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My first college roommate and her boyfriend used to have sex when I was in the room. We had bunk beds.

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Darling Husband and I lived with a girl that NEVER CLEANED ANYTHING. At all. She would make something with a cream sauce, and then leave the pan she used on the stove overnight. She never did any dishes. She drank like a fish and for almost 6 months she decided to make the living room her bedroom, and I would always be tripping over half-empty beer cans (by the dozen) when I left for work.

We confronted her about it numerous times, and she would say “yeah yeah of course this and that will change” but nothing ever did. We couldn’t afford the place on our own, and didn’t know anyone else who needed a place to live, so we couldn’t kick her out. Plus, we were all good friends before we moved in together. We had no inkling she’d be like this, but I still don’t know if I’d have been able to kick her out. Darling Husband says I’m way too nice. As soon as our lease was up we moved out. 

So then, when we moved out, she got our friend (who had rented a Uhaul) to move her stuff to her new apartment first, and never came back. When we went into her room, there was a stack of dirty dishes a foot high, and half a dozen glasses on the desk she left. Also, 6 30-GALLON TRASH BAGS FULL OF TRASH! 6! She never answered our calls to tell her to come back and clean her shit up. She just took what she wanted and left the rest of her crap. I couldn’t believe it. I’m still mad, going on 2 years later. She got none of the security deposit back. 

The worst part is, she was in our group of friends. She alienated pretty much all of us, in various ways, and apparently now has no friends, so she’s trying to make amends with everyone. She sends us cards and emails, saying she’s sorry that she stopped talking to us after we all moved out of the house. She believes that’s why we’re angry, that she stopped hanging out. Which blows my mind.

And, the entire time we lived together, she was a huge passive-aggressive bitch to Darling Husband. We still refuse to talk to her. 

ETA: Sorry for the length. 


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A roommate used my scissors to do a little…erm…personal pruning.  I threw them away.

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@MissHelen: We didn’t have bunk beds, but my college roomie did that to me at least once a week. She even had the nerve to wake me up and ask me to go to a different floor a couple of times after I told her it made me uncomfortable. I’d have to call one of my friends and beg them to come pick me up and let me crash on their couch for the night. 🙁

And not my roommate, but a roommate of a good friend had a drug problem and wasn’t very discreet about it. The last straw for my friend was when the roommate sold his entire DVD collection for drug money. My friend kicked him out and called the cops on the spot.

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In grad school I got stuck living in a flat with 4 guys (and 1 girl who never came out of her room, EVER). Only two of them would take out the garbage/recycling besides me, and none of them ever wiped the counter, stove or kitchen table down after preparing or eating anything, so every possible surface in our kitchen was constantly spattered with grease, puddled with water and other liquids I’d rather not think about, and strewn with crumbs.

The campus housekeepers came once a week, but only wiped the counters down quickly with a damp cloth, and didn’t even bother trying to scrub the thick brown grease off the stove. So it always ended up with me breaking down and disinfecting all the kitchen surfaces just so I could stand to cook anything in there.

ETA: Is is possible for you to work out a laundry schedule with them so that you can have a regular laundry day?

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I lived with two other girls when I was 21.  One of the girls gave our key out to every guy she dated during the time we lived together.  It was a LOT of guys.  There were always random half naked guys walking through our apartment.  Not cool. 

Same girl also invited over some friends of hers who proceeded to get drunk and have sex on our kitchen counter.  My other roommate upon seeing this called them disgusting hogs and kicked them out.

It got so bad we had to ask this girl to move out and she baracaded herself in her room putting her dresser infront of her door that opened to the rest of the apartment. (Her bedroom had a seperate entrance from the outside.)

I could go on but these were the highlights of living with her.

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Wow!  Fiance and I had a roommate that spilled something red on the carpet in his room.  Upon moving out (well, being kicked out), he vacuumed the room and left the vacuum on top of the stain so we didn’t see it at first.  He said he was going to come back to “finish cleaning”, but we never heard from him again.  He would also invite a bunch of his friends over without asking (or even letting us know) late at night.  They were all so loud we could sleep or even watch tv in the other room.

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I had a roomie who was constantly cold. She turned the heat up to 80, which made me short of breath due to my asthma. We couldn’t agree on the temperature, and one night I came back and she had put the thermostat on like, 83 and taped it. It pissed me off so badly I slept in a friend’s room. 

