(Closed) Renting and pets! Help how do other bees cope?

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Bumble bee
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I completely understand your frustration. We are currently renting b/c we relocated for school, and it was such a hassle to find a nice place that allowed pets. Our dogs are very well trained and behaved, but, unfortunately, most peoples’ aren’t. This is why most landlords won’t allow them in their rentals.

However, I agree with you. There shouldn’t be a blanket policy that excludes everyone. I think it would be best if the landlord would at least meet the potential renters and their pets before making a decision. You can easily tell how well trained/behaved animals are very quickly. We are renting our condo out while we’re away, and we had this policy for our potential tenants. We ended up allowing our current tenant to have her dog there because she is clearly well trained, and the tenant is responsible. It’s frustrating that other landlords won’t do the same. Good luck!

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Sugar bee
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Unfortunately, it’s getting harder and harder to find responsible pet owners. We rent, and our landlords are amazing – though we’ll be looking at buying when we get back from the wedding. It was sort of a fluke that we found our place and with the people we got controlling it…so I don’t have advice there. But what I have noticed in the time we’ve been in our place is that we are in the minority in our complex. We pick up after our pup, he is always leashed, he does not bark or cause a disturbance. There are 5 units around ours though that have dogs, and they are not doing the same. Their dogs bark constantly, they are left outside to roam freely (and have rushed myself and my dog a couple of times aggressively), they poop anywhere and everywhere (so we end up cleaning up the stuff that’s in our area), and the pet owners just don’t care – they all rent, so I’m assuming it’s a “aint my property” kind of attitude. Over the past couple of years we’ve been at our place, 4 of the units have gone from pet-friendly to NO pets. And with the recent rash of people moving in and their ignorance, it won’t be long before all of them are NO pet units. You know the phrase “one bad apple”? Well, it only takes 1 bad tenant with a pet to ruin it for everyone else.

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Bee Keeper
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I did an internet search for pet friendly properties when I was looking for an apartment.  I managed to find a decent apartment that was not only pet friendly, but also had a fenced in dog park!  At the time, I had one dog, but he is a great dane… so you can imagine how long it took to find a place that would allow his massive size!

After about 2 1/2 years in my apartment, I decided to look at buying a house.  The process didn’t take as long as I thought it might, and now we have 3 dogs!  Hang in there, something will come along 🙂

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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It probably doesn’t qualify as discrimination because you don’t HAVE to have a pet.  It’s a choice you made.  

Just search your local listings for pet friendly apartments.  If you hate everything you see, start searching through the regular listings.  Contact the people whose apartments you like, and explain the situation: “We have a small dog who is extremely well-behaved.  Our current landlord will serve as a reference for us, and we are willing to pay a reasonable pet deposit on the property.”  See if that helps.

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Busy bee
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I have found apartments that are listed ‘by owner’ tend to be a little more lenient than ones from a managerment company. If it is an actual person who is renting the place to you, he or she may be more willing to meet the dog and evaluate. Big management companies just have blanket policies that they won’t budge on. 

As frustrating as it is to me, with my small, very well behaved and non-destructive dog, I can understand the other side of it. I had a roommate who brought her, quote unquote, well behaved dog to meet me before she moved in. He seemed fine, just a little high strung because it was someplace new. He was the worst– peed every time someone came into the apartment, barked all the time, and she took terrible care of him, even though from meeting her I never would have thought. Unfortunately you can’t tell right away, so that’s why landlords sometimes take the safe route of banning them altogether.

One thing– my current lease has a provision that says if my dog is a nusance, he can tell me to get rid of him without breaking his terms of the lease. I felt comfortable with this because I knew he wouldn’t be a problem, and I had people who would take him in case of emergency while we found a new place or something, but I knew it wouldn’t come to that. 3 years and not a single complaint, but it was peace of mind for the landlord.

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Helper bee
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@peachacid:  I agree here.

You will find a place out there. I know in my complex, they just started accepting dogs about 3 years ago due to the many foreclosures and they didn’t want to have to turn people away.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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@ames12708:  Eh, it’s not discrimination. It’s the same as landlords not wanting residents to smoke in their places or not wanting them to mount things on the walls.

Unfortunately SO many pet owners are irresponsible and have made it so landlords are afraid of renting to people with pets.

Have you tried offering an extra deposit? Usually if you are willing to put up more money up front (in case there is any damage) the landlord might be more receptive to your pet. 

We have a cat and have just gotten used to paying pet deposits (sometimes they are refundable like a secuity deposit, and sometimes they are not).

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Honey Beekeeper
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I guess Darling Husband and I were lucky in that we never had any difficulties finding places that would allow pets.  Some had breed restrictions, size restrictions, additional pet rent, etc.  But I don’t recall a single complex we’ve ever looked at banning all pets outright.

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Buzzing bee
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I love my dog but discrimination?  Legal action?  Come on.  Having a pet is a choice- its not like you were born with your dog attached to you.  If you accept the responsibilty of having a pet, you also accept the responsibilty of finding a place for it to live.

How did I do it?  I looked around until I found something that worked for my family- dog included.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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It’s not discrimination at all. Landlords have the right to refuse prospective tenants with pets. Just because your dog hasn’t done any damage to your current home doesn’t mean he won’t in your next. Animals are unpredictable creatures, ya know. 

Growing up we had a cat who was the worlds best. She never bothered anyone and you pretty much didn’t even know she was there, then one day she got sick. She went from never even so much as scratching the carpet to peeing everywhere which in turn meant that all of the carpeting had to be replaced. We had no way of knowing that she would get sick but it happens. Landlords have every right to protect themself against the “what if’s”. 

With that said, I feel your pain because we’ve dealt with pet related issues in rentals. We’re allowed pets in our condo but we have to pay an exorbinant fee to have them (roughly $2k PER pet). It sucks but it is what it is. If we wanted a pet and didn’t want to pay the fee then we’d move. Pets are a luxury, not a need. 

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Sugar Beekeeper
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@ames12708:  “I feel like there should be some sort of legal action that can be taken, it is discrimination. There is no other word for it.”

You’ve completely lost me. How exactly do you think that this is discrimination and in what way do you think that you can persue legal action? You don’t own these properties and until you do, you have to live by someone elses rules. That’s the way it works. The only way that a lawyer would even take a case like this would be if he/she was paid upfront and regardless of outcome. As for the judge, he’d laugh you out of his courtroom. Don’t waste your time, money or energy on this. You’ll lose. 

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Helper bee
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Not discrimination.  When do you anticipate being able to buy in a home?  Can’t you just tough it out at your current house until you can buy something?  I mean, why pay all the deposits and stuff if you’re just going to move again anyways.  

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Bumble bee
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We’ve been looking for a house to rent in our area, but we are having problems as well.  Most places say “no pets” and the ones that do allow pets say “small pets.”  We have a 110 lb dog…not exactly small.  Luckily, our apartment is very dog-friendly, so we’re just going to have to stay here until we can buy our own place.  And…yes, our dog is well-behaved and doesn’t tear things up (now), but I guess I do understand why a lot of renters don’t allow animals.  It stinks, but it just the reality.  I do wish there were more dog-friendly rentals out there, though!

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