(Closed) Roses are red, violets are blue, I need to VENT and you can, too.

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    I’ll play.

    I, too, was almost t-boned yesterday. I was in the middle lane, going through a green light at an intersection, when an insurance company vehicle blew his red light. He went right through the empty (thank god) right-hand land and punched his breaks about 4ft from my passenger side door. The funny part: same company we have our auto insurance through.

    Like I said on FB, “If I’m going to get into a wreck: the more ironic, the better.”

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    @Mimoza:  $300 for pre-cana! Good grief, we have an ‘encouraged donation’, but that’s only about £70. You guys are being swindled.

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    @Mimoza:  Holy crap, I didn’t even notice that! I was disappointed I’d missed my 1,000th post, but this is much better! I have print-screened for posterity.


    Yeah, we’ve got to do all our prep at the church local to where we live, so there’s a suggested donation to them (£70), and then I think it’s just expected that we give that much to the church we’re getting married at (where my parents live), and a bottle of scotch or something for the priest as a thank you, and like a small donation for the choir as well. Hell, we’re even going to get the lady who does the church flowers usually to decorate the church for us, so another donation there too, and for all that it probably won’t come to that much!


    I get the feeling the Catholic church is a bit more laid-back over here though. I think there’s a bit of an element of “Well, at least you’re getting married.”

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    I’ll participate!

    1) My eye won’t stop twitching and I’m pretty sure it’s stress related to the wedding being only 3.5 months away.  I’m just sitting here with my finger on my eyelid to give me some relief because it’s probably one of the most annoying twitches to have. 

    2) In regards to wedding stress….my parents won’t respond to my emails.  I need to make decisions on stuff, and buy said stuff, and they just won’t respond.  It’s driving me crazy. 

    That’s really it….just a bunch of wedding stress I guess.  I’m annoyed at myself because I don’t need to stress over stupid crap, like favor boxes.  I’ve literally searched all corners of the internet for favor boxes.  And you know what, IT’S AN EFFING BOX!!  I’m so dumb.  Luckily it’s Friday and I’m going to HH after work and drinking 1 or 2 or 6 margaritas.  ๐Ÿ™‚


    As for your PreCana thing…I’m also getting married in the Catholic Church to appease my mother, but both Fiance and I really enjoyed the engagement workshop we had to go to.  They didn’t force religion down our throats, but focused on us as a couple (as well as the other 10 couples there).  They talked about conflict resolution and financial stuff…it’s actually kind of helpful.  At least the one we had to attend.  Hopefully yours it equally as helpful. 

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    My week is sunshine and rainbows compared to last week (I made a vent post about it if you’re truly interested). 

    Sorry you lady’s are having poo weeks! But hey it’s almost the weekend, there’s some hope ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

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    @Mimoza:  Haha, let’s not kid ourselves, the post-count is far and away the most exciting thing!

    Yeah, the UK is more and more becoming a secular society, but all the priests I’ve spoken to over here seem to accept peoples’ life choices on that score – all of the couples at my pre-wedding day had lived together for a number of years, and a couple of them already had kids – and just seem to want to offer support in the best way possible. It was actually really refreshing to hear the priest speak – he was way more helpful than the married couple who’d volunteered to help. They had been married for two years, but had not lived together prior to that, or had sex, and they seemed to assume that was true for the rest of us, so were dropping all this ‘wise and insightful’ knowledge on us, when really we’d all crossed that bridge already.


    Like “Never go to sleep on an argument”, which the priest thought was hilarious and shouted from the back of the room “Yeah, stay up and fight, it’s way more fun!” I think he realised that at this point everyone in the group had found a way of dealing with disputes that worked for them, and we didn’t need that sort of help.

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    Oh yeah, it’s been a long week for me too:

    1. Right before this last weekend, our dog ate a gauze bandage.  We had to spend the weekend at home to keep an eye on her in case we needed to get her to a vet.  She ended up passing it, so at least that’s good.
    2. Over the weekend, our dog also developed some kind of bite or wound on her leg, which she would. Not. Stop. Licking.  Every night, we would be serenaded to hours of her loudly licking her leg.  Not a huge deal for me because I’m a heavy sleeper, but Fiance is a light sleeper and got no sleep.  Just for fun, our dog also puked in our bedroom at 2am last night and we lost a couple of hours of sleep cleaning it up.
    3. It’s been so rainy out that we have not been able to cut the lawn and the HOA has been bitchy about it.  If we had a sunny afternoon to do it, we would.  Same with everyone else in the neighborhood.
    4. At work, I had a busy week in general, but our other customer service rep was also sick for a couple of days.  So, I got to cover his work and my own massive pile of work.  There’s also been some drama between the sales team and my manager and I’m essentially acting as their messengers because neither of them will speak with each other.  I get to waste even more precious time dealing with their BS.  Yay.
    5. Last weekend, Future Mother-In-Law told Fiance that we should reconsider our photographer choice.  “When we got married, we just paid $50 and took some portraits at the photographer’s home”.  Well, yes, but you also eloped and had a courthouse wedding.  That’s not what we’re doing for our wedding and if I want to spend more on my photographer to cover our different wedding, I’m going to damn well do it.  This is also the point when Fiance and I decided to stop involving either of our parents in planning details, so at least that’s relieving.
    6. Also I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to work out as much.  Exercising is a huge release for me, so I get anxious if I don’t work out as often as I want.

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    1. My first boss is on vacation this week. That means ALL of his work falls to me. 

    2. My second boss thinks that this means I have WAY more free time, and has dumped all of her work on me.

    3. I still have to do my regular work.

    4. One of my co workers asks me questions that I can’t possibly know the answers to.

    5. There were spiders in my car. IN. MY. CAR.

    That’s all I have time to write for now…more work. yay.

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