(Closed) Root Canal and IUD (Skyla) insertion today. What a day.

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Yikes! I just made my appt to get a Skyla IUD put in this afternoon (free through UHC for the win!).

Pretty jazzed about saving $40/month on my Nuvaring, not having babies for three years, and the convenience of it all. However, this has me very nervous as I’m planning to go to work afterward… Hmm.

Anyway, thanks for sharing, even if I am a bit more nervous now. 

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I totally lost my sex drive on nuvaring. I am just in the process of switching to a pill, to see if that will help. Im sad bc I love the nuvaring!! so easy, and no other side effects. it was so weird to go to a doctor and talk about sex drive. that was weird for me. but i did it for fi.

I will def consider an IUD if this doesn’t work. The doctor said sometimes an adjustment in the type of progestin will help get the drive back. she even compared data about the different hormone formulations and selected the one she thinks might have the right balance of stuff.

I am also on effexor for depression, so that also (i think) affects my drive. i’m not so willing to monkey with that dosage, or change medications. plus going off effexor is like coming off heroin. baaaaaad withdrawl.

anyway, thank you for sharing your story. I have been doing a lot of research about different contraception methods and their effect on libido. bottom line, it’s a total crap shoot.


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FutureMrsDinATL:  hugs! What a day you had! I hope the rest of your week is a lot better!!! While I cannot relate to your root canal experience, I hear you on the IUD. 

I just got my Mirena in yesterday and had a somewhat similar experience. I’m 26, never had kids before and have been on oral BC for years. Sex drive sucks!

My insertion wasn’t painful but REALLY uncomfortable from the pressure. It was longer than expected since I have a tilted uterus which made things more complicated. My doctor talked me thru the entire process so I wasnt completely in the dark. I felt absolutely fine minutes after the insertation but as soon as I walked out of the doc office (about 10 min later), I nearly passed out! Vision started blurring, head was spinning and my knees nearly gave out! I had to talk myself through not collapsing and breathing. I went back inside once my vision stabilzed. The doctor had me lay down for an hour, and gave me snacks, pizza and lollipops. She said some women haVW delayed reactions after their bodies are put through stress. Yikes! I couldn’t relax during so I guess all of my anxiety built up and that was the result. Sounds like it’s more common than it is known. 

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FutureMrsDinATL:  I had the Mirena inserted back in July and I definitely could have gona back to work. It hurt for all of like 2 seconds and I had some slight cramping but that was it. I think I’m the exception though because so many women tell a completely different story lol. I hope yours works out for you. I actually had mine removed after 5 months because it was causing too many problems. That was a very sad day for me πŸ™

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I’m 32, never had children and I got my Mirena October 2014. Insertion didn’t feel good, but it wasn’t that bad. I’d say a 5/10. I didn’t have any nausea or dizziness, but just a general icky/crampy feeling. I was perfectly fine to drive home. I ended up spending the day on the couch watching movies, napping, eating comfort food. But if I had to go to work, I would have been fine. I got one very light period in November and nothing since! The only real change I have noticed is a dull backache I never had before. I’m trying to stretch a little more often, but other than that I 100% recommend it!

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I have had the Mirena for 2.5 years now.  I have the least amount of side effects on it than any other BC I have been on.  I only had 2 intense cramps when they did mine, the sounding and the actual IUD insertion.  The worst part for me was the clamp that they had on my cervix, it was a horrible uncomfortable burning sensation for a while.

I haven’t had any periods with the Mirena and my sex drive is better than it has been on anything else.

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FutureMrsDinATL:  I was spotting more days than I wasn’t and pretty much had constant cramping. I would also get random pains in my side/back plus a lot of bloating. I also couldn’t feel my strings anymore because they “curled around my cervix” according to my doctor. Well, it just freaked me out that I couldn’t feel them because I was afraid it might move or go through my uterus and I’d never know. For all I know those issues might have stopped at 6 months but I was so tired of dealing with it, I just decided to remove it.

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FutureMrsDinATL:  Thanks for posting this!! And thank you ladies for posting your experiences too, I’m leaning towards getting an IUD and Skyla is high on my list.

I had a LEEP done a few years ago and I nearly passed out in the bathroom while getting dressed. Same symptoms- dizzy, sweating, and tunnel vision. Another doctor caught me in the hall and escorted me to a separate room for snacks and apple juice lol. Sucked and felt really embarrassed. This is what’s holding me back from going to an IUD tomorrow lol…

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