Rhinoplasty – anyone had it?

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Sugar bee

With everything you described, I am excited for you – haha! I had a close friend who had one for a deviated septum. The one thing he complained about was that afterwards his nose was packed with cotton/gauze for a few days and he hated that. But guys tend to “suffer” much more than women, so who knows if it’s really that bad.

As far as the no alcohol, I would just ask your doctor. 12 days seems OK, but only he will know for certain.

For the zoom camera, I would be honest with your boss and tell him your face is bruised and swollen, (it will be), and you won’t be turning the camera on. I can’t imagine him forcing you to turn it on unless he’s a dick.

I wouldn’t GAF what other people thought! You are doing this for you, not them. If any rude people ask rude questions or make stupid comments, there are a few great responses you can use:

“Excuse me?” with a quizzical look /head tilt

“Why would you ask that?” same quizzical look /head tilt.

“I didn’t ask your opinion?”

“Oh, I didn’t tell you about my surgery. It must be none of your business then.”

Good luck! You’ll be so happy!


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I had a deviated septum done. It didn’t change the look of my nose but the recovery is very similar. It wasn’t fun but it wasn’t pain, it was the packing and the splint up the nose. It was only for a few days and it was impossible to eat or drink. It’s like pinching your nose shut while you try to drink. No blood thinners for two weeks so your bruising isn’t as bad. I don’t know if alcohol thins the blood? You can have Tylenol but no Advil, naproxen, ibruprophen or aspirin. Good luck! I’m sure you will be happy you did it!

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Sugar bee

I thought of one thing from when I had a blepharoplasty: You will need to sleep “sitting up”,  with your head elevated and nearly vertical. I had one of those TV pillows which worked great for me. If you think you might end up rolling over, you might consider sleeping in a recliner or cushy chair with an ottoman.

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Bumble bee
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I’m having nasal surgery soon and asked them to throw in a rhinoplasty but was shot down haha.

I would definitely abide by the 14 day alcohol rule. The nasal passages are highly vascular and alcohol does thin the blood, so it will help cut down on blood loss and bruising. Good luck!

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Worker bee
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I had a rhinoplasty/septoplasty last summer. It was in the middle of Covid, which honestly made the recovery process so much easier so I would say if it’s something you’re positive you want to do, now is definitely the time. It was also nice for the first few weeks that when I went out I would just slap my mask and a pair of sunglasses on and no one could tell I’d just had surgery. My facial swelling and bruising were pretty bad up until about 10 days post-op but by two weeks out, with a little bit of makeup no one could tell I’d had anything done. 

Recovery honestly wasn’t all that bad. I would describe it as very uncomfortable, but not painful. I just made sure to have lots of easy to eat foods around (oatmeal, yoghurt, stuff to make smoothies), but to be honest my taste didn’t really start to come back until about 10 days so I couldn’t really enjoy food. The pain meds made me extremely drowsy so I just laid in bed all day falling in and out of sleep for the first 4-5 days. One thing that definitely helped my recovery were arnica pills, so I would highly recommend those (started them a few days prior to surgery). 

I’m honestly really happy I did it. I love my results, and would do it all over again in a heartbeat. It was something I had thought about for 8 years before I finally decided to pull the trigger and get it done. It took so long to decide because honestly I was terrified of messing with my face and had probably watched one too many episodes of Botched. 

In terms, of caring what other people think- life is way too short for that. I was very open with most of my close friends and family, and everyone I told was very supportive. Funny enough, I had a few family members that I thought would be judgemental. I wouldn’t have cared if they’d noticed and made negative comments or judged me for it, but I also didn’t feel the need to tell them. Lo and behold none of them even know I had it done. My own dad didn’t even notice. 

Lastly, I also was nervous about the no alcohol rule. I was on a beach 10 days prior to surgery and had two drinks, and I was fine. I had looked up other pre-op instructions online and some surgeons said no alcohol for 7 days prior, so I decided 10 days out was probably ok, but I’m also not qualified to give any sort of medical advice 🙂

edit: One thing to add that I was not aware of prior to surgery: I didn’t realize how long it would take until I would be able to breathe normally through my nose again. I couldn’t breathe through my nose at all for the first 8 weeks. Then from 8-12 weeks I probably only had 20-30% of my normal breathing back, and I don’t think it was fully back to normal until about the 4 month mark.

