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@stephee:  Idk, I live in an apartment and our new neighbors that just moved in next door have 4 children all under 6 one of which is a baby. They leave their door open and let the kids run amuck in the hallway yelling and screaming and the wife and husband fight all the time and the baby cries………And we get to be here until next May! Yippee!! Not…

Before this complex was our old one where our upstairs neighbors was a group of guys that would vomit in the hallway and throw their cigarette butts onto our patio and into our plants and play video games and watch sports and scream and holler and party until 2 am. And let’s not forget the water leaks that had to be fixed four times, the gallons of water that poured through our bathroom vent, the neighbors with subwoofers……

A house with routine wild animals doesn’t sound that bad to me. = Maybe it’s because I grew up in rural southern Maryland that skunks, possums and raccoons as well as squirrels, copperheads, etc., don’t bother me. Seeing mauled deer on the side of the road is routine here, as well as mauled skunks and raccoons. Cars are their worst enemy. Maybe someone hit it and it crawled off and then got picked by turkey vultures. Unfortunately that just happens. Even in suburbia (I currently live in a suburb of the DC/Baltimore area). = Pets aren’t immune, but those are the only ones I am truly sad and upset to see.

I am sorry it upsets you and since you can’t go through the lawyer, I suggest you either look for a new place and move in there while paying for your other (but that’s kind of financially silly), or hang in ther for the next 4 months and then GTFO. If you’re worried about the animals, walk your dogs and take some mace with you.

Good luck, in any case. I am sorry, tough living situations totally suck!

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Why is he unable to care for the home? Honestly, this is a great example of why friends/family and money/business don’t work. I’d look for a different place to live. It is NOT ok that you are maintaining the home, and it is NOT ok that you had to fix it up prior tomoving in.

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When we rented a house we were responsible for all yard maintenance, so your experience isn’t unusual. We mowed, trimmed the bushes, mulched, dealt with downed tree limbs, etc. And wildlife problems are pretty common in suburbia. In our old neighborhood we had deer, foxes, racoons, groundhogs, and lots of others to contend with. They are everywhere, even near apartment complexes.

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I agree that in the past when we were renting a house, we were required to do all the yard work and exterior maintenance.  That is a typical thing I believe with renting a house.  As for the animals, the fact that they are at least paying to have them removed, seems like what should be happening.

I would take renting a house over and apartment ANY DAY!!!  Especially when you have dogs.


Good luck!

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Do you live in Philly?  Talk to the owner now about getting out.  He may be happy to let you out in time to rent for the Sept cycle of students.

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Did you have a seperate agreement that he would do all lawn maintenance?  If not, I am with other people….I would expect that to be your resposibilty unfortunately.  If that is not something you want, maybe renting a townhome would be better for your family!

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I  rented my last two houses and LOVED it! At my last place, I trapped 14 raccoons in one night! But I am a biologist so animal issues are kind of in my area of expertise. It would kill me to live in an apartment!

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I agree with PP’s that when you rent a house the home & yard maintenance is on you, at least that’s been the case in every home I’ve lived in that was rented. The only way around this is to rent from a anal-rententive landlord or a property management company. Personally, I’d rather take care of all that myself than have someone coming around my house whenever they wanted just to cut the grass, but I’m a very private person. Animals you are going to deal with from time to time no matter where you live- even in an apt. on a balcony you might have birds nesting somewhere and pooping all over your floor & railings. We got field mice all the time at my parents home because there was a 1/2 acre field in the middle of our neighborhood. I’m assuming you have small dogs, If I was scared of something in my backyard I’d just let our pooch out there to go to town on whatever couldn’t move fast enough. The skunk really doesn’t sound like that big a deal. Any large animals that could have done that would have been noticed around the neighborhood. We get periodic random mountain lions in some of our suburban areas backed up to the forest and they are nearly always seen & reported before slinking back into the woods. I would bet my money it’s just a skunk that got run over and tried to find somewhere safe, or the vultures or cats got to it afterwards and had a feast/playtime. 

So to answer your questions yes we have had animal issues, now and in nearly every home we’ve rented and lived in. That’s what happens when people invade animal’s spaces and build homes & neighborhoods. The animals have to go somewhere, and if it’s a suburban area there aren’t too many options for them. 4 months really isn’t too long I would just stick it out and if it’s really bothering you that much make your SO take care of outside things. My brother in law & his wife have their system down pat- he does outside, she does inside and never the two shall meet! 

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