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  • Wedding: June 2019

My Fiance and I went ring browsing in stores twice. I tried things on and he knew what I liked. I was in the dark about him buying it. He paid entirely for it. He bought it from MoissaniteCo (oinline). It’s literally my perfect ring!

I didn’t try on any moissanite rings but I did get an idea of what I wanted from trying on diamond rings.

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He proposed (it was a surprise) and a few months later we had a ring custom made at a local shop. We actually purchased the stone and gold separately and are having the jeweler put everything together. I had never tried rings on in a store until the day we went in to see the jeweler but I’d done plenty of research online.

We talked about budget and he had a clear idea of what I was interested in, so no surprises there. Turns out that we have the same taste, so even if he’d been left to his own devices he would have known exactly what to get me. 

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  • Wedding: October 2019 - City, State

We picked it out together, but ordered it through a connection who worked in the business. She got us a way better deal, and also recommended the best shops that weren’t super pushy. Definitely read people’s experiences on google reviews too.

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  • Wedding: June 2017

My husband bought online. It was a complete surprise so he did it all on his own. and he did well.

The company he bought from (Whiteflash) sent him endless pics and videos of different styles on their employees who had similar sized fingers. He commented how much less pressure it was than going into a store and all that.

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  • Wedding: November 2019 - City, State

My SO just purchased a ring on the weekend! We shopped together because he quickly realized that he knows very little about jewelry and I’m very picky. We worked with a local jeweler who has loose diamonds in stock and an online diamond “market”. I did lots of online shopping to get an idea of what I like, I tried on a few things in store and decided on a setting that they don’t carry in store but could order in. With the detailed info online, I have a very good idea of what it will look like. Then we chose the diamond. The sales associate showed us a variety of diamond specs so we could see what they look like IRL, and chose the spec range we liked (I chose clarity & cut over color) and she compared her in-house stock price to the online market. We were able to find a warmer colored diamond (I or J) with awesome clarity and luster for a fraction of her stock prices ($2400 vs $8k). So I will not have seen any of the components of the ring until it’s all put together (the diamond and setting go to the jeweler who’s on-site goldsmith assembles it), but with her knowledge and my online research, I’m perfectly comfortable with that. 

SO didn’t have a budget until we went shopping because he didn’t know anything about ring pricing. After a little shopping he decided on a max budget and we actually ended up about $700 below that amount because I wasn’t totally comfortable with being at the top end of his budget.

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My husband (then boyfriend) took me to our local jeweler and told me to pick what I wanted.  I wasn’t given a budget but knew I wanted to keep it around $10k.  We didn’t tell the salesman what our price point was.  I just gave him an idea of what I thought I liked and he pulled settings out of the case for me to try.  I made very quick judgements on whether I liked them or not and moved on to the next setting.  If you linger too long they all end up being pretty!  Once I narrowed it down to 2 settings he pulled out loose stones to look at and we got an idea of what size looked best on my hand.  He wrote down all of the info for my husband who ended up calling the next day to order it.  I waited 6 months before the official proposal.  No offense to the chain stores but I feel like you get better service from independent jewelers.  

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  • Wedding: September 2017

We had my ring custom made after trying some on in a store to see what styles I liked and didn’t like on my hand, and to get a feel for the carat size that felt right to me. We bought the moissanite center stone separately and sent it to David Klass. I pretty much designed it myself, and then when it was finished he shipped it to my husband, who proposed. After the ring was complete, the rest of the proposal was up to my husband. He wanted me to have something I would love if I was going to wear it forever! 

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We talked about what I liked, he said “wouldn’t have ever thought that,” then he gave me a budget and I designed it, coming way under budget. He bought. He proposed. Not as romantic as some, but I got what I wanted and he knows I’m happy. We picked out the wedding ring together. This is both our second marriage so a lot of the worries about how things “should” be? I didn’t have. We’re just doing what works for us!

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  • Wedding: May 2019

My Fiance and I went shopping to one of the mall jewelers two or three times just to get an idea of what looked good on my finger and style/size I liked. He came up with the budget entirely on his own because he was paying for it entirely. I sent him a few pictures of what I liked, and he went a few times on his own (with his family and my family) to a local jeweler where he eventually purchased my ring!

I agree with PP, you’ll get much better and individualized service from an independent local jeweler than one of the chain stores. You also tend to find better deals and stones IMO.

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  • Wedding: March 2019

We also went with an independent, local jeweler and I’m really glad we did. I didn’t want to spend a ton of $$ on it, and it did come in WAY under the budget my SO had set for the ring, but over the budget I had set. I wanted to stay under $1.5, he wanted to spend no more than $8k, it came in around $2K, I believe.

