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  • poll: Which would you prefer: Renting or owning?
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    Busy bee

    I am so. sick. of renting. I’m sick of them jacking up the price every year. I’m sick of hearing our neighbors (currently in a townhouse). I’m sick of stuff breaking because it was shoddily built (even though landlord fixes it). I’m sick of security deposits that we never get back. Just sick of it.

    We currently have 15k saved towards a down payment on our first home. And it cannot come soon enough.

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    Sugar Beekeeper
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    Personally, living here, I’d rather own. We don’t live in a terrible place, but I want a yard and to be able to make changes to stuff. And I’m tired of people ignoring the “visitors park by the office” rule and coming home on Sundays to NO empty spots.

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    I’m ready for a house, we’ve rented for awhile and we’ve actually enjoyed it, our complex is really nice, management is great, repairs have been few and fast. I’ve never felt that we are wasting money either as so many people often put it, but it’s time for a house! I’m ready to stay put! I think it’s great that you’re starting a fund because if you ever do get to the house point you’ll be prepared!

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    @LadyBlackheart:  I am currently renting. But I eventually want to own one day. However, to buy a house where I currently live is out of the question. Homes where I live are $750K and up. You can find a house for $500K but its in a shitty neighborhood and the other problem is the banks require at least a 20% down payment which delays us from buying a house anytime soon.

    So for right now we are renting until we can afford a decent size home in a nice area

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    I would rather own because I am excited about having my own home and space and being able to change my home to my tastes, among so many other things.  However, I do not mind renting at all either and will happily do so until I am ready to buy a home in 5 or so years.  My apartment is great, I love not being responsible for the major expenses and upkeep, and my neighbors are (currently) all very respectful. 

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    @beeintraining:  +1 to EVERYTHING LISTED. They also told us we were no longer allowed to use the basement for storage in our building and now use it as maintenance headquarters so obnoxious 20-somethings are trudging in and out at all hours on maintenance calls and banging around.Oh, and neither of our outside doors have locked for about 2 years despite calling. Funny how the maintenance guys go in and out all day and don’t MAINTAIN THE FREAKING DOOR LOCKS. Ugh /rant

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    Sugar bee
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    I rather own a place since now it’s an investment and you are paying towards your own investment each month instead of lining someone else’s pockets.  You’d be surprised how easy it is to rent out your own place using a leasing company if you do decide to pick up and move.  

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    own. own. own.

    Darling Husband and I rented for a short period of time after we got married and we couldnt buy a house quick enough. Not only is it significantly cheaper in price but I just can’t stomach the whole “paying for something you don’t own” theory.

    I’d rather be putting money toward my mortgage (which we’ll likely never stay at long enough to pay off) so taht way when we sell, hopefully we’ll have a bit of equity and can make back some of our money. (we wound up closing on our house and it already had a bit of equity from the appraisal)

    plus not having people above, below and to the sides of you is great. Not to mention having a yard, garage, basement and every thing in between that we decide what to do with.

    i love being a home owner.


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    Say you pay $1000 a month towards rent versus a mortgage.  At the end of 30 years, you don’t own anything if you’re renting.  You should if you had a 30 year mortgage!  Plus rent will go up and your mortgage will stay the same $.  Works best if you you’re a fairy stable market.  Still even if the market flucutates, you still own it after the mortgage is over.

    But if a mortgage ends up eating 50% of your income, then it’s probably better to do something cheaper.

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    @NovaRising:  +1

    leasing companies make a stupid amount of money off of each tennant. every. single. month.

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    @LadyBlackheart:  I equate renting to throwing money down the drain.  It’s fine for a while until you get established and figure out where you want to settle down long-term, but for me it’s not sustainable over time as you have nothing to gain in exchange for your investment.

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    Own…because if I’m paying $$ towards something I’d rather own it at the end.  However, I can understand renting in certain cirumstances. 

    If you’re the type of person who wants to be able to move around a lot and have freedom to up and move every year then you might not want to own!  And obviously renting makes sense until you are able to afford a house or save up a downpayment.  There are some perks of renting…like other people paying for all the maintenance!  But that’s not enough of a perk for me to rent forever.

    I’m still renting and I hate it.  For not much more money per month we could have tons more space.  The place is nice and maintenance is great but for the $ it’s definitely a rip off! 

    Only in the past year have I been at a place where I want to buy a house.  Before…I really had no idea where I wanted to live and I only just started full-time employment, so I couldn’t really think of buying yet!  So now it’s just a matter of saving up.

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