is so sad, that poor dog! I am with PP, they are family members and shouldn’t be ditched, especially when they have special needs!

ETA: I do agree with other bees though, allergies can be extremely severe and life threatening. Especially if they don’t respond to any allergy medication, then maybe it is best for the dog to have a new home. It will be hard though to find a senior dog with special needs a good home.

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TravelingBride31:  Allergic reactions can develop at any stage of life.

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Allergies can be life threatening…. 

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Busy bee
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So the owner is supposed to tolerate expensive medication, prescriptions, and generally an abuse to his senses for the rest of his life to give an animal some comfort?  

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TravelingBride31:  Ugh that made me so mad. That person needs to take some god damn allergy tablets and suck it up. I couldn’t imagine getting rid of a 13 year old dog. I have two cats and one was adopted after the other. The 2nd cat had some issues and everyone was telling me to get rid of her and I told them it wasn’t going to happen because I had chosen to take it on and I wouldn’t abandon her, with hard work and love all of the problems are solved and I wouldn’t be without her. I think there are, as you said, extenuating circumstances but I think some people are just too lazy to try and work on certain issues.

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Sugar bee

The worst is the people getting rid of kittens or young cats because they’re having a baby. 

1. A baby takes months to gestate. You knew your circumstances were changing. 

2. If you can’t commit to a cat good luck with a kid…. Those suckers live at home until 35 nowadays! 

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Busy bee
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That’s sad and allergies are unfortunate but I’ve seen a lot of people use them as an excuse so it does make me wary and probably not as compassionate as I should be. I fostered our dog knowing DH had allergies (to everything including dogs the man is allergic to dust for god sake but the dog was going to die if we didn’t take him) he isn’t a hypoallergenic dog and I decided it would be kill or cure and my mum had agreed if he couldnt stay with us she would have him. He was pretty ill and on a lot of medication for about 4 months and then he had a sort of cold/flu and after that he was fine! We then adopted said dog and it’s been three years and DH still gets occasional flare ups if he has to go away from home for a few days but if he’s around the dog day in day out he’s fine. I live in fear of having a child with allergies as my dog is not going anywhere i adore him. But having seen DH overcome his allergies I think it’s possible you just have to be willing to be ill for a while. I know a women with cat allergies who runs a cat rescue from her house! 

I saw a facebook post yesterday where this women was claiming she had to get rid of her less then two year old dog she had had for a year which she was giving away for free to anyone (!?) because she was pregnant and going to be a single mum. Then someone clicked on her profile and saw that the day before she had posted how her early birthday present was a new puppy. So basically she was having a new one and didn’t want the “old” one anymore and used an excuse. People were trying to get her to give this dog to a rescue but she couldn’t be bothered and just wanted someone to take it. 

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Helper bee
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tksjewelry:  Luckily, allergy treatment can also be taken at any phase of life. If you’re going for that tiny sliver of high-risk cases, I acknowledge that it’s there. I’m very familiar with these sites, though, and I can tell you that in the vast majority of cases “I developed allergies” is a cover for just not wanting the animal anymore, or a minor allergy that could be easily treated.

While it’s possible that this specific case is legitimate, I understand the OP’s high level of skepticism, especially given the “non urgent” listing. If it was a life threatening allergy, you bet your bottom the dog would already be at a rescue, foster, or shelter.

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As someone who has bad to rehome a pet, for the best interests of the pet, I’ll just say DO NOT JUDGE.

you don’t know the full story and you’re kind of presumptuous to think you do.

for all you know, this owner is doing the best that he/she can.

so if you can’t help by offering the pet a home, keep your commentary to yourself and move along.

Who knows? One day it might be you having to rehome your pet. If you’re ever in that situation, you would want people not judging you.

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Blushing bee

My puppy is a rescue dog and I’m mildly allergic to him but I wouldn’t ever give him away. 

Also to poster above, yes there are some unavoidable circumstances but we are allowed to have an opinion that rehoming a pet isnt somrthing we enjoy seeing. 

It breaks my heart somebody ever gave my dog away, he must have been so sad and confused!! 


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Honey bee
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TravelingBride31:  You know, I understand that allergies are annoying and they can definitely affect people different ways, but I always want to know the severity of the allergy. I myself am allergic to both cats and dogs and growing up, we had both. We didn’t know that I was allergic to dogs until my parents brought one home from the shelter–I sneezed, my nose ran all the time, my throat got itchy, my eyes got itchy, but never once did my parents get rid of the dog. Maybe it was “bad parenting” on their part, but I adapted. And when I was born and it was clear I was allergic to cats (same symptoms as above), my parents didn’t get rid of their 15 year old cats. Rather I, again, adapted. I now own two cats of my own and monitor my symptoms. However, my best friend is incredibly allergic to cats to the point her throat could close up if she is exposed to them for too long. I ask only because I, personally, think it’s a little sad to try and rehome a pet of 10+ years because it makes you sniffle a little, but obviously if it’s more severe, you should try and make sure your pet is well taken care of. 

I also try not to judge people who rehome their pets, but unless it’s a special circumstance, I’m usually not okay with it. Once you adopt a pet, you agree to take on full responsibility for them and should do everything in your power to make sure that they never have to be put back into a shelter.

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