He really wanted to go shopping with me because I didn’t want a diamond. I wanted an ice blue sapphire. He had no idea what that meant! So we went into the local jeweler 4 times to look at sapphires he had gotten in before the jeweler got in the correct color I was looking for. At first, I just wanted to buy the sapphire online, since I thought I could have gotten a better deal. My SO wanted to just do it all through the jeweler because he trusted that the quality would be better and we could actually see them before we bought one. Holy crap am I glad we did it his way! The stones the jeweler got in were so much more beautiful than anything I’d seen online! There were a lot of inclusions in the stones I was looking at, and those were just what I could see through the screen. I couldn’t have been happier with the stones the jeweler got in! And we picked out the setting based on the beauty of the stones. Plus the jeweler made sure we had the setting part (I went with a 6 prong so it was more secure and I think 4 prongs square off a round shape too much) in white gold to really set off the sapphire even though the rest of the ring is in rose gold. 

I am still waiting on the proposal, I know the ring has been in for a little over a week! Now its just trying to be patient until I get to see it all put together! When we purchased it, the side stones weren’t in, and I was kind of just holding it over the setting to see which setting I liked better. I have no idea which stone my SO went with in the final ring, so I’m just really excited to be engaged and to see the ring!! 

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  • Wedding: September 2014

My Fiance asked what I wanted. I had tried some rings on for fun a few years back but I didnt bother going again. I said I wanted a solitaire and that it had to be in platinum because I heard that was the toughest metal and the rest I left up to him. I wasnt actually that bothered by rings at that time.

He got advice from his friends who had bought ER rings before and he went to a jewler/diamond merchant that they recommended. He told the guy the sort of diamond he wanted and the combo of the 4Cs that he wanted. They went away, got 3 stones, called him back and showed him the 3 loose stones. He picked his favourite, said he wanted it in a platinum solitare, they designed and did the setting with no input from us.

He went and picked up the ring, paid and then proposed!

I am very happy with my ring. The diamond is beautiful. In hindsight I would have asked for 6 prongs instead of 4 and I would have asked for it to be set a bit lower as it does catch on things but I know why they made the setting the way they did because there is nothing blocking the light and the diamond does sparkle like nothing else I have seen.

Oh and the budget was all left to him. I still dont know how much he paid and I dont think he will ever tell me which is fine by me. He bought it with his money (or it was his money at the time lol).

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  • Wedding: June 2018

We went shopping together in the diamond district in Los Angeles. There are tons of jewelers and diamond dealers all in a few city blocks (and many in the same building as one another) and it was pretty awesome to just go from shop to shop to see what everyone had. We had discussed beforehand what style ring we were looking for, and what shape diamond. My now-husband set the budget since he was paying for it, and I let him do the negotiating since that really isn’t my strength.

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  • Wedding: May 2018

We kinda stumbled into the ring conversation. We both agreed that an engagement ring should be a solitaire. I was convinced it should be a 4 prong basket or something like the Tiffany harmony. He liked the 6 prong Tiffany. We came across a Tiffany and he had me try some rings on. I was so embarrassed. But after trying the 6 prong I knew it had to be that style. I was in love. But I forbade him to buy from Tiffany. I checked online what kind of settings I liked as I was very particular about the prongstyle, width of the shank, hoe how or better how low I want the diamond set and so on. I found settings I liked in all the major online store like whiteflash, BN or JA. I sent him information about the 4Cs and the specs I wanted (not the size but color cut and clarity). I sent him all the info over time. And at some point he found what he was looking for and ordered it. I didn’t know till the day he proposed. 

He went with JA and said he was happy with the service they provided. 

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We had a long conversation about getting engaged and ring shopping.  He wanted me to pick out the ring I wanted because he said he knows nothing about jewelry.  We discussed a budget and sort of what I was looking for.

I took the initiative and started researching cushion cut diamonds.  I wanted a certain carat size and seemed doable within the budget after looking on Blue Nile.  

I then reached out to my jeweler to see if he had anything in stock similar to what I was looking for and he got back to me right away and said he had the perfect stone.  I went down and looked at it on my own to make sure I wanted it and then SO and I went and looked at it together.  I wanted him to approve and be happy with his purchase.  He did and then I designed the setting with the help of the jeweler.

I loved being involved.  And I even added small rubies on the setting because they are SO’s birthstone. He would have never done that and I love that it makes it connected to him.

Here she is!

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