Ridiculous period ruining my sex life and confidence TMI WARNING

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ariesscientist :  PCOS is hormonal, the cysts are just a manifestation of the hormonal imbalance.

Beth7210 :  That being said, this really doesn’t sound like PCOS. I would be hounding my doctor for answers because as others said, this is definitely not normal or okay, and you shouldn’t have to live like this. I sincerely hope you get answers soon. Have you had any other symptoms that you’ve noticed? Even if they seem unrelated?


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This sounds awful. I have super heavy periods, but the heavy part just lasts one day/night. I can’t imagine having to deal with it for 2 months. You need to go to some other type of doctor, not an obgyn, maybe a endocrinoligist/fertility doctor. Bleeding for 2 months straight probably means you are not ovulating i.e. not fertile at the moment. And don’t feel bad for not wanting sex. I can’t believe a PP even asked what’s stopping you. How insensitive.

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Beth7210 :  You poor thing!  I literally just went through this (finally got some relief last Sunday).  I started bleeding randomly one day and it didn’t stop for 7 weeks.  It was AWFUL!  It was like having the worst/heaviest day of my period for 7 weeks straight…no breaks or relief.  I had recently gone back on BC to get my endometriosis under control and everything was fine for the first 3 months.  My doctor switched my BC two separate times after the initial one and the bleeding only got worse.  They finally did an U/S and discovered that in addition to my endo & PCOS, I also have uterine fibroids and an abnormally thick uterine lining.  I am going to see a specialist in two weeks to see what the next step is.  Most likely a D&C to thin the lining, not sure about the fibroids.

The bleeding didn’t stop until I stopped taking BC.  Please please keep going to the doctor.  It is a miserable way to live.  I was exhausted all the time and developed anemia to the constant heavy flow (I did start taking iron supplements).  

And I hear you on the intimacy issue!  Anyone that asks why intimacy is a problem for you right now has clearly never been on a 63 day period. lol  Not to mention just the amount of flow.  Nevermind the fact you feel like absolute crap (well, I did at least) I just don’t want to hassle with that mess.

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Beth7210 :  

Absolutely you should. Right after you find yourself a new doctor because apparently yours hasn’t got a bloody clue. 

Hypothyroidism definitely makes you feel lethargic, makes it difficult/impossible to lose weight and *can* cause period weirdness ( I’ve had some that last for a couple of weeks or 2 in one month ), although I suspect that your bleeding issue is a separate  problem that may be amplified by a thyroid issue. 

When you do have it checked please note that the normal levels are between .3 and 3. A lot of doctors still go with the old standard of .5. And 5. Don’t let them tell you a reading of 4 is normal. It isn’t. 

A great resource is http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com 

Good luck Bee. I feel for you and hope you can resolve this fast! Keep us updated 😊


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I assume you have done a pregnancy check too? X

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Oh my god you poor thing!  With the ultrasound, did you have an intrauterine one?  Maybe when you find a different doctor if you haven’t try that. And don’t let them tell you nothing is wrong.  This is so far from normal.

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This is NOT normal and you don’t have to live like this! Which country are you in? Can you go to a different gynecologicist? And let me guess — your current doctor is a man?

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You should be referred to a specialist at this point and also have your bloods checked for iron levels and a full blood count to check not too anaemic from all of this. 

I know some people that have bad bleedingnperiods the hormonal coil is recommended. The hormone in it is generally contained to the uterus and it settles periods down dramatically. 

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