(Closed) Reptile parents: does it annoy you when people make comments?

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Busy bee
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Why would it tick you off?  I am not a fan of most reptiles (love turtles).  I do have a dog who most people don’t like and don’t hide that fact, and I could care less what they have to say!

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Helper bee

A lot of people have trouble understanding anything aside from what they have grown up with thinking is “normal”.  For the vast majority of people I know, cats/dogs = pets, pigs/cows/chickens = food – I find it frustrating because I live very differently, so I do understand. 

I had a pet rabbit for many years and I loved him sooo much!  He was just like a little dog or cat, in that he had free range of the house, used a litter box, and would greet me at the door when I got home.  The response I got when I told most people that I had a pet bunny? “MMMmmm rabbit stew!”  While they all thought they were hilarious and totally original in saying this, I would get a very different response from them when I pointed out how in some parts of the world their precious dog would be on the menu as well.  Suddenly eating someone else’s pet wasn’t so funny!

I digress, but my point is that yes it can be frustrating being a little outside the box, especially when it comes to our furry/scaled family members who we love so much and want to protect!  You are not alone.  I always tried to deal with it by adding some sarcastic humour to the situation.  Either that or threaten to let your slimy/disgusting/dangerous friend loose in their house if they don’t pipe down 😉

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@Aquaria:  I can see why that would annoy you. I hate it when people makes those types of remarks about anything though. I tell someone I’m eating mushrooms and they turn their nose up and say “eww that’s disgusting, they’re so slimy and gross”. Well, thank you for making the food I’m about to eat sound like shit. How awesome of you. Lol. I think some people just don’t have “filters”…

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@VeggieBee:  I used to get the exact same sort of response when I told people I had pet chickens! An ex-boyfriend of mine said something like that and I almost dumped him on the spot, that’s how much it bothers me. 


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Helper bee

@Creiddylad:  How rude and disgusting!  Not to thread jack OPs post but I was listening to the radio this morning and there was a wonderful woman featured who runs a rescue for chickens 🙂 She was very sweet but I didn’t feel like the radio hosts were taking her seriously, it was a bit frustrating but nice to see the message in the mainstream nonetheless.

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Helper bee

It annoys me a *little* bit. I’m fine with people not really liking snakes, or not knowing what to think of them because of inexperience. I get that exotic creatures aren’t for everyone – but what DOES bother me is when people act disguted at the fact that I do have snakes, especially when they know nothing about them. I guess the “natural” reaction of shock and disbelief is what gets me. It also really bothers me that a lot of people dismiss them as harmful, vicious, giant things that will eat your toddler. I mean, come on. Yes, each of my snakes COULD kill your little kid, but your 2 year old is probably ACTUALLY more likely to cause harm to them, instead. It’s not just about the creature’s capabilities – it’s moreso about the LIKELINESS that the capabilities will be put to use.

Luckily, I’ve had quite a few chances to introduce people to my snakes, and show them how cool they can actually be.

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Busy bee
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I used to have a couple snakes.  My then roomate’s sister’s boyfriend (who was 6’3′ and almost 300lbs) ran like a little girl (squealed and all) out of the apartment when he saw them, even though he was told about them and where they were.   All I could think was “why’d you go look?!”… not like they were in the front room.”.

Some people don’t get why I have a cat.  Don’t like them, whatever.  Not my problem.

Who cares, they are your pet.

At least reptiles are generally caged and not wandering around like cats and dogs to pester people who don’t like them!  I’ve had some cats who really liked to bug people who didn’t like cats. 🙂

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Honey bee
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“Reptiles aren’t for me”

That’s fine.

“Reptiles are creepy and gross and dangerous and you’re a sicko for liking them”


Actually, I live in Korea, and among older folks (and some younger folks who listen to them) there is a prevailing attitude of even cats as disgusting pests (the way you’d think of rats) and dogs as dirty and smelly and disease-ridden, or otherwise food. Many people who do see dogs as an animal for humans to keep STILL think they are dirty and smelly and believe that animals belong only outdoors. 

This is changing, as a new generation comes of age and falls in love with dogs (giving rise to an incredibly abusive puppy mill industry but that’s another story) the pet industry is on the rise, but I have a dog and you have no idea how many people ask me things like “OMG YOU KEEP HIM IN YOUR HOUSE? Doesn’t he make your house stink? Doesn’t he bark? Doesn’t he bite? Doesn’t he poop on the floor?” Like they don’t know you can train them.

I’ve literally had some women *cross the street* to get away from us when we’re walking, or yelp and skitter by on the other side of the sidewalk. You would think I was walking a grizzly bear. (He’s 8 pounds of fluffy white cuteness who wants to be bffs with everyone on Earth… he’s about as dangerous as a butterfly.)

What bugs me is that there IS a cultural acceptance of hamsters now, but not reptiles! People have all these wrongheaded ideas, when I worked in a pet shop, I got way more frequent and nasty bites from rodents than I ever did from any reptile, and the latter were usually more docile and friendly. (I once put 9 baby bearded dragons on my shirt and walked around calling myself the bearded lady. The beardies did not care.)

I’ve told people that I used to be a reptile specalist and have owned multiple reptiles in my life, and they look at me like I’m either inhumanly brave or completely insane. I haven’t met a single person who even slightly accepts the possibility of them as pets. They MUST be out there somewhere, but I haven’t met anyone yet. (That said I do live in a rather conservative city.) America is so obsessed with pets, it’s progressive about reptiles by comparison!

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Buzzing bee

 I had a pet ball python name Aliaster in high school and people did say it was a weird, but it didn’t make me mad because I had to agree.  I really liked Aliaster, but he was a very unusual pet choice for me and I never planned to get a snake.  I came into owning him by chance, or I would have never got a snake.  

I was in a community theater production of Jesus Christ Superstar, and was one of several teens/pre-teens amidst the cast of adult actors. One super eclectic and talented actor bred snakes as his side job for extra income.  He brought snakes in to be in the crowd/market scenes of the play, and let us see them.  Aliaster was apparently past his breeding years and very docile.  All he ever wanted was to curl up on my shoulders and get warm. When the play closed, the actor/snake owner, who I now am old enough to realize had probably been very high, asked if I wanted to keep the snake.  I said yes, and literally brought a ball python home in a pillowcase. 

I give my parents major credit for letting me keep him, particularly as I was unable to care for him fully on my own.  I am terrified of all rodents, so my brother had to feed him for me.  I would literally shake when I cleaned his cage and found the remnants later. When I went off to college, I gave him to my brother’s friend who was an avid snake fan and already had a few at home.

To be honest, while Aliaster was super sweet, he did not do much.  He just liked to coil up around me to keep warm, or sit in my sister’s overall pockets.  He spent a lot of time hiding in his tank. While he was a good pet, it was NOTHING like owning a dog.  Dogs have a lot more of a relationship with you.   

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somewhat off the topic of reptiles- but it drives me fucking insane when someone comes into MY home and tells me to keep my cats away from them. Unless, you’re allergic, my cats can go wherever they damn well please thank you very much.

As for reptiles, I think most are awesome! They’re so different from traditional pets yet they still have their own personallities. Snakes always poop on me, so I’ve stopped asking to hold them lol.

I remember seeing something about these beetles in some parts of the world that you can have as pets and they have their own personallites too! I would have loved one as a kid. I couldn’t get enough of bugs lol

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