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  • poll: Best way to deal with MIL

    Let her vent and move on

    Limit time she has with the kids

    Encourage husband to address what she said

    Keep strong distance

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    “She openly disrespects us to our kids and causes conflict”


    So why DO you see her? Why do you even pickup the phone when she calls or texts? She sounds like an entitled ass.

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    You might find some helpful info over at the Reddit sub /JUSTNOMIL – it sounds to me that you have every reason to keep your kids from her.

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    I don’t think it’s petty to keep your kids from her when she openly disrespects you and your husband in front of them. In fact, I think it’s in their best interest that they be kept away from someone so toxic. 

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    Block her on social media!!!

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    She sounds terrible and I would definitely distance yourself. Block her on social media and stop seeing her.

    However there were some red flags in your post about you/your marriage too irrespective of your Mother-In-Law, like this: She would be happy if we split so that keeps me from wanting to! 

    What do you mean by that bee?

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    theresabow :  Holly Batman! To me this is cut of worthy. Bye Felicia! 

    She called your husband (her son) names because he doesn’t have a degree? She thinks you are responsible for his lack of motivation to get one? What? She talks bad to your kids about you? Excuse me? (This alone would warrant 1 warnimg then a cut off if it ever happened again) She is being openly nasty about you bettering yourself, your job and the life of your family? And she is is sexist saying that it’s basically not your job to do this and your husband is the one who is supposed to do it? What is wrong with this woman? This is craziness. 

    Please visit:https://community.babycenter.com/groups/a4725/dwil_nation

    They  will teach you how to deal with this nonsence. 

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    She knows too much information. Stop telling her things. Your husband needs to stand up to her and tell her that her nastiness will not be tolerated. If she starts in on either of you during a visit you leave. If she’s asks why your husband can be 100% honest and say you will not tolerate being disrespected and the visit is over. Then you don’t see her again for 3 months. 

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    theresabow :  You have been posting for 3 years about problems with your in-laws and the bees have been telling you for 3 years that the problem is your husband.

    As an aside, your mil does sound awful, but I find it very odd that you always mention that she’s divorced or single. There are pleny of terrible mils who are married, so I’m not sure why you think this is important enough to mention multiple times. Some of the comments I don’t even understand, like this one: “She is divorced because no one tells her no”. What does this even mean? It’s almost like you’re using “divorced” as an insult or code for how horrible she is. She IS horrible, but using divorce as an insult says more about you than about her. I can’t help wondering if this attitude about divorce is why you’re still shackled to someone who doesn’t respect you, and possibly you are subconsciously jealous that she’s free. Methinks the lady protests too much kind of thing. Again — she is awful to you. No argument there. But so is your husband, and he is the one not living up to his vows to cherish and cleave unto you. Just food for thought. Congratulations on the degree, that is amazing especially with 6 kids! Best wishes.

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    She sounds a lot like my Mother-In-Law. What we do is gray rock her. Basically cut off the information train. You are doing well, he is doing well, the kids are doing well, we are all very busy with kids’ activities, chores, and errands. 

    Oh, asking an intrusive question about your son? I don’t know the answer to that, maybe ask him? Trying to talk shit about him/someone else? Got hurt fee-fees because someone gave you honest feedback regarding your narcissism? Aw, I’m sorry you feel that way. 

    We do let her see our daughter but it’s akways under strict parameters that we don’t share with her. For example, we only tell her about and invite her to events where there will be people she’s trying to impress/put on appearances for to ensure she is on her best behavior. She is never allowed to be alone with her or anyone else – we distract her by taking pictures of her because the woman has like 1000+ film photos of herself including a giant one of herself over the bed. 

    Don’t share anything nasty she says about your man even if you kind of agree with it. She has no place in your relationship. Keep things between you and him. 

    It works! 

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