Rude comments about engagement ring?

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lillylou :  I think it’s absolutely lovely! It’s so exciting when you find the ring that is “The One” for you. From your description, it’s obvious that this ring is that one for you. It’s a very emotional thing, finding that little, sparkly dream. I know it can be disheartening when others don’t seem to share your excitement or see the true beauty of your ring, but try not to let them steal away any of your excitement or joy. The only opinions that matter are yours and your sweetheart’s.

I have a dragon anniversary ring. If I had known such a ring could exist, I absolutely would have had one for my engagement. It definitely gets mixed reactions — ha, ha! (For example, my mom said: “I thought you would have outgrown the dragon thing by now. And why did you want an amethyst?” My ring has a purple spinel, but it is amethyst colored.) But that’s okay. I love it so much, and it is perfect to me.

I hope you will come back and post pics of your beautiful ring on your finger once it is resized! 

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When I read your post I was expecting something super far out and when I saw the picture I thought “Oooooo, how pretty!”  Your ring is lovely and I think you will get a lot of compliments on it. Please send pics once it’s sized and on your ring finger. 

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Thanks for posting the picture, it’s nice to see unique designs. I have a pretty traditional-looking ring myself but people were still weird about it. Oh well, it really doesn’t matter. Eventually no one will look at your ring except you, so you are the one who has to be happy with it. What people say reflects on them, not on you. How embarrassing for them that they didn’t have it in them to be kind to you!

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Congratulations! I like it! 

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Not everything is for everybody. Some people love classic solitaires, some  find them boring. Some people think halos are too busy. There really is no right or wrong. 

I like your ring a lot, it’s unique abd unexpected. That’s the thing though, when people say engagement ring, a ring like that is not what people expect. I’d take those comments with a grain and take comfort in the fact you have a style all your own. 

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A good friend of mine got engaged soon after we did and I don’t love her ring.  It’s not my style, she loves it and it’s everything she wanted.  That’s all that matters, I would never make a comment though saying anything of the sort.  In my opinion, anyone who would make a backhanded comment or rude comment about a ring is likely jealous (not of the ring but of your happiness) or just has no class. If your ring makes you happy, that’s al that matters.  I love to be unique and that ring is completely unique.  I have a plain princess solitaire e ring that I absolutely adore but I absolutely do not want a channel set wedding band, that every jeweler I have visited looking for bands has tried to sell me.  I am still on the hunt for something that I love that is different from what everyone else has.  Rock your bling girl!!!  

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I just have to wonder wtf is the matter with people. The proper reply when someone shows you their engagement ring is, “Congratulations. It’s beautiful!” One says this regardless of what they actually think about the ring. Their ring isn’t about you. 

That said, I not only (genuinely this time) think your ring is beautiful, but I really appreciate the design. It truly is a gorgeous ring.

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Non traditional…. but STUNNING

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Honestly no one pays attention to your rings like you do – at first I got some weird comments about my stack (from family, not from strangers) because it’s pretty thick with three 2.5mm bands, but now, a year after my wedding, I have the rings I am absolutely in love with and no one else says boo. One of my middle school students told me “your rings are really distracting miss. They’re so sparkley” and that’s the only comment I’ve gotten in the last year. 

Your ring isn’t everyone’s style, and that’s fine. The important thing is that when you see it it makes you happy… because you’re the one that will be wearing it. Also – WHO comments about someones ring in a negative way!? I’ve seen rings I don’t really love, but still – that person is wearing a ring that they adore, given to them by a person they adore, and that in and of itself is reason to congratulate them. 

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lillylou :  

Nobody has even remotely suggested ugly or even been rude, a bit clumsy perhaps but no more. Of course the only proper response is ‘how lovely/pretty/ beautiful, congratulations’ no matter what you think of a person’s ring but not everyone is socially adept.

I agree with a pp who said the responses were probably more to do with surprise and genuinely wondering if you specified or designed it. So put everyone elses’s taste out of your head and enjoy your unique ring. 

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lillylou :  I have a sapphire engagement ring and have heard a lot of variations of “.. did you pick it out? what is it? is that your engagement ring? oh its very.. you.” After 4 years it doesn’t even phase me anymore, I just say “absolutely!” 

As everyone around me gets engaged with round solitaire diamonds in white gold I am even more reassured in my choice and know that I will love my unique ring forever. 

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It’s lovely. I’m so happy you love it! It’s different so it will surprise people. However, I’ve learned through the whole engagement ring search it is all about what you love and brings you joy. Just answer yes when they ask. Congratulations.

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I think it’s pretty and unique but for myself, I wouldn’t wear it S an engagement ring only because I’m so traditional. I’m just wondering how the wedding band would fit. Anything out of the norm, people will always question, as long as you love it that’s all that matters. 

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I like It! I am ALL for different styles of rings! I always love when I see something out of what people consider NORMAL.. because really, what IS normal? It’s whatever YOU want it to be.. you are rocking that ring, no one else.. but.. that’s the black in me creeping out a bit.. heh.. be prepared to get oddball reactions.. as long as it doesn’t stifle the reason YOU fell for the ring to begin with! Not everyone gets to get the ring EXACTLY how they wanted it from jumpstreet.. alot of us grow to love our rings.. etc. Rock your rock mamas!

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People are just used to the traditional looking ring styles. Forget them. At least you have something unique and true to you! I can’t lie when I first scrolled and saw the picture I did say “oh that is different” LOL but not in a bad way it truly is one of a kind. If you feel self conscious (even though you shouldn’t) maybe start off before you show the picture by saying “I just fell in love with this and picked it out, I wanted something unique…etc” to get ahead of the rude comments. 

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