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The surgeon will take photos of your face: front, side and at an angle and will discuss with you what can be done. For example, hump removal,  nostril reduction, tip cartilage reduction etc. He will make these changes on your photos using a program and you get to see it all. So you can agree or disagree in terms of what you want for the outcome. I’ve had three relatives/friends who have had rhino. This consultation, depending on what surgeon, will cost from $100+. It may be applied towards your procedure $$. 

It takes a week until your packing is removed and the bandage stays over the bridge to maintain its desired shape. The surgeon will guide you as to how to change the bandage. It takes a year or more until you see final result depending on thickness of your skin. It takes about 2 or 3 months for the swelling to go down and you’ll have an idea of what your nose will look like. 

First day you’ll be put of it as in sleeping the day away. Second day you’ll be a little bit better. There are MANY YouTube videos that explain the process and they really help. 




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Yes, they use computer imaging to show you a possible outcome. However a good and honest surgeon will acknowledge that the finished product may differ. 

I had a nose job earlier this year. I had significant damage which resulted in not being able to breathe through one nostril and significant airflow restriction in the other. Because of my underlying issues, and because I could afford to go to a really good ENT surgeon who specialises in facial plastic surgery, I wasn’t particularly nervous about my outcome because it *had* to be an improvement. If I could only afford to go to a generalist I wouldn’t have had it donee. I have never regretted getting he operation for a moment. My nose is repaired, I can breathe, it suits my face much better, it looks better in photos and I’m not self concious.   

My internal splints stayed in for 7 days and my cast was on for 14 days. I liked that as many people who have the cast removed at 7 days get stressed about the “result” as the nose is FAR from settled. I have thin skin so my swelling was almost totally gone by 2 months. I had 2 weeks off work and I definitely needed that as I had a significant bleed at about 4-5 days which set my recover back. Literally no one has noticed my nose (well, at least not to me) and I hear this is typical. People are generally very distracted and our noses are nowhere near as big a deal to anyone but us

If you want to see real life results and experience I suggest searching #rhinoplastydiary and similar on Instagram as some women set up accounts to record their experience 

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I had a nose job almost 8 years ago now. My plastic surgeon didn’t have the technology yet to show me what my nose might look like on a computer, so he printed my face out and drew what he wanted to do to it lol. He has the technology now lol. Anyhow, the surgery was very easy, he took his time and ended up going almost 2 hours over expected time to perfect what he was doing. My nose had a bump and was wide, so he thinned it out without changing my face aesthetic. 

After the surgery, I woke up, and while I was expecting packing in my nose, for my particular nose, I didn’t need it. That was a really nice perk. I had my cast taken off at the one week mark for the doctor to look at, but then it was put back on for another week. I was REALLY bruised. I have really light skin and it took a long time to cover those black and blues up. I also didn’t have any pain after surgery. I took one pain pill and no more after that. It was hard to sleep at night because you have to sleep sort of elevated on your back. 

If I had to do it again, I absolutely would. My nose looks like the nose I should have been born with. It’s not something I think about, or feel like I am a different person after the surgery because it’s a new nose. Make sure you find a doctor who’s very qualified, with lots of experience and that you feel comfortable with! 

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ristai01 :  yes that was my experience too. You describe it well



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futuremrsalbin :  I found it a pretty painless procedure and I’m very glad I had it done – years ago now. Two extra things I’d say is take arnica before and after you op and also research your surgeon in terms of their ‘style’. Of course they need to be registered cosmetic surgeon with whatever is the gold standard for your country, but also find out their ‘look’. Some do a very standard nose so you can tell its their work. The surgeon I went with warned me that my nose wouldn’t be a perfect little ski slope as he went off other measurements of my face to give good proportions everywhere. I’m very glad for this type of work. 

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futuremrsalbin :  I had rhino- and septoplasty done about 5 years ago. So, they did the inside (my septum, and nasal passages; everything was hella screwed up in there and I couldn’t breathe normally), as well as removed a large hump in my nose and made the tip/end of my nose smaller and turned up.

I will tell you this: it fucking hurt. Like, just, not even normal pain just so uncomfortable and your head just feels like a block. Mostly because it’s full of splints and gauze for a few days. When you have the gauze/splints removed from your nose, be prepared. You might feel a little lightheaded/dizzy, and your new nose won’t be “finished” yet because there will still be some swelling. You probably won’t fully see your new nose until 6-12 months post op. Also, depending on whether you had any internal issues prior to the surgery, things will taste different! For me that was the craziest part outside of healing. That probably had a lot to do with being able to breathe properly though.

Overall, I am so glad I had it done. I love my new nose, and I also quite enjoy breathing regularly… lol. Your ENT/plastic surgeon should be able to answer any questions you have and address any concerns. A good surgeon will make it a subtle but noticeable difference. 

10/10 would do it again haha

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Have a look at http://www.realself.com


There are authentic patient reviews on doctors and the varying cosmetic procedures available.

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I had mine done 4 years ago. It was not as bad as I had anticipated. I didn’t get the big swollen bruised undereyes and the pain was okay, though I had to keep the packing in my nose for longer than generally normal due to having bleeding, and that was the worst part.

They didn’t show me an after picture on a computer, instead he took photos of my nose as it was and just explained what he’d do. I had a bump on the bridge of my nose so that was the goal of the procedure. It certainly is an approvement now and I’m not embarrassed by it anymore. Overall I’m happy that the bump is gone and I don’t feel bad about my profile view anymore! If you feel getting it done will make you feel better and more confident (mine for sure did), I recommend it!

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