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My monster doesn’t have as dramatic of a story. My Abner dog was a stray on the streets. He was in a city shelter and a small rescue (at the time!!) Decided he was going to be pulled. He went into foster care and was adopted as I was asking about him. Turns out he wasn’t a good fit in the home he went to! He has separation and containment anxiety and the couple could not handle it. They said he was out of control at the vet too and it wasn’t going to work. I took him home at a really bad time (mom went through mastectomy the next week)  and he was a total pain. He really had bad BAD anxiety. He also didn’t show interest in me for over a year. I honestly didn’t think he loved me at times, which was hard. I poured so much into him. He was my best friend though, at a time where I had maybe one people friend. He still is my best friend. He totally adores me now and is a totally cuddle mush ball. He eventually loosened up after that first year and plays with toys and so on. I can even leave him in the house! He’s perfect!!! 

He has little basset legs.



Zelda the cat was just one of many cats at the shelter. I told her I would take her home and went back to see her again and couldn’t find her! They had moved her to a corner. 

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My old flatmate has a rescue cat (named Graham!) who is the best cat I’ve ever met – more personality than a lot of humans I know!  I swear he thinks he’s a person – he has a very distinct “hello” miaow – when you come through the front door he comes running, yelling “hello” as he runs!  He’s a great big grey tabby whose favourite pastime is lying on his back on your lap getting a belly rub…I miss living with him!

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My girl is all over these boards (I think more then my ring or dress!) but I’m totally smitten with her so will happily share again 🙂

She was born on the streets of Bulgaria, picked up with her litter at only a couple weeks old and stayed in a very basic “shelter” until she was 4 months — during which she had almost zero interaction with humans. She was then shipped to the Netherlands with her littermates and after 3 months my Fiance and I found her and adopted her. We had to keep her leashed at all times the first 1-2 weeks we had her in order to catch her she was so scared of us. She’d never lived in a house before (had no idea how to go up and down stairs) and was petrified of cars.


Now 5-6 months later she’s become a really confident and goofy dog that greets strangers (less so men), LOVES the cars (hiking yay!), and has been the easiest dog to train (except “come” when she’s mid-play or mid-smelling). I can count on one hand the number of items she’s destroyed (3) or accidents in the house (1). She’s high energy and requires A LOT of walks (1-2 hrs a day off leash at least) but she’s so worth it and is the best running/hiking/work-from-home companion. 

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We didn’t directly rescue my little boy, but he’s had a bit of a patchy history. When we adopted him, he was in the ‘free to good home’ section of the classifieds. We met his owner who was an 18 year old girl who had felt sorry for him and taken him in from a friend who couldn’t deal with him either and she just wasn’t prepared for all his needs. She was working full time and renting her first apartment, and he was destroying the place and had obvious emotional issues. Before those two ‘homes’, he had been a pound puppy a couple of times over and had some obvious signs of abuse – his canines have a particular round indentation that would indicate chewing on a cage, he had extreme reactivity to other male dogs (but was desexed) and had a habit of finding things on the ground, like a plastic bag, peeing on it and trying to make it his bed. I facebook stalked the people who were originally listed on his microchip and saw that they were kind of like dog collectors – they had photos of a whole bunch of mangy looking dogs all thrown together in a backyard full of trash and overgrown weeds. Our little guy is such a squishy, fluffy, snuggly, sweet little couch potato that I can’t imagine how terrified, cold, uncomfortable and unloved he would have felt in that environment. 

We picked him up on the other side of the state and brought him home. I loved him immediately, but it took about 6 months before we really bonded. It took a long time to work on his problems, and we took him to a behavioral therapist, but he no longer does submissive peeing all over the furniture. Nowadays, he is most likely to be found asleep in one of his seven cozy beds scattered throughout the house, or tucked into our bed! He is best friends with our other dog (who we adopted as a puppy) and he really is our treasured little dog-child. 

