(Closed) Roomate…Squatting for the Month of September

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Bumble bee
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I would just call the police and tell them to escort her off of your property and then have the locks changed. If there is no lease agreement and she isn’t paying rent, then kick her ass out.

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Honey Beekeeper
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@CupCakeMeg:  I used to work in the apartment business and you may be SOL with her and may have to get legal eviction for her.  Your letter to her – proof of verbal rent agreement, therefore she is a legal tenant.  Not to mention that you may be in breach of your lease agreement with the apartment complex (of course I don’t know what your lease says) by having someone living in the apartment that isn’t on the lease.  She kind of has you over a barrel and I don’t think that this is the first time she has done this, it was her statement about eviction that makes me think that.  Sorry that this turned out so bad, wish people would just be responsible adults and take care of their bills or be kind enough to know when it is time to leave.

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Bumble bee
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After reading the big about how she isn’t going to pay rent this month, I thought “call the police.”  I would calmly tell her you are doing it about 10 minutes before you do it. 

She’s a bully.



If her car was repossessed, I doubt she’ll pass the credit check that most landlords would run on her.  She needs you.  Exercise the upper hand.

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Buzzing bee
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It may not be the end of the world that you don’t have a written lease. If it’s month to month you can give HER a 30 day notice. It’s called an at-will lease, so the reverse would also be true. As far as her rent, you do have proof of what amount she paid as a written record of what her rent is each month.

At this point I would serve her with a 3 day notice to pay or quit. If she violates it, you MAY be able to call the police and tell them she trespassing. Meantime, keep records as to every penny she owes in rent and utilities so you can prepare in case you have to evict. Then, go forward with a small claims lawsuit to get a judgment against her for what she owes.

But I would not negotiate or speak to her anymore. Stay calm and communicate in writing. I am not a lawyer, so double-check my recommendations to make sure I am correct. Call your local housing authority and they will be able to advise you. Good luck, keep your cool and be patient-you WILL get her out.

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Honey Beekeeper
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Wow I would have kicked the girl out a long time ago.  But I agree with tksjewelry that you have be careful if your apartment complex doesn’t allow you to have people living in the apartment that aren’t on the lease.

Good luck, I hope you can get her out soon.

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Helper bee
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@tksjewelry: It might be different if she is actually living there. People who sublet rooms while still living there usually have greater rights than renting out a whole apartment to someone.

@cupcakemeg: I would do a bit of research about the renting regulations in your area and see what you can do, it’s likely you can evict her with little to no notice and still be within your rights.

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Busy bee
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I’m not a lawyer, but my take on the situation is that without a leases SHE has no rights to stay. A lease not only protects the landlord (you) but also the renter (her) from being told to vacate the property. Without a lease, she has no recourse if you just tell her to leave. If she refuses to leave, then I would get the police involved and have removed from the property. I believe you would be in your rights to simply remove her stuff and put it outside and change the lock. She becomes no different then any unwelcome guest/intruder. You have a lease, you pay for the place, you have rights, it would appear to me, she does not!

Again, not a lawyer. I know some cities offer free over the phone legal advice to renters. You may want to see if you can reach something like this for assistance on how to proceed. But I can’t imagine you have to allow her to squat in your apartment for a month.

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Busy Beekeeper
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Time to change the locks and get some cardboard boxes!

She doesn’t sound like a nice person….I would also eventually move from your apartment as well.

Also, the police can be a great place to start because they can come talk to you about your rights and her rights. If she turns out to be classified as an intruder/unwanted guest, then they will take care of her for you

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Buzzing bee
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I wouldnt trust her or her Boyfriend or Best Friend having access to all of my things

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Sugar bee
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Sorry, this is happening to you.  For every good room leases, there’s always a nightmare one that rears it ugly head.  I rented rooms for years before I found a roomie and never had any issues.  But then again, I’m not psycho and appreciate paying $800/mo instead of $1600/mo for a one bd in the wondeful OC.

I know that you’ve had to dip into your wedding fund but I would honestly get rid of her now.  She knows your situation and know that your reasonable ppl so she’s going to come up w/ every excuse possible until you throw her out on her…..Plus she called you a B—- and that’s not how you treat someone who is on the lease and can easily through your S$%T on the street. 

Also if your concerned she create problems w/ your lease office, talk to someone in the office your cool w/ and tell them a good story.  Just give them a heads up that there may be some drama(if the police have to call).  This way the office won’t start harrassing you after resolve the situation. 


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Busy Beekeeper
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@CupCakeMeg: I would not only change the locks, but put all her stuff outside as well. She has no lease, so you can kick her out whenever you want, and she is also behind on her rent and threatening you.

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