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Usually the second you walk into any jewelry store, somebody will be over to greet you and ask what you are looking for. Just ask to see their engagement rings! In my experience, places that do NOT pay their employees commission will provide much better, and much more honest, service. If you are going diamond, do as much research as possible before hand. Commission based sellers will too often either not know what they are talking about, or will try to see you a low quality diamond and tell you it’s great. I know plenty of bees have had great experience with chain stores such as Jared, but each time Fiance went there, they tried to sell him a crap diamond, not realizing that he did some serious homework and knew the specs that make the difference between a good diamond and a POS. Other than that, it’s usually a really great experience! So many amazing sparklies to look at.

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@alohakay:  I am totally intimidated by jewelry store shopping! I actually did most of my looking online, I found there were more options, less pressure, etc. By the time we actually walked into a store, I probably knew as much or more about rings and diamonds than the people who worked there haha! Definitely look around online first to see what catches your eye, then when you get to the store you can have a few ideas to mention.

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Hi @alohakay: Good info from the other Bees.

You can just walk into any Jewellery Store and “browse”.  It is really a common practice be it for any type of Jewellery, including ERings.

Here are some invaluable tips that I recently wrote out for another Bee here on WBee:

== cut & paste ==

1- Use your try-on session to see what it is you like, suits your hand etc.  If anyone asks, tell them you have just started looking and are in no rush.

2- Don’t cave into any pressure to buy on this your first trip out to look… just use it as a scouting mission.

3- The Jewellery Biz is highly competitive… and sometimes agressive.  The majority of Clerks make money off of commissions… so there will be high pressure sales… and pressure to buy a particular style (they may even be pushing a line cause they’ll get a higher commission).  Or they’ll tell you that it is one of a kind, or the Sale ends tomorrow… etc.  They also might be pushing other products… such as a Warranty – Insurance – or Credit Card.

See # 2 Above

4- Take your time.  As I said there will be some pressure to make a decision right then and there.  Don’t cave into this.  This is how many Jewellers get guys to buy what they push in their direction… (see # 3 Above).  Or how they’ll try to work the two of you against one another… you want Ring A, he likes Ring B… he wants to spend X, you want to spend Y.  Don’t talk about such stuff infront of the clerk.  Remember this is just a scouting mission.

See # 2 Above.

5- Think this process / purchase thru.  Because it is a SIGNIFICANT Purchase, and not one easily gone back on.  Jewellery is a lot like a Car… once you drive it off the lot… it decreases in value, can be hard to trade, or return.

6- Do your homework.  Read up and learn all you can about Jewellery… more so if you want to buy a Gemstone … Diamond or otherwise.

Diamonds in particular can be immensely complicated… lots to know.

The Traditional 4 Cs… CARAT – CUT (Quality) – COLOUR – and CLARITY

Along with the modern Cs of… CERTIFICATION and CONFLICT FREE / CANADIAN

Add in some Ss… SIZE – SHAPE – STYLE – SETTING

And of course COMFORT and COST

So lots of variables… and each one can effect pricing.  There is NO RIGHT OR WRONG.  Every couple has to find an equation that works for them…

I strongly suggest that BOTH of you do some reading & research… the WBee Ring Board has tons of info, and the more you read it, the more you’ll learn

As well there are Websites that have great info too… Blue Nile has an EXCELLENT EDUCATION Section… be you looking for a Diamond or Gemstone (or Pearls).  They also have a section devoted to Metals too (Platinum – Gold – Silver – Palladium – and Tungsten)


And on Blue Nile they also sells loose Diamonds, so figure out how much a Diamond might cost based on different variables (the many Cs)


5- If you do your homework, and take your time… chances are you’ll end up with a Ring you BOTH love and treasure for many many years to come.

This is important, because an ERing is both a symbol of your LOVE as well as usually being a SIGNIFICANT Purchase.  Getting it right the first time is important.

Too many couples don’t and that can lead to hurt feelings and mistakes… some times quite costly ones…

Hope this helps,

PS… There is no rush.  Buying a ERing is sort of like any other MAJOR Life Purchase (Car – House etc) the more you know the better experience you’ll have.  Mr TTR and I ended up taking 6 Weekends to find the one that worked best for us after he Proposed “sans ring”

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