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Honey Beekeeper
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I’m really opposed to the idea of renting out a room in our home. I know we have 4 empty ones, but we’d lose so much privacy that I think it’d hurt our marriage and just be a bother all the time. The only pro i can see is more money, and honestly, you don’t want to buy a home just assuming you can rent those rooms out. Yeah the extra money is ncie, but i think the negatives of wear/tear on the rooms, having someone share your joint living spaces, having someone in your house all the time, and the possibility of stuff breaking (toilets?) is too major of a deterrant to me.

also i like to walk around the house in shorty shorts and a tank top without a bra on. I certainly couldn’t do that with roommates!!!! =P

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Bumble bee

I own a 2 bedroom condo and rented out the 2nd bedroom for a year before the Fiance moved in. Mine has less room than yours and has closer quarters, but I didn’t have a problem with it because I got along with the roommate. He worked from home but was gone during most weekends so it worked out perfectly. When he was in town during the weekends, he often brought home his long-term girlfriend and she was cool too.

My Fiance and I have considered renting out the 2nd bedroom again. If we do, there will be a lot of stipulations like minimal overnight friend stays, no smoking, no partying, etc.

During your search, interview your candidates so that you have an idea of their financial condition and mental well-being. If necessary, have them fill-out an application and run their credit. Make sure you sign a month-to-month contract so that if things are not as you expected, you can evict them. On the contract you can stipulate your house rules. Request a deposit that will be enough to cover costs if damages during the move/stay occur and secure your important/valuable belongings off-site.

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Honey bee
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Before we bought a house I rented with a roommate I found on Craigslist. I’ve had friends, and I’ve had good and bad roommates. The one I had when we decided to buy, is awesome. She’s always on time with rent, Super quiet, neat, and honestly, never know she’s around. We told her she can move with me to the new house until the wedding, but I told her the other day she could stay as long as she wanted. If it was anyone BUT her, I’d be like “OUT!” but she’s one of the best I’ve ever had. Honestly, she’s hardly here and if she is then she stays in her room… Whenever she leaves we won’t get another one… 

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Buzzing bee
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My fiance inherited his house from his dad when his dad passed away (fiance was 19 years old; house has a mortgage). Needless to say, he couldn’t afford the mortgage without roommates then, and we probably will not be able to afford the mortgage without roommates until I’m out of college. 🙁 Which won’t be for at least four years (it’s taking me forever!).

And let me tell you, it definitely sucks. We have been living together with roommates for over two years now (have NEVER lived alone), and aside from the privacy issues (you can’t just have sex when ever you want, have to worry about being quiet, can’t walk around in short shorts, with no bra, etc.), there are so many other issues. Like who buys the food, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, who cleans the house (one person’s definition of clean is almost always different than anothers), roommates different lifestyles (having a 9-5 job living with someone who works and stays up late at night), people being loud without even realizing it, etc. There are so many issues that can arise.

And I actually like my roommates– now imagine if you get a roommate and you end up not liking this person? Oh, what I would give to not have roommates!

So I recommend that if you can afford the place without roommates, do that. But if you do decide to do the roommate thing, don’t rent to a friend. That can turn very bad/hurtful/frustrating/etc. very fast, and you’ll lose your friend.

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Bumble bee
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My brother lived with us for his final year of university. We have a finished basement, so he had his own separate “space”. I’ll admit that there were times when the lack of privacy and being able to wear anything I wanted got to me. For the most part part though, it was nice to have some extra money coming in that we hadn’t been expecting, and I think the key factor was that we knew he was only there for 8 months.

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Helper bee
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We had a friend who needed a place to stay during the first 6 months we lived together. That 6 months turned into 8 and it was a lot of unnecessary stress in our relationship. The lack of privacy was the worst. If you don’t need a roommate for financial reasons, don’t its harder than it sounds.

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Bumble bee
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We have/had a friend who moved up to the area and needed a place to stay.  We thought we’d do her a huge favor and let her stay here for minimal rent–huge mistake!  If you end up renting, definitely don’t let friends stay :-/  We’re now in a sticky mess…she’s moving out at the end of the month but it has been a LONG four months and a real strain on FI’s and my relationship since we’re on edge all the time.  If you don’t need to rent the space, I would avoid it!

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Buzzing bee
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We’ve had, and currently have roommates.  J tends to “adopt” college age rodeo  kids and we do what we can to help them out.  Only one didn’t work out but that was an odd case in the first place and was super temporary to start. 

I think as long as you’re particular about who you let live there and make sure that everyone has their own place to hang out then it can be great.  (And by own space I mean it’s harder if you don’t like hanging out in your bedroom and so the only place you want to relax is the livingroom.)  Sure, I have to wear more clothing now but it’s not that big of a deal.  It’s certainly worth the extra money!  (It also means that we have pet sitters whenever we’re out of town which is huge in and of itself.) 

If you know the people and think your styles mesh well then I say go for it.  (For example, I wouldn’t be able to live with one of my best girlfriends.  We’re just not compatible like that.) 

Oh, and while I’m not a SUPER private person, I am an introvert and need my space but having a roommate doesn’t bother me at all.  Well worth it in my experience.

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Honey bee
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It really all depends on your situation. 

If we were to get a roommate, we would only get one even though we have three bedrooms. Yes, there are multiple rooms upstairs but thats a lot of extra people.  I want to have majority rules in my house.

Secondly, it would be someone we personally know or interviewed very in depth. 

Also, have a very detailed SHORT lease.  I would never do a 1 year lease, probably something around 3-9 months. 

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Busy bee
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I had a friend who was engaged..they bought a 3 bedroom townhouse condo.  They had another couple who was also engaged stay with them for a little of year.  They each had their own bathroom and bedroom.  

It worked out really well for all of them…they were in a gorgeous home, with friends and they split everything down the line.  It was a great way for both couples to save money while planning their weddings.

I would only rent out to professional friends…ones that aren’t going to bail on $ and eat all your food and use all your toilet paper.  

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Bee Keeper
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We would never, ever do this. We lived with another couple in a 2 bed/2 bath apartment for one year, and the year before that a 2 bed/1 bath. We thought the extra bath would fix everything, but it was a disaster. They didn’t pay on time, didn’t clean up after themselves, and were constantly having friends over to stay the night. They were really nice people until the first time they couldn’t make rent… then all hell broke loose (I think she felt ashamed that she couldn’t pay me back, but she took it out on me.) We ended barely on speaking terms. I am cherishing having our own apartment! 

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Bumble bee
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I was the roommate to a couple who owned a house. It went so badly I moved out after 4 months – they asked me to leave and I was thrilled to go. Because it was their house they wanted things a certain way. I don’t blame them, but it’s pretty miserable to live by someone else’s rules when you’re paying rent. Otherwise I have had great roommate experiences – since no one owns the place we mutually decide on housekeeping etc. I’ve always managed the privacy / having friends and partners over issue just fine, so if you’re concerned about that then having a roommate is a really bad idea.

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