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We have several cats..

Ginger is also known as “big pest”, “lovely”, “gorgeous boy” and “baby boy”.

Spock is “little pest”, “little squeaker” and “snugglemonster”.

Smudge is “big princess” and “feral beast”.

My missing baby, Pika’, is “little princess”, “baby”, “gorgeous girl” and “****bag”.

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My cat is Rudy and I call him Ruddlebutt, Ruddles, Rudykins, kittenface, furface…among others.

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Bumble bee

My pug is Dozer and I have so many nicknames I call him!

Doze, Dozey, bobo, bubba, stinkybutt, goofball, curlytailboy, buddy and much more! Why do our pets have SO many names?! Sealed 


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We call Coby: Butterball, Turkey Butt, Big bootie. Because his booty looks like a big turkey when he lays down. Like this. 

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I love this thread! So many cute nicknames (and even cuter pets!)

This is Ms. Emma Frost, we mostly call her Emma, but also: EmmaLou, LouLou, Emmy, Momma, Sweet Girl (a la “Black Swan”), Fluffy Kitty, Fur Monster, and Leaky Eye

This is Ororo Munroe, aka Rory, BabyButt, Baby Kitty, Princess. She is a little…hyperactive, so Fiance usually refers to her as “Demon,” or, my personal favorite, “Saddam Insane.”

And our guinea pig, Pig! We never actually got around to naming him, so “the pig” eventually stuck. We sometimes call him Piggy, Little Prince, King of the Castle (when he climbs on top of his hut), or Piggy Pot Pie.


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This is Milo. We call him Milo Pony… but a lot of the time we just call him Pony. 

This is Toby, we call him tobalarone or EEEE-tobalarone! 

Together they are E-tobalarone and Milo pone! LOL! 

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@soontobeMrsBoo:  MY dog’s full name is Commisioner Todd Gordon. He goes by Todd. We call him, Toddy, Baby Boy.. the ridiculous ones are based off this cat video I saw once that the cat was “talking” and it said things like “Oh long Todd” “Oh Todd Johnson” and stuff and so now we call him those.. in the weird cat voice impersonation of course!



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This is our Dean. 🙂 We call him Deaner, Dean-Dong (and of course sometimes Dean Dong-a-long), Sweet Pea, Sweetness, Babydoll… my favorite, of course, is Dean Dong. (And yes, we named him after Dean in Supernatural.)


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My chi-weenie is Dora. 





and my fave – Boats and Hoes!!

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@soontobeMrsBoo:  This is Junebug, who rapidly devolved in to Bug and Buggle, which means we gradually started calling the dogs as a unit the “doggles”, which means, needless to say, the cat eventually became the “cattle”. Which means we now refer to things like “locking the cattle out of the bedroom”. Which might give the people who over hear it some extremely confusing ideas about our living situation.

This is Widget, also frequently referred to as Widge and Widgety-woo. The other half of The Doggles.

And this is The Cattle, Hodge, aka Hodgepodge and Business Cat (because he likes to sit in the big leather computer chair and look important).

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Not a shortened name asuch, but our bunny Fudge has a full name.

Fudgewums Cornelius, Guardian of the Abyss.

(The abyss is because he has no front teeth, so when he yawns he opens his mouth and all you can see is black)

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@soontobeMrsBoo:  I have 2 dogs named Jack and Ginger (a pit-mix and daschund mix, respectively. I give them both RIDICULOUS nicknames and what’s worse is they answer to all of them!


Ginger: Ginge, Gingey, G, G-Money, G-Mo, Gigi, Gingey-girl, Pretty-Girl, Baby Girl, etc. etc.


Jack: Buddy, Poo, Poo-Bear, Poo-ey, Poophead, Poopface, Poopy


They are obviously best friends 🙂


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Helper bee

I have four bunnies and one is named Puffin. We call her Puffin wuffin and then I have another rabbit who we call piggy. he looks like one sometimes and he certainly eats like one! 😛 But nicknames aside, all my pets’ names are kind of weird.

The bunnies: Puffin, Thumper, Sugar, and Spice

My mice: Katniss, Goldie, and Sakura (means cherry blossom in Japanese)

My fish: Aqua

My hermit crab: Birdie

So, all a little weird to begin with lol.

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This is Bronson. Also known as Bronny, Bronny Walker or Bronny Rocker. Or Rocker. Rock star.  haha.

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All these pets are too cute!!!


This is Clyde, his full name is Clydeuss Maximus and mine and my SO’s surnames hyphenated! But we call him:

  1. Pooky
  2. Pooky-Bear
  3. Sir Clydes-a-lot
  4. Poo-Poo
  5. Cleetus 
  6. Bubba
  7. Boo-Boo
  8. C-Dog
  9. C-Money
  10. C-Dizzle
  11. and the more obvious – Clydey 



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