Ridiculous period ruining my sex life and confidence TMI WARNING

posted 2 years ago in Intimacy
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Worker bee

I went through something similar in my teens when I had my period for about a month and had large clots.  I ended up going on birth control pills to regulate my cycle, which did work.  I have no idea at which point my body decided to smarten up…i was on the pill for years and years.  Never had any problems after coming off birth control.

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Sugar bee
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That sounds awful. But I’ve gotta ask – why can’t you have sex? Even though it is obviously going to take some accommodations, what is stopping you?

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Beth7210 :  have your doctors ruled out fibroids? Long heavy periods are usually an indicator for them. I’d keep going back to a different GP until you get one to take you seriously and investigate this further. Two months of bleeding is not normal and if it’s never happened to you before, it is a cause of concern. Your Doctors should be taking this seriously. You are bleeding heavily enough to soak through a tampon every 3 hours and it’s been ongoing for more than two months. Don’t leave a GPs office until they give you a referral to a specialist. 

Sorry bee. Hope this gets sorted out soon. 

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Helper bee

I have delt with this for a lot of my life, it’s mainly from my PCOS & imbalance in hormones, so I take birth control to regulate.
When I came off of it a while back my body seemed to reorganise itself but then it took about 6 months to go back to lengthy periods again.


Now I only have only have a withdrawal bleed 4x a year, for a few days.

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I had this same issue and it was fibroids. I once went through a super plus tampon and a pad in an hour meeting at work. It was awful. I actually switched OB/GYNs because my usual doctor was out with an injury. The woman that took his place was immediately like “you can’t live like this!” She performed surgery to remove them and it has changed my life! I had to get a total of 3 surgeries before she got the whole thing out, but once she did, it was a whole new lease on life! I battled with long, heavy periods and the awful clotting for years before she fixed me! 

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Bumble bee

Has the doctor not sent you for an ultrasound?? They should be checking for fibroids, etc. I would push for testing and to see a gynecologist. Also you might be low in iron from all this blood loss. I can appreciate not having sex with all this going on. I hope it stops and gets sorted out soon.

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Oh wow. Before surgery I guess I would suggest birth control? Yikes, sorry you’re going through that, bee

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Hi bee… so sorry to hear you’re going through this. I’m not medically trained, but when I went through something similar my GP prescribed 2 weeks of norethisterone (a progesterone analogue) which stopped my bleeding. 

Its not a permanent fix, and I’d second the bees above who suggested you push for an ultrasound, but it might give you a few weeks break? 

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Beth7210 :  there’s still medication that’s on offer that your doctor will be able to prescribe that aren’t hormonal to stop or lessen the bleeding.

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Bumble bee

How old are you if you don’t mind me asking? My mum’s friend went through this and eventually needed a transfusion because she became so anaemic, she was in her 40’s and it was due to the menopause and subsequent hormonal imbalances. 

I have super long periods, I bleed heavily for around 4/5 days with huge clots, but the have light bleeding of dark blood around 4/5 days before and after that. So can be bleeding for up to two weeks a month. I’ve got endometriosis though and lots of other symptoms. Do you have any other symptoms? If not and your ultrasound scan was negative, (you can’t see endo on an ultrasound, but you’d usually have other symptoms than just heavy long periods) then it sounds like it’s more hormone related than anything physical like fibroids or PCOS. 

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lovelyruby :  “That sounds awful. But I’ve gotta ask – why can’t you have sex? Even though it is obviously going to take some accommodations, what is stopping you?”

hahahah, I TOTALLY get why OP is not getting it on with her partner with bleeding like that ๐Ÿ˜‚

Some folks aren’t in to that and even those who don’t have a problem with it per se, may not want to get it on while they are having that kind of bleeding. I always had a very heavy period and suffered. It was like my body was emptying itself hourly. The toilet was like a freakin’ murder scene. People with mainly “normal” periods have no idea how aboslutely unsexy and frankly massively dissconcerting that can be. Add to the fact that she’s been going through this for weeks on end. I have no idea how she is getting through the day. I was so fed up even after 4 days of that (followed by at least 2 normal flow days) 

Trust me, Girlfriend is not in the mood for sexytime with good reason!


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Beth7210 :  I am so sorry you are going through this. Please find a more aggressive doctor. You cannot live like this. Plus your iron stores must be trashed at this point. Psychologically I think just having a doctor who takes this very seriously (because it is) would be a tremendous help. Hang in there and find. that. doctor. 

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