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@Big Truck: Are you sure you don’t have a hyperthyroid problem that a doctor could help you with?

My only suggestion is do what you know you should be doing- going to the gym to replace muscle and adding protein shakes throughout the day.

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I had this problem. I went to see a nutritionist, and she actually had me eat beyond the level of comfortable for a few weeks go get me taking in more calories. Previously, I had been working from the “eat till I’m hungry, stop when I’m full” mentality, but with stress, my hunger switch wasn’t working and I’d eat really light meals and feel really full. I’d maybe try to push yourself to eat a bit more than you’d normally eat at every meal? Might stretch your stomach and increase your appetite.

She also had me sort-of ritualize mealtimes so that I wasn’t always eating something on the go. It helped to actually sit down and eat a meal… I realized that despite eating whatever I wanted, I was hardly ever taking in more than 300 calories at dinner time, which isn’t enough!

Do you have a HyVee in your area? They offer free nutritionist services!

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 You can “gain” healthy by putting on some muscle 🙂 But if you just want to blow up quick fix, bring on the junk and laziness (which can be hard to accomplish) Mix things like Dairy+ Carbs+ sugar.  Buy protein bars, get body builder type drinks. Eat whenever you can!

Hopefully its not a health issue and Is a simple stress and lifestyle choice kinda deal that is only temporary! I’m sure you are super busy on your feet as a nurse and it is a stressful and emotional department you are in!  

I hear you on fluctuating! Im about 5″9 and I lost more than the freshman 15 and it got too thin ( I like being on the slimmer side too, but the rest of the world disagrees). I really just tried to relax and focus on good nutrition. Time has also been my friend because  I’m right around the corner of 25 and I feel a bit more womanly in my body shape. I was strait up and down like a boy for a while.

Don’t give up! It will all work out and things will fall into place 🙂

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I almost could have written this post, wow. I’m 5’6″, and at my heaviest have only ever weighed in at 108, but normally hit between 104-106. I had the stomach flu about two months back, and probably lost a good 10 pounds, and right now I’m teetering on the 100 pound mark. I also feel like I’m looking at a skeleton when I look in the mirror :/

I eat whatever I want, whenever I want. I don’t count carbs or calories or anything like that. I certainly do NOT work out. I bust my @$$ at work (retail manager) but am uber lazy on my days off to make up for it. I tried one of those powdered shakes from GNC, but it’s so gross and was just a waste of money.

I’ll def be following this thread for advice from other bees 😀

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Wow girl! I am your height but a full 8 lbs heavier (111) and still get blowback from family and friends for being thin. This is a low weight for me – I know what you mean about job stress. With long busy days I just don’t find the time to eat much or grocery shop.

People always talk about muscle gain – that is of course awesome, but in my experience for thin girls this might only add 5 lbs or less. At your weight gaining a lot of muscle can cause veins to protrude- some girls don’t love this look.

I would definitely talk to a doctor and/or a nutritionist.  Good luck!

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@Big Truck: Losing and gaining weight work on the same principle: surpluss or deficit of calories.

If you are currently 103lbs, 5’7 and 25y/o then your Basal Metabolic Rate (amount of calories your body needs just to sustain itself) is 1300. If we factor in that you are now working full time (and I know how active a nurses job can be!) your activity level is probably at a moderate x1.4 of that which gives you a total need of ~1800.

This means if you eat 1800 calories a day you will REMAIN at 103lbs. In order to gain you have to increase this depending upon the speed you want to gain weight. 

1lb = 3500 calories so if you want to gain 1lb per week you need to eat 500 calories extra per day. Also bear in mind that as you begin to gain, your BMR will increase so you will have to eat more calories to make up the surpluss.

Try eating 500 extra calories a day (mainly from protein and healthy fats if possible) and try and keep your activity level stable over that week. I know it sounds complicated but I assure you once you get the hang of it, it’ll be a breeze! Smile

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I have the opposite problem, but when movie stars want to gain weight for a role, they drink milkshakes!

OK…not very healthy…but it’s still summer, right?


Cheese on everything…and nuts…you can pack in a lot of calories with cheese and nuts and not realise it.

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