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Strange. What sort of stores have you been going into?

I generally went into fairly high end stores (Tiffany’s, Birks etc.) and was treated fine. I look very young, but I am older than you. I don’t exactly wear designer clothes or carry extremely expensive handbags, so it’s not like I give an uber wealthy impression or anything.

I really don’t know why they would do that. So stupid… they’re losing business. I will never understand why some store clerks judge books by their covers, you know?

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It could be an age issue- maybe you look young for your age? (Not that 23 is old by any means, but it could mean you look 15-16?) Maybe they think you are not in a position to buy or think you are just playing around… I’d do some research online and go in armed with knowledge. Start with something like, “I will be getting engaged soon. I really like princess cut diamonds in 4 prong settings, could you show me something like that?” Or start with a budget point- “We plan to spend $x and I prefer platinum settings- do you have any bridal sets that would fit that?” 

I wouldn’t be worried if they are “snobby”, they are there to work and will probably even make a commission from a sale. If you present yourself as a serious potential buyer, they will respond to you that way. πŸ™‚ 

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Oh honey, you are not alone. I am 25 and STILL get treated this way.

One time I went shopping with my dad and I was buying the gift not him, and all they did was talk to him etc and then when we went up to pay for the ring I was purchasing ($500+ value) they STILL hadn’t figured out it was ME buying it ( apparently at 25 I don’t make enough to spend money there who knows what they think) and asked my dad for payment. We were both so annoyed I looked at the lady and said, actually it was me that was purchasing this but since you quite obviously don’t want my money you don’t need my sale and we left the store. I tried going back there a couple different times only to get the same treatment. 

There are someout there that are really good though. I also tend to try to find younger sales people because they (usually) don’t seem to have the same snobby chip on their shoulders. 

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chevaldame:  That’s really shitty. I wonder if they treat you that way because they are maybe paid on commission. If they are and they see a young girl wanting to “try things on” they probably aren’t as interested in helping because they wont make a sale- which is not an excuse because customer service is their job. I wonder if you and your SO went in together, you’d be treated different because of a possible sale. Its really sad people are that way. Anytime I’m at a sporting goods store, and I want to look at a firearm I stand at the counter and wait, and wait…. and wait. Everyone walks past me, not even a hello. I present myself very well, and I’m 23 also. I dont know if they think I’m just standing there to look pretty, or what. As soon as my Fiance comes and stands by me, immediatley there is someone “hello sir, what can I help you with”. Its so hard to not stand up on the counter and yell “I wanted the help!! Where is my “hello miss, what can I help you with!!??” Stupid people. Next time when they treat you like that, say “Well, I have a 15k budget and I really don’t feel like I’m getting the help I need. I’ll be going somewhere else”. I bet their attitude will change.

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Is this in multiple chains of stores, or is this just one store? I did have a similar experience in one People’s that I went into at the beginning of our ring search. The attitude of the salesperson felt like “Ok, can I go on my break now?” She didn’t act like she wanted our business. So we didn’t go back πŸ™‚

I think if you go in with an idea of what questions to ask, you might get better service. Possibly. Also, I heard an interesting thing on a show recently, don’t overdress to go to a high end store, it makes you look like you are trying too hard. 

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chevaldame:  Thats really too bad. Luckily for me, we went through our local jeweler, who was my family jeweler before I was even born. I hope you can find a place that will respect, and help you so this can be a fun time for you, like it should be.

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Ive had some snobby salespeople at mall stores before, but ive also gone into tiffanys in yoga pants and a top knot (we had just left yoga, and decided to go shopping lol) and they were totally wonderful and showed me anything I wanted! If they are being that jerky, dont go back. There are plenty of store that have great customer service and they dont look down on you (even if you look a hot mess in your yoga attire πŸ˜‰ ). 

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chevaldame:  This happen to me too!! it’s the worst. But a quick gab back always did the trick! I went into one store in Boston and was trying on a ring which was right in my price point, was actually rounding the end of my lunch break so I was leaving anyway and already having a less then welcoming time in the store. Another employee walked up to me and said o sweetie here try these on so you don’t have you expectations too high they are all under $1000….. I quietly took off the ring I had on looked right at her and said OO Sweetie my budget it 10 times that but I’ll bring my business else were where the people are so tacky Thanks! And walked out her face was priceless. 

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chevaldame:  I think Katie918 is spot on.  Many jewlery store employees make money by making sales, and most likely if you are in looking around at engagement rings, they know that you will most likley not be buying anything.  Also, there are many girls who will just go in and look for “fun” and there is no engagement in the works.  I am not saying that gives them the right to treat you that way, but from their perspective I am guessing that is what they are thinking.

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This happens to me pretty much every time I have gone into any kind of jewelry store, whether it be local or a chain–except for our local Gordon’s. The people there have been consistently friendly and helpful, even if you’re just browsing. There is a local place near where I work that I’ve gone to half a dozen times for various things–an appraisal, repairs, resizing, etc… they are always cold to me. If they weren’t so close I would write them off. 

Very weird phenomenon! All it has done is encourage me to shop online, lol. I don’t know if it matters, but I do dress nicely and look put-together, and I’m 29 but people say I look 24-25ish. So I dunno.

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This is what a Skag is (Borderlands 1-2) so I hope you don’t look like that! πŸ˜‰


If these are local stores, then I would write/email whomever owns or manages the stores and say you were treated inappropriately. I am 27, I pass for 16 and I’ve never been treated like this, either at big box stores or small local jewelers. I don’t dress super nice, I don’t wear expensive anything and they treat me well. Could it just be you’re looking for a malicious tone or action? It’s possible that they perhaps didn’t imply correctly and you’re seeing what isn’t there. It generally happens to anyone who has ever been spurned by someplace or someone… you kinda expect it.

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