About two years in to owning him, he had some major health problems and ended up in the ICU for about two weeks. He almost died. We still don’t have a diagnosis, but the closest guess is that it is some kind of cross between motor neurone disease and a spontaneously recurring remitting autoimmune disease. He has cost A LOT – enough for a round the world trip, a new car, a down payment on a house. But we love him and this is his forever home, even if he’s sick, even if he’s a lot of work, even if he costs a lot of money, even if he is inconvenient.. because we love him to bits!

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Our beloved girl had been living in the city streets and people from the neighborhood gave her food. Some of them actually had a fight with the lady that picked her up and took her to the shelter. Our girl was then fostered but returned to the shelter because the family had too many pets. She spent the next 2 years there. She was 4 years old when we adopted her. She learnt everything we taught her and NEVER EVER complains. She is super happy all the time. When we take her to the vet, all the other dogs in the hall look miserable and nervous, she plays with them and waggs her tail and cheers them up. We always get asked if she’s never been to the vet before. She can pick a sad person from 10 unknown people and try to cheer him up. She likes litteraly everyone, and doesn’t have a clue when someone dislikes her. She thinks pilates is a chance for her to lick my face and tucks us in every night and only goes to her bed when she’s convinced we’re sleeping.

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Aww, I love all these pets and their stories!

One of our cats had a pretty harrowing time. As a kitten she was given to the kids of a family who operated a farm. When the farm went out of business, the family moved and just left her locked up in the house, no food or water. She managed to bust out of the house and wandered around the farm for a few days before ending up in a TNR group’s trap. They realized she wasn’t feral and took her to a shelter.

It turned out the lady who adopted her was kind of a cat hoarder. She ended up getting evicted from her apartment and the rescue organization who had adopted out my cat took her back. When I adopted her she was a little over a year old and had a rough start in life. But she’s our most trusting, friendly, playful cat despite her background! I’m pretty much obsessed with her.

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awe how lovely! When Darling Husband and I moved in together i couldn’t cope with not having any animals. Darling Husband is allergic to cats and most breeds of dogs but as fate would have it not staffies. I was a life long staffie lover and so was he and we had both owned them before. I knew I wanted to rescue as staffies in the uk are really struggling with over breeding. In the end we offered to foster and I got an email saying there was a staffie picked up as a stray about to be put to sleep in a pound and would we have him. Well no question we drove for four hours each way to pick him up the day he was to be put to sleep if we had been late he wouldn’t have been there any more! Not knowing what to expect I thought he’d be scared but nope he bounded out to us looked at us as if to say so your my new parents then and jumped on me. He was very skinny and his eye was swollen shut and half his face swollen but he was gorgeous! He had inverted eyelids and nearly lost his eye, he had nerve damage from choke chains and was 10kg under weight. We adopted him after a few weeks and have had him two and a half years. He’s taken some work as he has so many health problems!! And he was completely untrained we don’t think he’d ever seen another dog or been in a house but he just wanted to please so badly that he was easy to train. He is our spoiler rotten baby! 

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i had never been a huge fan of dogs but Darling Husband is very much a dog person so I agreed to get a dog we both wanted a dog on the larger side and I didnt want a lab for many reason we settled on a malemute and in the course of our research on the breed we discovered that they are one of the breeds most likely to be surrendered so we decided to look for a rescue. We were browsing the internet one evening when we came a cross a posting about a dog that sounded like met what we were looking for so we sent an enquirey about her only to discover she was being fostered about 5 minutes from our house! Which was surprising as it is a state wide rescue and we live in a small town.

Poor Sookie didn’t have the best start to life as far as they can track she had two different homes before breaking out whilst on heat and wandering into the yard of the president of an Artic breed rescue, she then went on trial to another home but it didn’t work out. So she came to be ours and she is just the biggest sook you can imagine loves everyone, great with kids, even lets out cat beat her up.

