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 I feel the same way sometimes.

I LOVE my husband, but ering was far away from something I wanted since he was a grad student at the time. My original ering is 0.5 ct diamond (kind a low quality diamond) solitaire in 4 prong 18k white gold ridiculously high setting (which I hated and resetted as low profile) while my dream ring always has been 1ct diamond in 6 prong platinum (real) Tiffany setting.

You can tell the huge gap between reality and theory, right? 

But when I received it, I cried because I thought he would buy something even worse and I could tell that my husband who doesn’t know anything about diamond and was on tight budget worked hard to get an ering. So, I would never trade it for world.

But at the same time, I couldn’t give up my dream ring, so recently, I purchased Tifanny replica ring with very beautiful high quality diamond simultant. It came out beautiful and of course I have been so happy, but there is a thing I noticed.

Bigger is not always better. In other words, small stone and big stone have different kinds of attraction, and there is beauty of only smaller stone has.  When you have different size of stones with same cut, you can see that each facet of smaller stone are smaller than that of bigger stone’s, so the how they shine is different (hard to express it in words).

Of course, big stone is more outstanding and have gorgeous fire. 

In short, it was good to get a ring I wanted to manage my ring regret. Now I use 2 rings (actually more than two) depending on how I want to express myself. When I feel like showing off big stone, I wear fake, and when I go date with husband or trying to make myself look cute, frugal,modest, and humble person, I wear original ering.

Fortunately, my husband doesn’t care what I wear that much, and he himself lost his wedding band already but I don’t care either. (I thought he would lose right away so got cheap band for him so it is fine.) I think you don’t have to stick to only one ring. I mean if you want to, you can get something you like for RHR etc anytime!      

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I thought maybe I would regret not getting something larger than a 1ct, but as soon as I saw my ring on my hand I knew I couldn’t go bigger. No regrets at all from me.

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I love my ring and I wouldn’t call it regret because I had no inpu. in my ring apart from my husband knowing my style and priorities bloody well but:

Theory- I lust over so many round and cushion halos I see on here and in my friendship circle. 

Reality- I’d love my .75 to become a 1ct. That little bit extra would make a huge difference and I know anythjng much bigger would my suit my hand or style. 

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I never had a dream ring so, yes and no. Our budget was tight so occasionally, when I see something really interesting and unusual I am sorry that I wasn’t able to consider it, that I wasn’t able to decide between that ring and the one I have. Effectively, that my budget limited my choices.

Then I think about my ring, and I know that I would probably have chosen it anyway. I like that it isn’t extravagant, because I’m not afraid of having something very expensive on my finger every day, that could be easily stolen. There is no reason why I can’t buy something exciting or expensive later, dress rings are the bomb, and you can have more fun because you don’t have to worry about everyday concerns, like snagging etc or worrying about softer stones, pearls, delicate settings etc.

I also remember a girl I knew when I was younger (we are the same age). Her mum (my mum’s midwife, way back when) ran into my mum at the shops. She boasted that her daughter (then 23 years old) was engaged to a rich banker and then actually bragged about the exact price of the ring to my mum. My mum was polite but didn’t know what to say (“Well, that’s a good price”?). Whilst I am fairly confident that no one in my immediate circle would ever talk about me like that, when my mum passed this on to me (she was pretty sure that was what was meant to happen) I wasn’t sure if the man had over or underpaid, but it really sounded like he was buying her. I’ve always found that side of the tradition disturbing.

My only real regret is that my partner refused to ask my mum/let me ask my mum for one of our family rings. I would prefer that he had less debt (we are both students) and my Great-Grandma’s deco cluster would have suited me fine, though it is a bit more blingy.

One thing I can say, I own (and used to wear) a modest (1930s, gorgeous) diamond solitaire, with a much higher profile than my engagement ring. When I wear it I knock it on everything! Anytime I look green-eyed at something high profile I remember that, and I am pleased not to be worrying about it every single day.

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