Another roommate never left the room. Like…never. She would go to the bathroom about twice a day, ate meals in the room, and skipped classes all the time. I stayed up one night a week until classes the next day to work on newspaper, and one day I tried to take my weekly nap, and she woke me up by loudly playing a video game because she figured after 2 hours I had slept long enough. Not when literally all you’ve had is two hours! Oh the memories :P.

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Ugh, where to begin. My roommate’s boyfriend who didn’t have his own place decided he was going to spend Wed-Monday morning in our dorm room every week. They used to have sex in the bed right next to me. Used to watch tv until 1am when I had 8am classes. I would leave for the week and come back to beer bottles and caps all over my stuff (and we were both underaged). She tried to arrange a drug deal for him when I was there. She had random people banging on our windows and yelling at her for whatever reason at 2am. Yeah, moving out of that situation didn’t happen soon enough!

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I am so glad the only roommate I’ve ever had is my husband.I don’t think I could ever live with someone else

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I hate to say it but my roomate story closely resembles the movie “The Roomate” I couldn’t even finish watching it because it spooked me too much.

It was my first year of University and I was living on res, she seemed completely normal at first but then got VERY obsessive and controlling. She would call me all the time when I was out, would take pictures of my girlfriends and I from high school and photoshop her head on my friends bodies, would inbox my boyfriend threatening emails to stay away from me, would get mad when I went out without telling her where I was going… but the final straw was when I went through her laundry basket because she had borrowed a pair of my jeans and found my underwear (that I had no idea went, ends up she would take them from the dryer when we did laundry together) in there and it was clearly worn. I confronted her about it and she went completely insane, saying that if I told anyone and embarrassed her like that I was going to regret it.  Yeah… I didn’t stay there long. More has happened since then, she’s legally not allowed near me anymore.

Now you know why the movie Roomate spooked me right out!

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@Miss Marbles: That does sound exactly like the movie! How creepy!

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Roommate #1:

My 2nd year in college, I was living with 2 friends in a suite-like dorm room.  The 4th girl backed out on us, she decided she wanted to live off campus in a house, which was fine, but then we ended up with an incoming freshman who was randomly placed with us.

All this girl ever talked about was southern manners this, southern manners that… she had the WORST manners EVER.  Ugh.  I was the 1 sharing a bedroom with her.  She didn’t speak a single word to me on move in day, despite us facebooking back and forth through the summer.  Her parents gave her anything she asked for, all she ever did was fight with them on the phone & say rude things to her mom or scream at her & hang up.  

The 1st 2 or 3 weeks of school she went out & partied every single night.  No exaggeration.  Every night.  And every night she would come home, turn on the lights to our room, grab her chair, & sit down at her computer, typing loudly & eating loud crunchy potato chips at 3am.

She begged my other 2 roommates to introduce her to a male friend of ours.  They finally gave in after a few weeks.  She went out with him 1 night, & I was starting to get sick so I asked my now Fiance to drop me off at my dorm instead of staying in his apt that night.  Roomate comes back, theyre hanging out in the living room, she knew I was in there sick, trying to sleep (I said something to her when she flipped the lights on, so its not like she thought they’d be alone)

We had bunk beds, thankfully she was on the bottom, but she brings him into the room like an hour after they get back and start fooling around.  It was super awkward since she was with 1 of my friends 3 feet below me… and unfortunately I have this memory that wont go away of her saying “It’s not sex if I keep my thong on.”  


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My first semester of college…. there were 3 of us in this little room.  The one girl was really nice.  The other… she became a stripper.  And then she started bringing different guys over to have sex with in our room (and left things like KY out in plain site, ewww).  And then she started selling drugs out of the room.  Thank goodness I switched schools after that semester.  I guess it got worse after I left.

We were on an all girls floor and the bathroom was just a few doors down.  One day I went to get a quick shower and came back in a robe and there were like 5-6 random guys in our room.  She didn’t introduce them or anything.  And they kept staring at me as I was hurrying to get my clothes to get dressed in the bathroom.  It was really awkward.  Especially after she started sleeping with different guys while we were sleeping (or trying to sleep).

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