(Closed) Resenting DH for Pressure to Breastfeed

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I have two kids..Oldest one is 4 years old and 2nd one is 2 years old..I breastfed both of them but if i have my another one, i wouldn’t breastfeed anymore..It was too much hassles and i couldnt really do anything..They will grow up the same way whether if you breastfeed them or not..My breast got saggier than ever..:( but they are getting better because i try to exercise everyday..So its up to you and dont let your sp pressure you bcus hes not breastfeeding the baby..You are..Good luck with your baby..:)

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I thinkyou should get Mr. Panda to work on making it so he can breastfeed.  It is totally possible for men to breast feed!

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I didn’t read all the comments on this thread so not sure if this has already come up, but I just wanted to say that the whole “breastfeeding is beast” mantra is not based on science. It’s yet another huge misconception that was started when journalists took a few scientific studies out of context and described them as completely factual.

There is SOME evidence that breast fed babies are at a reduced risk of gastrointestinal infections, but that is the ONLY medical advantage. Breastfeeding does not improve your baby’s immune system in general, nor does it provide antibodies.

So you are not disadvantaging your child in any medical way by not breastfeeding. A gastrointestional infection, while potentially life-threatening in the third world, is not generally a serious issue for babies born in the first world. It’s easily treatable.

Further, none of the studies regarding breast feeding are terribly accurate, so the reduced risk of gastrointestional infection may not even be related to breast feeding. This is because it is impossible to do a real double-blind test with newborns and mothers. There is no way to get sound data, and some of the best data we DO have come from an ethically questionable source (where the doctor manipulated new mothers to either breastfeed or not).

So, I’m all for women breastfeeding if they want to, but if you don’t want to, there is NO REASON FOR THE GUILT! People telling you breastfeeding is best for your child are simply not well informed.

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@Jade33:  Um, so are you suggesting that the American Academy of Pediatrics, Canadian Pediatric Society and the World Health Organization are simply “not well informed”?! Seriously? I beg to differ.


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It’s an obvious answer that it should be your choice, it’s your body & your the one who is dealing with medications.  However, I agree with alot of other moms are saying that the other excuses are just “Excuses”  If you wanted to breastfeed you would find a way.  There’s always natural supplements and remedies to use instead of medication. By the way seeing a chiropracter is known to help with migraines.  Have you considered going to a natural path doctor to see what they can suggest? 

It amazes me to see several people justify how many people/babies they know that were formula fed that are considered “Healthy”.  We all eat overly processed food, produce with harmful chemicals, meats with antibiotics, breath air that is polluted…..yet we’re still alive!  (Yet none of those things are considered healthy)  Nothing can duplicate what the body naturally makes no matter how great these formulas are made.  However I completely understand if a mom is unable to breastfeed for their own personal reasons.  But at least TRY it!  We forget that before formula was invented breast was the ONLY option.  It’s completely natural and was meant for other reasons than just nutrition.  It helps the uterus heal after birth, builds a strong and emotional bond between mother and baby, it’s free, and most of all it’s NATURAL!  Coming from someone who breastfed her first, it was the best experience!  Was it work?….absolutely!  But that’s the one thing I look forward to with my second baby.  But it’s not for everyone, but unfortunately there’s so much pressure from formula companies, free samples and coupons, advertising, that we begin to think….why wouldn’t I just put formula in a bottle, so much easier right?  We live in an all about convenience world, and most people think that breastfeeding is an inconvenience.  When the truth is, by the time you wake up to a crying baby, sterilize the bottles, put the formula in the bottle, make sure it’s the correct temperature, feed the baby, then rinse & sterilize the bottles all over again…you could have just put your breast in your babies mouth in two seconds.  It’s the right temperature, no sterlizing, no rinsing or washing, not to mention the cat naps you can sneak in if your husbands awake to safely watch you and baby while your laying on your side.  How can this not beat using a bottle?  Try not to go off of other womens bad experiences, and make room for your own.  Just like everyone has a different birth story, every mom has a different breastfeeding story as well!

And anyone who is having their second child on this site, KNOWS that being pregnant is just the beginning of an unselfish act.  If your having a hard time now, just remember that taking care of baby is alot easier inside than out.  Although it’s the most rewarding and most important role of your life.  The best thing right now that you can do for your baby, is get your relationship on track with your husband.  If you two aren’t healthy, then baby won’t be getting the care/love/attention that he or she needs.  This is coming from someone who was in an abusive relationship with my first.  It was the most stressful pregnancy, and I don’t even know how I managed.  Trust me when I say, you need to fix your relationship now, through counseling before the baby is here. 

After you have peace in your relationship, you can then just see what happens.  Be open to both options.  Meet eachother in the middle.  Nothing can prepare you or describe to you the feeling of holding the baby in your arms.  It will be one of the best moments of your life.  Don’t make a huge decision like breastfeeding right away, until you see how it goes!  Take each day at a time, and hang in there! 

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