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I had a hinoplasty last October for similar reasons – I’d been wanting one for a long time, and thought COVID was the perfect time to get one without anyone noticing. I took 1 week off work and was glad i did so I could jsut relax while i was drowsy from the painkillers, but really i could have probably gone back to working remotely after a couple days. My Surgeon didn’t use packing, so recovery was not too terribly uncomfortable – I would talk to your surgeon and see if that’s an option. For me, the recovery process was much, much less inense than I thought it would be. I just ended up sleeping propper up on the couch for a week or so so I could fall asleep watching TV and movies – it was actually kind of a fun novelty. 

I was lucky to have very minial bruising – like, gone by day 3. I think oftentimes major bruising happens when a major reconstruction is being done – shaving a bump might not be so bad! 

My surgeon told me no alcohol or ibuprophen for 48 hours before – i cant imagine how 12 days prior would be an issue whatsoever. 

One thing I wish i would have been a bit more prepared for was the fact that i DID NOT like my nose when the cast first came off – the swelling made it look sooo strange – but after a few weeks, it looked great and I love it now! I think you shoudl go for it!!


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Helper bee

NSAIDs thin the blood, which is why you’re advised not to take them 7 days before surgeries or some other procedures.  It does take days to fully get them out of your system.  Could you get away with one dose 6 days before, probably, but it’s best not to take any chances.  It’s for your protection, it’s not for the convenience of the surgeon.

If alcohol affects the nasal passageways to the point where you’re advised not to drink for 2 weeks beforehand, you’re best off sticking to it as much as you can.  It would reduce the risk of complications.  Could you get away with one drink 12 days before, again, probably, but one or two sips (say, with a toast) is better than a whole drink.  Alcohol might make wedding receptions better, but it’s not necessary.  You can enjoy the wedding even if you can’t drink.  Some people have dry receptions, some can’t drink for health reasons, and some have to stay sober to respond to a potential emergency.  You can still have what will hopefully be great food.

I’m of the opinion that purely cosmetic procedures carry avoidable risks.  I won’t forget the story of an 18 year old Florida woman that died following a breast augumentation surgery.  It had to do with a reaction to the anesthesia.  When you have necessary surgery, those risks are part of the deal.  Of course, the decision is yours.  I get not liking how you look.  The new appearance after the surgery is the upside.  I’m just pointing out that there is a downside to consider.

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Bumble bee
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I’m so jealous of you!!!  I’ve wanted a rhino since I was probably 13 and i’m almost 39 and still too chicken to go through with it!  It’s mostly not wanting co workers to know thats stopping me… I wish I was working remotely because that probably would have been the thing to finally push me into doing it!  I’m super excited for you.  Sounds like you got some great advice here. If you’ve ever been willing to share before afters I’d love to see! 🙂


Oh one more thing – in 2016 I had double jaw surgery and took 4 weeks off work to recover.  The thing the nurse told me was to be sure and get at least 1200 calories a day (even though I couldn’t chew!!) because it will speed up recovery.  She also told me to be active and go for walks as soon as I was able, which also promotes quick healing.

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Blushing bee

Funny because I’m 5 days out from a rhinoplasty right now! Original nose wasn’t bad, but I knew a few tweaks would make me super happy with it.

Ask your surgeon if he’s ‘packing’ your nose and for how long he has his patients wear the packing post op. Becuase everyone is different. If your nose is packed- like mine was (had to keep it in first 24 hours)- it’ll be annoying but you’ll get used to breathing out of your mouth by the time it comes out.

Not all nose jobs get packing, I had a friend who got one who could breathe right away but then just a few days before her cast removal all the blood and stuff finally dried inside her nose to the point where she couldn’t breathe anymore.

I didn’t even need the hardcore pain pills they prescibed me, I pretty much only took them for the dried throat I ended up with due to mouth breathing, but I guess everyone is different. I was pretty tired the first few days, but a nose job recovery is overall pretty easy I’d say. Just annoying with the breathing at first. I’d say go for it! Just make sure you choose a rhinoplasty-experienced surgeon whose before/afters you like.

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