(Closed) removing Harry and Meghan's titles? Help an ignorant American understand!

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Non Brit here but I though only the queen can grant and remove titles.  What the heck is this mess?

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I just have the hardest time understanding the randomness of the titles in general!

Like what does Queen Elizabeth’s husband have to do with Edinburough? What does William have to do with Cambridge? What does Charles have to do with Wales. These are real places! I just don’t quite get it

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If anyone gets a title removed shouldn’t it be Andrew since he basically got fired. 

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slomotion :  I think he’s just getting moved to a new department with a new title.  What was it…”Royal Predator”…?  Personally, I like the ring of “Crown Convict”

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obviousanonymous :  I think it’s to do with politics to be honest and the makeup of the population in that area. The main political party in Brighton and Hove is Labour, a socialist party. Therefore, the people are more likely to disagree with the royal family. Some labour and green (far left) policies have talked about abolishing the monarchy.

Cambridge is also a labour consistency but also go Liberal Democrat’s, which doesn’t tend to have strong feelings about the monarchy. I think for Cambridge it’s also a tourist push, which the city loves and isn’t too bothered about. William and Kate are also involved in some local Cambridge charities. I think harry and Meghan are less involved in their community.

This has come about from a petition from the public. It needs to have 10,000 votes before they will get a response from parliament and it needs 100,000 votes for it to be debated by MPs. Even if it is debated, there’s no guarantee the government will vote to make it happen. Laws are passed by being voted in the House of Commons (MPs), then House of Lords (lords) then the queen gives final blessing. The queen will be the only one to remove the titles but it’s a slow news day since the election is over and Brexit is happening.

ETA – Brits love a petition. We start a petition for almost anything. Some of these might not make sense to the US market who haven’t come across university challenge, but here’s a list of ridiculous petitions https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.buzzfeed.com/amphtml/scottybryan/ridiculous-petitions-that-were-rejected

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AnonBee2019 :  Historically, if you were granted the duchy of Cambridge it meant that you had ALL the land in that area. It was yours to maintain, to defend, to farm, etc. You would have peasants and knights, there would be towns under your rule, you would have had a castle, fort, or other large buildings where people could go to for protection, etc. Essentially it would have been like a mini kingdom for you. Most importantly, holding a title meant you were nobility which granted you all kinds of wealth and power – especially political power, as you couldn’t hold any office without being a part of the peerage.  

Nowadays, these titles are hereditary and honorary, and you don’t actually own all the land anymore. You are still granted power and become noble but that’s it…generally, Prince Charles is the Duke of Cornwall and the royal family does actually own that, so he gets all the profits from it, making him incredibly wealthy. 

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Oh, I forgot…so these are historical titles and when a noble family dies out and there is no one to bestow with the title, it reverts back to the Queen and she can bestow it at will. 

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AnonBee2019 :  the Prince of Wales is a historical title that is always given to the eldest son of a monarch. Not sure how it started but it’s been a thing since the Medieval times. So William will take the title when Charles becomes king, and his son George will take it when William is king.

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obviousanonymous :  didn’t know this petition existed – the things some people get their knickers in a twist over.

so there are royal titles and non royal titles. The royal ones like Duke of Cambridge, Sussex, York, Clarence etc are non heriditory meaning that William can not pass his title to George. They are for use by the monarch for their family. There are quite a few of these titles. William and Harry got Cambridge and Sussex because they were vacant and didn’t have any recent issues with them.

the Duke of York is always the second son of a monarch. When Andrew dies, Harry will be Duke of York if Charles is King and Louis it if William is.

the Prince of Wales is always the heir to the throne. It’s a very old title from the unification of Wales and England. 

the Princess Royal is the most senior female of blood royal, currently Princess Ann. Princess Charlotte will be the next likely holder of that title.

When a Queen marries her husband doesn’t become King, instead he is a Prince. Thankfully not Albert and Philip we’re princes in their own rights (though Philip’s family had lost their crown) Philip was made DoE on his marriage so that he had a British title. This is one he can pass on and it’s widely assumed that Edward will become DoE when his father dies (which is why he currently just an Earl not a Duke) 

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Don’t take too much notice of these petitions tbh, as another poster said us Brits love a good petition, most of them are nonsense. We have rules which mean that anyone register a petition and if it gets enough signatures it has to be debated in parliament, therefore, people are starting petitions left right and centre about everything these days, like “make intentionally spoiling a movie or series a criminal offence” and “make it compulsory for train conductors say “all aboard” before people get on”. Take this with a pinch of salt. 

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ariesscientist :  that actually sounds hilarious.  These things must be brought to the attention of parliament.  All aboard.  Lol!

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obviousanonymous :  it means nothing. Only the queen can give and remove titles. The left wing crazies started this petition to stop them being referred to in the minutes of council meetings for Brighton and hove as “the sussex’s”. It means zero in reality.

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obviousanonymous :  

lt’s only confusing really if you feel you need to know it or get tested on it lol ,otherwise its just interesting ( or not) historical information.  
lf you grew up in the UK of a fairly traditional family you just kind of know it, or bits of it. Like knowing US Presidents or when States were formed l guess. 

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