(Closed) Rice Krispies Treats – What am I doing wrong?

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1. you can spray the pan with PAM before you start.

2. You likely are squishing them down too much. Pat down the mixture just until it takes the shape of the pan.

3. Butter your hands or a spatula before you try to scoop the mix from the pot to the pans.

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I just made my first batch of rice krispies in 5 years (yay for Gluten Free Rice Krispies). To prevent sticking, add an extra tablespoon of butter. Then take a pan, put aluminum foil down on it, and then spray it with lots of non-stick spray. Nothing sticks and if it does, you throw the foil away, so there is no scrubbing. I don’t really push down that hard (if at all). I just spread and let it set. Pushing on it is great for making cut outs, but ooey gooey squares don’t require it ;-). And for the mess– I use 2 8×8. I spoon it in, then spread. Keeping the dog at my feet helps with any loose ones.


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I assume your doing it with marshmellows and butter? my mom always heated the butter up (or margerine) and poured it onto the marshmellows, and stirred everything quick!! very quick!! she always told me never to over mix it, cause that makes the marshmellows go hard. I think you just mush it all together then throw it in the pan fast!

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1. Spray with pam – The spoon, the bowl, everything!  2. Maybe! just pat lightly with your spatula! 3. You better register for a 9×13 – it is a must for lots of things! haha. You should be able to mold them to anything though – any shape or size. Make sure you line the pan with wax paper though – helps with the stickyness

Hope that helps – good luck!

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my reccomendation for your first and third problem is BUTTER! lots nad lots of butter! also that nonstick spray helps a lot too! as for it being dense you want to be as gentle as you can while folding it in and try to avoid smushing it into the pan. i know some pressing is unavoidable but try to use your fingers as mushc as possible instead of a spatula or anything like that.  the different pans is not really an issue just make sure you handle it delicatly. coat everything (even your hands) in butter or nonstick spray will go a long ways to making it less sticky and also a good trick is to chill your mixing bowl and your pan. the cold makes the rice kirspie ooze solidify faster so less shifting and streaching and whatnot. good luck!

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@oracle:  I’ve heard many many people say dont overstir!

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I butter the really well and I don’t really squish it down much. I just try and even it out with my spatula.

EDIT: I butter the pan really well.

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@oracle:  I usually use close to 1/4-1/3 cup of butter per bag of marshmellows.

Also, I heat the butter on the stove, add in the marshmellows, turn off the element and STIR UNTIL IT MELTS!!! Then take it OFF the element and add in the cereal. Stir, stir and stir some more and then spread it gently into a well buttered pan. I don’t push down on it at all. I usually let it set in the fridge, then cut and eat.

Also, I always add 2 tsp of vanilla. Love vanilla!

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I agree that butter will go a long way to helping them just slide out of the pot on the stove.  But I’ve always used the recipe on the box and it’s been ok, so not sure.  Are you using a non-stick pot?  I think that helps too.

I also think using baby marshmallows instead of the big ones helps them melt faster and more evenly.  I think that helps the overstirring/overheating issues and keeps them fluffier.

And know you are not alone! My Mother-In-Law is a fantastic cook, but always tells me that I have to make the rice crispie treats, because it’s something she just could never get quite right, lol.

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I’m of no help… but if you need a taste tester, you can send a batch to me to “try” ;).

Okay this is what I looked up online…

Use more butter. Don’t use the “non-stick” spray, use butter instead to grease the pan. Online it says to use an extra 1/4 of butter!

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pretty much ditto what everyone else has said…I LOOOOVE making rice crispies and have the time I eat them right after they are done when they are all sticky and hot, lol.


1- spray the pot AND the pan you plan to set them in.

2- 1 bag of marshmellows, 6 cups of rice crispies. Perfect consistency!

3- melt 1/2 stick of butter in the pot and throw in the bag of marsh’s

4- when the marshmellows are good and melted, throw in your 6 cups of rice crispies and mix it around folding it together

5- I immediately (once folded and melted) pour it into my pan, doesnt matter what size pan really!

6- I *dont* pat or push down the rice crispies at all. I just spread it around with my fingers until it’s filled and even.

A lot of it will stick inside of the pot but I just grab it with a spoon and use my fingers to put it in the pan. I sometimes let it cool uncovered because I like it to be a little crispy (pun not intended lol) If I am making them for my SO, he likes it really gooey so I’ll immediatley cover it with plastic wrap or tin foil 🙂 Makes a perfect batch every tiiiime 😀 Damn, now I have a serious craving!!

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