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Helper bee

I think I may be able to relate! For the first 2-3 weeks after getting engaged I periodically got these feelings of claustrophobia from wearing my ring–I couldn’t ignore that it was on my finger and it felt funny, but I knew I wasn’t supposed to take it off because I had been told by friends and family to never take it off, so I felt kind of trapped. Plus, you don’t think about how wearing a ring changes certain things that you used to do without thinking; putting on a sweater, tying your hair in a ponytail, washing your hands, etc. I ordered a silicone ring that I can pop on and forget about when I’m having those moments, and it’s helped a lot. I haven’t had that feeling since getting the silicone ring, so I’d suggest trying it! I think there’s suddenly a lot of pressure when you get engaged to wear the ring 100% of the time, but that’s unrealistic. Most likely this is the first time you’re wearing any piece of jewelry as often as you’re wearing your engagement ring, I think it’s totally normal for there to be an adjustment period.


As for the itching, my ring has a pattern on the inside facing my finger and because my hand isn’t used to wearing a ring so much I developed a bit of dry skin, redness and itching, which my fiancee pointed out is probably my skin getting tougher (aka getting a bit of a callous) in order to withstand daily wear. Maybe the same is happening to you? Mine went away after a week.

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Busy bee

Are you allergic to nickel? If so, you won’t be able to wear a ring that’s made of white gold because there’s nickel in the rhodium plating. It can take a few days before your skin starts to react if it’s an allergy.

If not, it might be the string that’s bothering you.

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Blushing bee
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I have always worn rings, but I can definitely say that I noticed my engagement ring for about the first month. I could feel my pulse in my finger sometimes, but now I’m totally used to wearing it.

As far as the itching, could be an allergy? I made sure to get platinum and haven’t had any issues. Otherwise, could be soap/lotion building up if you’re not careful. I’ve only read about people having issues once the rhodium wore off and they were exposed to the white gold (that contained nickel to help it be white).

A friend’s finger was irritated by her ring, but she has a skin condition that flares up ocassionally.

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Honey bee

It sounds like the ring is too tight now. First take it off and get your finger sized. Then have the ring sized to that number +.25. Then start wearing the ring while making sure that the skin underneath remains dry. Many nickel “allergies” are actually yeast infections brought on by an excess of moisture. An otc yeast med would be the next step if the irritation persists. While wearing your ring, wash and dry your hands on a regular basis. Always remove your ring at night. If after doing all this for several days you still have an issue I would have the ring remade in platinum.


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Sugar bee

Do you still have the string on it?  You could be having a reaction to the string, which could be dirty or have absorbed some soap or chemical or something by now.  

Also, taking it off and on repeatedly during the day probably isn’t helping, especially since it sounds like youre having to struggle to take it off.  

It’s also possible your finger is swelling (salt/bloating, hormonal bloating, etc).

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