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Yes.  I think it is so unwise to spend so much money on a ring if you don’t have that much moeny to begin with!  I stress out for people when they do this!  I’m glad I got a ring that was well within my husband’s budget 🙂

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One of the major reasons we choise moissonite.  I could not stomach spending thousands on a diamond… It hurt my head enough to spend what we did on my moissy.  Totally with you on this one.

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@ChicFoodist:  I don’t know if I see those threads that often…I see threads where women are let down by their rings, but not usually with the caveat that their Fiance emptied their bank accounts to get it (with some exceptions.) That would make all parties involved not too financially savvy, and I would be in total agreement with you.

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@ChicFoodist:  I typically avoid those kinds of threads, mostly because they get closed rather quickly. 

However, the reason I typed a response to that thread (but it closed before I hit submit) wasn’t because she was mad her Fiance emptied his savings to buy it, it was becasuse she wanted an even more expensive one. 

Anyways, I try an abide by the “if you don’t have anything nice to say” rule. I was feeling a little crabby today, apparently…

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@ChicFoodist:  See this is why I picked my own ring.  I’d killed my Darling Husband if he spent too much on my ring.  Empty a savings account over something so small and I’d empty a gun in your a$$.  Not really but you know what I mean.

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@ChicFoodist:  I agree. In that last post I honestly thought the OP was going to say that she wanted to return it for a cheaper ring…

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@ChicFoodist:  Reading these threads are guilty pleasures but I generally avoid them.

As a waitingbee, nearlywed I’ve made it very clear to Mr VB that if a ‘ring’ is important to him (and it’s not to me), that CZ is just fine.  This was honestly until I discovered mossey on this site, which I also feel is a beautiful stand in.

I was JUST talking to my friends today about my FSIL’s ring that I talk crap about ALL THE TIME AND LOVE TO BASH! Because it’s 10000.00.  She let every one know that it’s 10000.00, AND WHY THE HELL anyone would want a ring that valuable is beyond me.

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@ChicFoodist:  I keep hearing about this post and I really want to read it lol

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Yup, it’s definitely occured to me, but I couldn’t care less what other people want to do with their life and money.  I’d never do that, and I wouldn’t be with my husband if he was willing to do that. 

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@veryberry13:  10000.00, AND WHY THE HELL anyone would want a ring that valuable is beyond me.

I see nothing wrong with this and why it’s worth bashing.  Some people want a nice quality and “larger” (depending on who you ask) diamond ring.  I know more people with rings worth more than that than less than that.

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@pinkshoes:  I think the main issue may be with her letting everyone know the cost. People can guess and speculate all they want, but when you frequently disclose the amount (either to boast about finances or about a deal), it will likely ruffle some feathers.

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@pinkshoes:  I do see your point and I know I need to be careful about what I say on here lol BUT:

1)  I honestly do not see the value in having a ring this expensive. 

2)  This person is always talking about how much her ring is worth and is always flaunting it…I personally think it’s tacky.

I had thought this was a post to vent lol so I am not trying to stir anything up.  Personally, I just want a ring, any ring, and I’ve seen other threads (cue the 280.00 ring post that has since been deleted by the OP) where the OP was all upset becasue in OP’s opinion, after 7 years, 280.00 just wasn’t enough and she felt she was worth more. 

I’m seriously happy with no ring and a marriage but that is just me lol. 

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That definitely occurs to me, but that’s not the usual reason why the thread poster is disappointed, and so the drama ensues.

I think we’d all sympathize if someone came on here saying “I don’t know what to do.. I told my SO I didn’t want anything fancy, and he went out and financed a $10,000 ring… there goes our hopes for buying a home anytime soon!”.

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What you aren’t taking into account is  that for some people, buying a 2 carat ring is the same % financially as others buying a $300 ring.


Also, I have rarely read a post that states that the fiance has drained his entire savings to buy a ring. Why would you assume this is common? 


I could argue that I judge people who purchase expensive cars for the same reason, but really it is none of my damn business 😉


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