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@Chrysoberyl:  First I want to say that you aren’t alone. I felt that way for a while, too. But I’m throwing myself into my undergrad program to take my mind off it.

Maybe you should just focus on the fact that you’re accumulating money at Jo Ann’s (LOVE that store!).

Also, look for VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES! If psych is what you want, then stay in the field with volunteering. The experience looks great on your resume for the future as well as for applying to grad school.

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Have you looked into going to a temp agency and seeing if they can find you a secretary type job. I have NO experience with temp agencies, just a suggestion

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Oh my gosh, you are not a failure at all! These days, situations like yours are SO common, so you definitely aren’t alone. The fact that you’re working at all and able to save some money is GREAT. I know it’s not the most fun thing to live at home when you’re 22, but try to look at it as a blessing that you’re able to avoid paying rent for a while and just save money! It will help you out SO much in the long run.

I know higher education is expensive, but you could look for a program that offers assistantships. I got my master’s degree for free essentially, because I got an assistantship to do part-time work, which paid my tuition and also paid me a modest stipend. It may be worth looking into.

And even if that doesn’t pan out just yet, hang in there. There are very few people these days who have it all mapped at 22. Keep saving money, keep looking, and that’s great advice to look into volunteer positons. You just never know when a door will open unexpectedly for you!

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@Chrysoberyl:  My older brother has had GREAT experience with staffing agencies. Working with one helped him find an opportunity in his field and now he pretty much has his dream job because the company hired him on permanently.

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@BrookieCookie9:  +1 

My girl friend pretty much packed up and moved to Texas on a whim, with very little in savings.  Within a week a temp agency was able to find her a position.  It may be worth looking into.

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I have nothing to add, but (( hugs )). It is tough finding a job, no doubt about it. You are NOT worthless so do not think that. Everyone has to start somewhere, you WILL move up and move on. Hang in there chickadee.

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Sometimes you have to take a job to make a living and eventually, the right opportunity will come along to work in the field that you want to work in. It’s very rare to come straight out of college with a degree in the liberal arts and find something immediately in your field. I had to work at the front desk of a hotel for three years before I found the job of my dreams. And that job led me to grad school, which led to an even better job in my field. You just have to be a little patient and when you look back, know that you did what you had to to get by. You’re not useless!

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@Chrysoberyl:  Oyh my you are not alone.  It was difficult when I graduated college over 20 years ago with a major in Biology (emphasis on vertebrate zoology) and a minor in Psychology.  Wow…bang…I was not a hot commodity.  I searched for a job every day for almost a year.  Finally after 10 months of seaching I got a job as a chemist (I had completed 2 years of chemistry for my degree…thank goodness) and I only got the job because I knew someone that worked at the lab.  All these years later the experience I gained in chemistry has led to a super cool job that I’m very lucky and thankful to have.  🙂

I think things are even worse now.  My nephew just graduated from law school last May and was admitted to the bar in July.  He searched and searched and finally just had to open his own practice as did many of his law school friends. 

Hang in there and something will come along.  Have you considered getting a teaching cert?  I almost did it.  I was giving myself 12 months to get a job then I was going to get my certs.  Are there any art galleries in the area where you could maybe docent and gain some experience? 

P.S.  I use that minor in psychology every single day.  I’ve used by BS in biology one time…I was able to point out that there were no eastern rattlesnakes in England when we were preparing for a project there..  Woohoo….my parents should be proud.  🙂 

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I’m sorry. I was in a terrible job right out of college. I can empathize.

The book 48 Days to the Work You Love by Dan Miller turned that around for me. I’ve been with a company I love for 6+ years now and am making nearly 5x what I did at that first crappy job. (Obviously didn’t start out that way, but it’s amazing how when you love your job, opportunities to move up follow – even when you can’t see them from the start.) When I needed to move 3 hours away to be closer to Fiance, the company let me continue to work remotely. It is seriously my “I could retire from here” career.

I will tell you, I didn’t love the book. I thought some of the advice was outlandish and made me uncomfortable. It’s kind of Jesus-y (and I am not), but I overlooked that stuff. I took the advice and just did it, even though I didn’t really believe it.

There really are no words for it. I picked a single place I wanted to work, did some very targeted writing & portfolio development based on that company, and hand-delivered that. They called me within 10 minutes (no joke) asking me to come back to interview that day.

I don’t believe in miracles, but if I did – it was like a miracle.

Soooo… I know you said you didn’t need advice, but if you are looking for something to make you feel like you’re doing something new or different towards your goals, check out that book. There’s a new version that specifically addresses the challenges of the recession.

I seriously owe my amazing career to that book. I can’t recommend it highly enough. It will probably make you uncomfortable and you might want to throw it down sometimes, but it worked for me.

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I feel for you girl. I am employed and making good money BUT…I am absolutely miserable. Like miserable to the point of quitting on the spot without lining something else up if I have to. I’ve been applying (hundreds of resumes have gone out. I’ve gotten 3 phone calls.) I’ve been interviewing, and hoping and praying and wishing but so far not much luck with anything. I have an English degree (talk about feeling useless!) and can’t teach because I don’t ahve my state certification nor do I have a chance to obtain it without either going back to school or going through an alternative program, which requires a school to sponsor you.

So yeah. It is suckville, USA for those of us looking but something will turn up eventually. Just keep trying and sending resumes and interviewing and stay positive! At least we can both be thankful for the love of a good man to help support us through the hard stuff, right?! Without my SO I would be a HUGE emotional wreck right now but he has kept me from going insane.


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