(Closed) Rihanna and Chris Brown…Pulling Out my Soapbox!

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Honey bee
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Yes, super annoyed. I get angry even see his smug face at awards show. I know that I don’t know them personally, but he beat someone very badly and it seems like everyone just forgave him. He trashed a TV set at an interview and they give him awards. I just don’t get it.

I get the feeling she will get a lot of backlash over this. It really does give girls who looked up to her the message that that is something that is forgivable. Why out of all the artists did she have to work with him…ugh.

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I was always under the impression that she only broke up with him because her publicist told her her image would take a giant hit if she went back to him. Whatevs, I don’t look to Rihanna for personal inspiration.

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Sugar bee

After reading the court report of what exactly happened and seeing the leaked pictures, I have to say… I can’t imagine going back to him.

But I’ve also never been in that situation. And what I know about many, many women who have is that it’s often impossible to get away from that person and stay away. I don’t understand it, and I find it very sad, but though she is someone in the spotlight she’s not any different from thousands and thousands of women (and men – men are also victims of DV, we just don’t hear about it might) who go back to their abusers.

Growing up, I had a friend whose parents were divorced but got back together over and over and over again. She’d take him back, he’d wreck her life and throw in some hefty emotional abuse, she’d finally kick him out and he’d be gone for anywhere from a few weeks to a year before she’d take him back again. It’s been going on like that for more than 20 years.

It’s hard to understand from the outside, and it’s even harder to understand from the inside. For every DV victim who says “never again” and sticks to it, I’d wager there are 2-3 who either go back or find themselves in another similarly abusive relationship. I can’t really find it “annoying” because I think that lies in the territory of victim blaming, and I won’t be a part of that in any way, shape or form.

I hope she can get help. I hope that he can get help. It’s a sad situation, and proves that it doesn’t matter how much money or notoriety you have – you can still screw up majorly and you can still be a terrible person and not have to own up to your mistakes/problems.

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SO angry. I was teaching at an urban, poor high school when she was beaten, and the comments I heard from the students about the situation were insane. Most blamed her and said that she deserved it. Other students said that it didn’t matter because he was “hot” or “super talented.” I couldn’t believe that no one wanted to defend the poor girl was beaten. No matter what she said or did, she didn’t deserve to be treated that way, and unfortunately, my students never saw it like that.

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Sugar bee
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@ieatunicorns:  Agreed. It makes it seem like she has no backbone and just does what people tell her is best for her career. 

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I cant stand chris brown. Not just because he physically abused her but his behaviour since then. He snapped at abc news reporter robin when she asked about it instead of using it as an opportunity to apologize and show how much remorse he still has and then he broke a window after that interview because he was so upset and abc still allowed him to go on and perform that night on dancing with the stars.  Actions should have consequences and he clearly doesnt get that/

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Bumble bee
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What’s really sad is that this is what our society has offered our youth as role models. It’s our fault, we follow their every move and give them importance for simply existing. They’re both stupid. I can’t stand her and her soft-core porn music videos that young girls watch and take tips from. And Chris Brown? You beat the crap out of her and we’re suppose to forget it and feel bad for you? And she thinks it’s cute to act like it’s okay and she’s soooo cool…she has a song with them.


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Sugar bee
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Don’t blame Rihanna.  This is still Chris Brown’s fault. 

It’s easy to blame Rihanna and be annoyed by her because all of society is letting us wipe away the fact that Brown nearly killed her.  He got to perform at the Grammy’s and get’s a slap on the wrist for beating a woman.  Don’t forget how many women go back to their abusers even when all of society says the guy is horrible.  Imagine how conflicting it must be for a victim of DV when everywhere she goes, people are forgiving Chris Brown and have forgotten what happened.  Girls on Twitter are posting “I’d let Chris Brown beat me any day”– I’m sure it’s easy for her to doubt herself and think it’s better to move on and reconcile things with him. 

Yes, it’s really really sad.  I hate to see her forgive him, but please don’t blame her. If you’re going to get mad, get mad at the man who beat her and is still contacting her. 

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@LuckyJuls:  I agree– there was so much potential for DV to become a more public cause.  Rihanna could have taught a lot of things, and I hope she still does someday?  I’m frustrated, too. 

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I think he’s a piece of crap.  I don’t feel he should have been welcomed back to the Grammys either.  I don’t get why she’s working with him now.  She shouldn’t even give him the time of day.  She did drop the protective/restraining order she had against him, so I don’t know what is going on.  I have a strong opinion on this, because I was in an abusive relationship.  I still have a restraining order against my ex.  I don’t want anything to do with him ever again.  So it’s hard for me to understand.

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I’m very sad that she went back to him.  She (and all women) deserves better than to be with a man who beats her.  I hope she figures that out before it’s too late.

I can’t understand why men like Chris Brown and Michael Vick are accepted back into society and celebrated.  They should be ostracized.

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Helper bee
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Honestly, I’ve heard from so many people, some that live near Tappahannock, where Brown is from, and others that work in the ‘biz’, who have said that it was a giant publicity stunt set up by her PR agent, that I’m starting to actually believe it was.

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