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I haven’t had one, but I need one since I have a cavity the size of a pepper seed in my back tooth. For me, since I don’t have insurance and teeth don’t last very long after a root canal anyway, I’d just get it pulled [cheaper]. I plan on getting my tooth pulled, but it’s the tooth furthest back, so I don’t think I’d miss it. I already can’t chew on my back teeth on either side of my mouth, and once I get it pulled, maybe I’ll be able to chew on one side.

Both sides of my family are known for terrible teeth; not crooked or anything, they just chip and break really easily. Sorry I don’t have any advice. All I’ve had done is all four wisdom teeth out at once, and since I had awesome drugs, I don’t remember anything about that entire week. Is there any way to reschedule it so it’s further away from the wedding?

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I’ve had two root canals done (boo) and to be honest, they weren’t that bad.

The first one I had done was a big molar and the dentist did it all in one go which was not that pleasant but it was more uncomfortable than painful.  From memory I think I had it done in the morning and took the rest of the day off work to feel sorry for myself!  I had the molar root filled and crowned six years ago and it’s still in great shape.

I had the second root canal (a pre-molar) done in two sessions about two months apart and I can honestly say I didn’t feel a thing!  At the end of the first session my dentist put an antibiotic into the tooth and sealed it with a temporary filling so that any infection could be dealt too before being permanently sealed.  I think I even went back to work after the second session.

Trust me when I say it will be much less traumatic than having teeth pulled and you’ll be fine and feel much better as soon as you have it done.

Good luck and I’m sure it will all go well!

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i had a root canal at the end of last year. It wasnt that painfull and the worst part was how much your head hurt from laying on the dentist chair that long. I didnt experiance very much after pain and asprin helped when i did. I am sure you will be fine 😉 

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Sorry to go off-subject but I just wanted to comment @Mrs. Bear Cheese Pie:  teeth pulled in the very back are actually often the MOST missed. My fiance had a back molar pulled a few years ago and he finally went to the dentist last week, who told him he needs a bridge immediately because part of the purpose of a back molar is to provide support to the other teeth. His other back teeth are now “leaning” because they don’t have that support. This will cause structural/jaw/long term problems unless he gets his bridge. 

Some people (like myself) have teeth pulled because their mouths are too small/teeth are too crowded, which obviously alleviates a problem. But having a back molar pulled due to a cavity creates a new problem in many situations.

I would definitely talk with a dentist/endodontist before having a tooth pulled to avoid a root canal. You don’t want to find out 5 years down the road you have to have more invasive, expensive dental procedures because of unexpected consequences. 

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@lisabula:  I have gorgeous, straight white teeth… but underneath that lie my horrible genes!!! I have tons of cavities despite years and years of taking great care of my teeth. I FINALLY have a dentist who understands that and doesn’t say I don’t floss or whatever!!! I have had two root canals in the past few years and they are NO big deal. I wasn’t in any pain afterwards, didn’t take any type of pain medication for it, and was back at work the next day no problem. Don’t worry!! You will be fine! 🙂

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DO NOT get your tooth pulled, just get the root canal it’s really not a big deal at all as long as you have a good dentist. I had one a few years ago by a different dentist and it wasn’t the best experience because I didn’t love the dentist. My new dentist (as of 5 years, lol) is fabulous. He lets me wear my ipod while he is working (I hate the noise of the instruments), maybe you can do that, too! Too bad you are not in NY, or I would recommend my dentist to you!!

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Root canals saveteeth, they don’t destroy them. I’m not sure why there’s an earlier comment about them not lasting long after one.

A root canal in a molar will take two visits. There is no pain during or after. You’ll get a crown on the tooth afterwards. You can eat and drink afterwards and don’t eedany medications.

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I have lived through some serious dental nightmares, but having my molar pulled one one of the worst. Itwasn’t a choice- i had chronic infections- and I wish it never had happened. 

Now I have a large (not visible) gap (there’s one tooth behind it) and at some point either need a bridge (cost about $2500-3000) or an implant (cost about $2000). Due to the expense, I haven’t dine anything yet. Every time I go, I’m warned that my teeth can move & cause a lot of problems. 

Get the root canal- it’s a walk in the park compared to this. 

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It’s not pleasant for sure, but you will feel better quickly with all of that built up poison gone.


I agree with the PP who said it’s better than an extraction.  She’s right, other teeth will start moving and that is really bad news.


 A lot of your pain is pressure from the toxins trapped inside.



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Do the root canal. My dad has had at least 4 root canals and they’ve never caused more than 2-3 days of recovery. I am about 99% sure that if you follow what the dr says, take the antibiotics and give yourself time to heal, you’ll be okay!

And I agree with PP– don’t pull teeth. I had a molar that only grew in halfway when I was 10 or 12 or so. When I was 16 I needed braces a SECOND time because the short tooth had caused all the teeth in my mouth to lean over it. I ended up having it capped after my teeth were corrected to stop that from happening again.

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@indiblue:  Oh, I meant for me there. I wouldn’t miss it. My mouth is super tiny. My dentist always had to use child sized things on me, and even commented a couple times that they didn’t make stuff small enough for my mouth. I haven’t chewed on them in years. I wasn’t kidding when I said both sides have bad teeth. My grandmother on my dad’s side had dentures by the time she was in her 30s, and a few of my aunts and uncles on my mom’s side [in their 40s] already have dentures too. For me, it would be better to get it pulled than a root canal, since I’ll just have to get it pulleda year or so later anyway.

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Having a root canal probably won’t be as painful as having a tooth out. You might go a day or so with some discomfort, but typically the dentist will give you antibiotics after doing it, so you will feel better. He might even lessen your bite on that tooth so you don’t hit on it as much when you chew.

Pulling the tooth, especially if its a molar, isn’t a good choice unless your tooth is in really bad shape (badly decayed. fractured, bone loss) because that’s what you use primarily to chew (especially if its a 1st molar) Pulling it will put more stress on your other teeth, and then you could end up causing damage to them.

Dentures are an absolute last resort for people who either have severe bone loss, or who let their teeth decay to the point of no return, or in the sad circumstance of a mouth/throat cancer, and had no choice but to have all their teeth remove.

I deal with this every day, I’m a dental asst, so trust me on this!


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@mink:  That is what I was going to say, well said.

I have had a root canal and it was simple and painless. I would put it on par with having a cavity filled to be honest. I even had “ghost” roots where every root has a small minor root as a twin and with the pain of those I still wouldn’t call it a big deal.

You will be fine afterwards and can even get a temporary crown to tide you over for some time until you have the time or money for the porcelain crown. Best of luck!

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