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techmom :  I think that using “level of suffering” as a metric is a very useful way to approach this issue. Thank you for that.

I also think that the only really productive way as a society to deal with this issue is to focus on the DUAL welfare of children and women.

This means education that allows boys and girls to have a solid grasp of how their bodies work, good knowledge of contraception (including accurate info on reliability and risks) that encompasses both pregnancy and STD risk, wide availability of safe contraception to everyone regardless of socioeconomic status, and meaningful legal investigation, prosecution, and sentencing for rape, all of which will reduce in a major way the number of women having to make such terrible decisions in the first place.

It means an equal level of concern for children’s development throughout their time in the womb by provision of adequate medical care for all pregnant women, regardless of socioeconomic status.

It means an equal level of concern for children after they’re born by provision of medical care, education, and a safe, nurturing place to grow up for each and every one of them, regardless of socioeconomic status. (After all, a child is in no way responsible for the socioeconomic status of his or her parents.) It also means family-friendly policies in the workplace that allow parents to actually bond with and take care of their children. It means creating a foster care system and an approach to adoption that actually works in the best interests of children. Then women who are open to carrying a child to term, but feel that they don’t have the financial, logistical, or other means to adequately parent can either attain the means or lovingly give the child over for adoption without such fear of what the child’s future will look like.

THAT is how a society severely reduces the rates of abortion, and there is real-world data to support it.

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Busy bee
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I’ll weigh in as a Christian:  religion has no place in government.  

As a PP said, I think it would be foolish to pretend that Judeo-Christian tenents have not influenced the generalized moral compass of the Western World.  That said, I will fight for the rights of people to practice their religious beliefs even if they don’t agree with me so long as those beliefs comply with the laws of the land (ie certain aspects of Sharia law).  

I do not vote for politicians on the basis of their religious beliefs.  I would rather have an Atheist/Muslim/Jew/Buddhist/Pagan/Satanist in office that I believe will do a good job and whose political beliefs align with mine than a Christian who is incompetant.  

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Is the US a Christian country? One where the rich give all their wealth to the poor? One where compassion and truth are always put ahead of profit? Where the environment is protected and young children nurtured? One where prison is not only about punishment but also rehabilitation and forgiveness? One where the stranger at the gate/border is welcomed and where everyone is thy neighbour? One where friendships are made between people, between states and between countries? One where respect and love are given no matter the colour, creed, gender, (dis)ability, age, creed, religion, caste or sexual orientation?

No, I don’t think the US is a Christian country. It doesn’t mean there aren’t any Christians or any good people, but as a whole I don’t think it could be described as Christian.



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