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I found my little Lucky on Petfinder. She was with a rescue org in Florida that takes in dogs from all over the south and trucks them up north to the DC area where there are more homes. Her mom was found on a farm that had been rented out; the renters abandoned the property along with a number of dogs. Animal control found the dogs and took them to the shelter, but my little girl’s mom had a litter of puppies and she hid with them under a trailer. The owner of the property found the mommy and her litter when he went to prepare the property for new renters. He was going to shoot them, but a friend convinced him to give them to dog rescue instead. I’m so grateful to that rescue — little Lucky is the light of our lives. She’s been super easy, which is a real blessing since I’m a first-time dog owner. Here she is:

My kitty Scooter is a rescue as well. Got him 12 years ago! Here he is:


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Darling Husband rescued Beau a couple of months before he met me. 

Beau was with his first family.  The owner moved and didn’t or couldn’t take the dog with her, so she gave the dog up. 

A second family took in Beau.  It was a husband and wife.  The wife committed suicide.  The husband became so depressed he would sleep all night, get up sit on the couch, and not feed or let the dog out until the evening.

My husband had a older dog and was looking for another dog to keep her company in her last months and transition to having a new dog.  He wanted a beagle and when he heard Beau’s story, he knew he wanted him. 









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Out cat Charlie was taken to a cat shelter when he was only a couple of months old, apparently the guy that took him said if they couldn’t take him in then they were going to just leave him, how anyone can do that to a tiny kitten I don’t know! He purred so much when we picked him up I couldn’t say no! We took him home that afternoon, having got a secondhand cat carrier from the shelter to take him in.

He’s now a year old, and thoroughly spoilt. Even Darling Husband is soppy about him and I’m the cat person here. I love it when he lies upside down on the sofa, his tummy is so fluffy!





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Last summer we adopted a sixtteen year old Kitty from the pound. He had most of his teeth pulled and  at the time was in in isolation because they didn’t know if he had a transmittable disease. (He didn’t, he had asthma) This poor guy was not only given up at a shelter after 16 years in a family (who the heck does that!?!) but was also alone in a small cage for 3 months. He was so happy to be stroked and get out he was drolling and rolling all over us with joy. We took him home and he had to work up his endurance again from such little physical activity. At the shelter he was out now and again, but not really a lot. He couldn’t jump or run, poor guy. I guess the good news is here in Germany they do not euthanize homeless animals. 

He was so happy, and I mean truly truly grateful when he came to live with us. That’s why he is spoiled rotten and now is a complete adorable grumpy/loving normal cat now. 🙂

I love all the stories here. 

Peace to all strays and abused animals, let them find loving and safe homes and live cared for in dignity!

Here is  Shiva


Foto am 22.02.16 um 14.56

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All of these stores are so heart warming! Everyone has such adorable fur babies!!

ajillity81:  I have 2 beagles at home as well. Love the breed!!

Our first beagle, we didn’t really rescue per say, but we like to say that we kinda did. We got her from petland when she was 11 weeks old, and a few years later, it was discovered that petland got their pets from puppymills.  When we took her to the vet as soon as we got her, she was covered in fleas (I mean a good 100 fleas fell off her tiny little body when they gave her a pill), and she had some type of virus. So we kinda rescued her from a puppy mill! This is our baby girl, Zoe!

Our second beagle, Copper, we got from a rescue group who pull all of their dogs from the pound.  We don’t know his full history, but he was definately abused.  When we got him, you would go to pet him, as calmly as you could, and he would instantly cower and shrink down to the ground.  He is more scared of men than women, as he will still occassionally flinch when Darling Husband goes to pet him (and Darling Husband would never hit him).  We have had him for 2 years now.  I just don’t get how anyone could abuse this adorable little thing! We call him Eeyore sometimes because he really looks so sad all the time, even when he is super happy and tail wagging!

We also have 2 cats, one of which we got as a kitten from another rescue group.  She was found with her littermates, stuck in a hole underneath a thicket bush and covered in little thorns =( Here is Moxie.



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